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Updated On: December 13, 2023
online dating profile examples
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Having a good dating profile in this day and age is something very important – we are constantly traveling, moving, and on the lookout for people. Meeting new people, socializing, and getting to know the interests of others is so important – not just for fostering a romantic relationship, but also for feeling inspired and feeling confident about your own self. So taking the help of some online dating profile examples can help you make your entry into the online dating space.

In order to meet people, you’ve set up a good dating profile and signed up on several platforms and dating apps, but it doesn’t seem to be working still. Having trouble connecting with men through your dating profile? Maybe this is because you haven’t quite got the grasp of how to make your profile reflect the best version of you.

So, what makes an excellent dating profile? More than excellent, what’s a good way to get men attracted to your dating profile? A good dating profile is something that needs to stand out, is honest, and has succinct text. With the help of the right online dating profiles, you will be getting new matches in no time!

How Do You Put Together The Best Dating Profile?

Remember, your online dating profile is basically something that needs to be eye-catching, but in a way that it gives out the correct signals you want it to. Moreover, you want it to showcase the parts of you that you consider the best about yourself.

Even though you want people to be attracted to your profile, you don’t want the wrong kind of crowd attracted and ogling at your photos. Your intentions should be crisp and clear and your profile should give away a decent idea of what it would be like to date you. Here are a few things you can keep in mind by taking the help of these online dating profile examples.

1. Check what’s trending and how people are going about it

One great way to put together a good dating profile is to see how others are doing it. The best way to gather online dating profile examples is by checking out profiles of others. Various platforms have various kinds of information. Some dating profiles may be photo and visual-heavy while others may have lots of questions that need to be answered. How have people generally responded and what stands out as a good profile to you?

Figure it out, and work on your profile as per your own taste so you stay true to yourself while presenting your profile in the most honest way to a dating prospect. See what catches your eye, and customize or modify it to suit your needs.


  • Browse through the internet generally or check Pinterest to see examples of some excellent and witty profiles
  • The best way is to swipe away and take the help of real life online dating profile examples in front of you on the very dating app
  • Don’t brag blatantly about your achievements but slip it in intelligently
  • Don’t make your bio too long but also do not use one-word descriptions

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2. High resolution photos

One way to not grab any attention is to have a bad photo uploaded on your profile. Even if the photo is a good one, the lack of clarity can make someone swipe left on you. Remember people spend barely a few seconds looking at someone’s photo, and as shallow as it may sound, your photo does need to stand out.

So get a good, high-resolution photo of yourself and put it on your profile. Work on a good pose that complements your style. Here are some examples of a couple of poses that can inspire you.

Make sure your other photos are also good, sharp, and attractive. Bad photos can make people feel like you may be catfishing them, and you don’t want that impression of you. Low-quality photos are also considered unflattering, so definitely steer away from those.


  • Use good quality photographs taken of yourself on a holiday, or single profile photos
  • Ensure at least one shot where there is a decent close up of your face
  • Avoid photos in which you are hidden in a large group photo
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Put a good quality photo in your profile

3. Use catchy text

Go ahead, use your wit profusely! Remember, the key to attracting a man is using subtle humor and wit. So use catchy headlines or give out witty answers wherever you can – but make sure not to make the text too cheesy or flirtatious. If you are also flirting online that is something you have to keep in mind always.

Go for the tone you are looking for – take inspiration from the internet or other online dating profile examples, but don’t plagiarize and remain true to your tone.


  • “I might look a bit serious. That’s true I am serious about bungee jumping and jet skiing.”
  • “I would love a romantic date. Don’t worry I always pay on a date.”
  • “Looking for good coffee shops around the city. Care to take me to one?”

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4. Have a conversational tone to your profile

Sometimes, a great way to get a man attracted and initiate a conversation with you, is to have conversational text on your profile. Talk about and mention the things you like and dislike, give a man something to talk to you about and ask you. Writing basic things like ‘Traveler’ or ‘Foodie’ in your profile might not always land you texts in your inbox.

But if you plant a hook or a question for them to respond to, they will feel inclined to chat you up. If you have witty stuff written, you’ll be giving people a chance to have an opening line to initiate a conversation with you. If your profile is drab, a person won’t know how to start talking to you. So go ahead, give them something to talk about!


  • Mention your likes and dislikes, such as I like to read, drink wine and pet animals
  • I don’t like dishonesty, cricket or spending time meaninglessly
  • Mention if you have any controversial or outlandish opinions which they might find intriguing

5. Focus on the positive

Don’t be negative! You’ll see this in most online dating profile examples and notice that negative bios don’t always make you want to swipe right at the first glance. Try a more fun-loving approach and exhibit your positive qualities as much as you can. But be careful and do it without bragging about yourself too much of course. If you’re looking for more than just a hooking up or casual dating, then make sure you make that obvious in your profile. You don’t want to waste the time of anyone who might be looking for something more serious.

But yes, more importantly, don’t be negative and don’t give out bad vibes. No need to be a Debbie downer for you want to tell people that you can show them a good time. If you want to attract people to your profile – have a happy vibe, peppy responses, and of course, gleeful photos!


  • I love dancing in the rain! Be my partner?
  • Tough times don’t last, tough people do, that’s what I believe in
  • Teach me something about you and I can teach you my recipe to the meanest lasagna you’ll ever eat


1. How do I start talking to someone if they matched with me?

Talk to a person you matched with just like they are a friend! Find something interesting about the person that matched with you, read their profile and see what you liked about them and why you matched with them. Initiate the conversation and just go with the flow. Don’t think a lot, after all, if the conversation doesn’t go anywhere, you can just end it without any obligation.

2. I matched with someone but they deleted me. Why could that be?

Did you speak to them and say something offensive? Is it that they perhaps changed their mind? It’s all fine and don’t take it personally. Sometimes, people match with you but then realize maybe that’s not what they are looking for – and that has nothing to do with you. So don’t worry so much, let it be and find the next person. In order to be doubly sure, you could review your profile – make sure your spelling and grammar are on point and so is your text and your other responses.

3. My grammar is not too great, how do I still attract men to my profile?

Well, you don’t have to know English amazingly well to be able to attract someone – you need to have your priorities right and be a good person and exhibit the tone that’s truest to you. Most online dating profile examples do not have impeccable or long sentences. Getting the point across is more important. So be sure to keep the text simple if you’re not sure about your grammar – but be true. Get someone to help you set up a dating profile, but remember to do the work yourself because, once you match, you’ll need to talk to people yourself.

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