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Updated On: May 26, 2022
how to make an effective online dating profile

If you are looking for love on an online dating site, having a great profile is vital to getting started. Daunting as it might sound, how to make an effective online dating profile should be your primary focus before you unlock the doors to online dating. An online dating profile is essentially a representation of who you are and what you are looking for in a potential partner.

Your dating profile bio should clearly reflect your personality and designations, not in a boring CV kind of way, but from a creative and quirky perspective. And, there goes ‘How to create a dating profile 101’ – not even a little bit of a lie for the sake of spicing it up. Yes, telling people you love deep-sea diving might make you look adventurous in the virtual world. But when you actually seal the deal with someone and they invite you to go diving with them, the truth (that you are afraid of water!) will reveal itself.

Plus, hiding behind the disguise of a made-up dating profile template will only attract the wrong crowd. Which invalidates the whole purpose of putting yourself out there in search of a suitable partner. Keeping that thought in mind, you should be well-versed in what to put on a dating profile. To make it easier for you, we have gathered the key points on how to write a good dating profile, categorized separately for men and women. Read on to take the first step toward creating a kickass online presence for yourself.

5 Tips To Set Up An Online Dating Profile For Women

There is a general misconception that online dating is easier for women. Well, only women who are exploring the sea to catch a decent fish know the ground reality. It’s true women, in general, receive hundreds of matches or have “Hi” texts flooding their DMs, but separating the real profiles from plenty of romance scammers and fake accounts is itself a task.

Even though being pressed for options is not a problem women typically have to contend with, remember that people on the dating site haven’t met you in person. So expect that they will judge, like, and consider you based solely on what your profile conveys to them. You can be so much more than just a pretty face but the people online won’t get a hint of that if your profile does not even begin to cover who you truly are. Follow our tips on how to write a dating profile for a woman and you are good to go:

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1. Don’t hide behind a graphic avatar

First things first, let’s talk about that one element that freezes most of the people visiting your online dating profile. Don’t hesitate to put up a real picture because hardly a few viewers would stop on a profile with no picture at all. Let’s face it, in the virtual world, it turns out to be a little shady when you cannot see a person’s face.

Choose a picture, preferably in HD quality, that reveals your personality, and half your work is done. And it’s definitely better not to go for a blurry selfie from high school days. This picture should exclusively focus on your facial features, followed by more full-length pictures in different scenarios capturing the essence of your life. For the very same reason, don’t post a group photograph as your display picture. It will only confuse others, who have no way of figuring out which one is you.

2. Be clear about your ‘type’

Suppose, you are a free-flowing soul who enjoys her weekends on the beach, trying your hand at adventure sports, or letting your hair down at parties. But on the dating profile bio, you are trying to come out as a bookish nerd to look more mature. Now, this invited a match with a scientist and you kept going on with the pretense.

On your first date after meeting online, he took you to a library date and later on a museum tour. While it was all very exciting for him, you were bored to death and had to fake the whole conversation just to make sure he likes you. Does that really sound fun on any level? No, right? That’s why it’s crucial to be clear about your ‘type’ – exactly what qualities you admire in a potential partner. This way you save a lot of time and unnecessary stress of getting caught.

Infographic on - how to create a dating profile
How to write a good dating profile?

3. Look for inspiration but don’t copy

Another important point on how to write a dating profile for a woman is that you have to speak for yourself. Perhaps you are out in the dating world after a divorce. And, this long gap makes you realize how the game has shifted from going to a bar and flirting with a cute guy to writing an impactful dating profile bio to attract a potential match.

So, you go on the internet to look for inspiring online dating profile samples, which is recommended. Once you have got the idea, dig deep into your head to choose the perfect words that express you best. Copying a popular quote or a one-liner won’t do the trick here. Talk passionately about the things that interest you. Use real-life anecdotes and write open-ended sentences to keep space for a conversation.

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4. Negative is not always sexy

This is one of the most important online dating profile tips and you should take this one very seriously. Your cynicism, snarky attitude, and negativity can be entertaining briefly but not for long, and it definitely cannot be a reliable tool to help you build yourself up to potential partners.

There are a great number of users who list things they don’t like/do. There is nothing constructive in that. If you say “I don’t like Netflix”, Netflix users will stay away but what will you do when a number of Amazon Prime users knock on your messenger?

So instead avoid this major virtual dating mistake and write about things you do want and enjoy. If you say, “Fake people need not apply”, it makes one wonder how self-important you consider yourself to be. You might think that the sass comes off as attractive at first but in reality, it just seems egotistical.

5. Catchy headlines are super fun

When you are staring at your mobile screen wondering, “What to put on a dating profile?”, consider a captivating title for your profile. For example, if you are a coffeeholic, you can punch this into the headline with a fun twist. Don’t go for a plain statement such as “I like coffee and books” and bore your viewers.

Instead, you can write, “Fellow coffee aficionado here. Take me to your favorite coffee place in town and you’ve got a second date!” This headline is the first thing a potential match reads on your profile and in a way, it’s your chance to make the right impression. So, we suggest putting some serious thoughts on this title.

5 Tips To Set Up An Online Dating Profile For Men

How to make an effective online dating profile, you ask? Well, look no further. Good online dating profiles for men are generally fun and enticing but most importantly – very raw. You want your bio and pictures to reflect who you really are but also not give away too much.

To really make a girl think about you, you have to leave a trail for them and keep the mystery alive. Let’s solve your problem about how to write a dating profile for a man. To set up an online dating profile today and make it sizzling and fun, give these tips a try to attract your kind of people:

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1. Give a glimpse of who you are as a person

Use interesting adjectives that describe you as a person. Expand on those adjectives. Are you funny? Add a line to prove you are indeed funny. Begin your online dating profile by describing yourself with these adjectives. If you are an adrenaline junkie, list the things you like doing. Don’t overplay it though, or you will come off as conceited. If you like quiet Sundays indoors with your shot of caffeine, list it too.

People like to get a fair idea of who they might be going out with. Will they be dating an artist or going out with an analytical investment banker? When making an online dating profile, you have to tell them who you really are. Moreover, be honest about what you want too. If it is a relationship you are looking for, state it. If you want casual hookups, don’t shy away from typing that out. This part is crucial, for it will only attract people with similar thoughts.

set up an online dating profile
Make your online dating profile personalized and honest

2. Add a tinge of humor

How can we skip this point while talking about how to write a dating profile for a man? It’s not a big secret that women adore the witty and humorous side of a man. And, your dating profile bio is the first place to impress her with a little playfulness. You can harmlessly take a dig at yourself and make them laugh at your expense.

Maybe you rate yourself out of 10 on some basic boyfriend qualities or physical features. Or, create a wholesome pros and cons list for added fun. You can use whatever comes off the top of your head, just steer clear of any jokes that might offend a particular group of people. There is nothing funny about insensitivity.

3. Reveal what you’re looking for

Remember there are people who will only proceed to the next part of your profile if their interests match yours. The sorting has already begun. Good online dating profiles give an idea of what a person is really searching for. So, the answer to how to write a good dating profile lies in knowing that a great profile should speak to the character, not to the characteristics.

Avoid listing the hobbies, body type, and education of your ideal partner – this is just one of the unwritten rules of dating. Instead of saying “My ideal woman should possess a sense of humor”, say, “I love being around someone with a good sense of humor”. Or, instead of bragging about having a fit body, use an impactful word like ‘active’. Focusing on the characteristics may make you sound superficial or overly picky and you do not want that.

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4. Show what you are into

To set up an online dating profile that is great, mere words are not enough. Upload photos that you think describe you the best and are a reflection of your personality. Are you into making music? A shot with your drum set, or guitar will gratifyingly capture your musical side. But don’t overindulge in them.

If you are a gym buff, know that a barrage couple of gym selfies will turn most people off (only because there are so many of them out there!). However, a magnificent shot of you doing pull-ups will work wonders though. Again, don’t overindulge in those gym shots. Knowing the right balance is key in deciphering how to make an effective online dating profile.

on dating apps

Here’s a valuable tip to date online successfully. To create the magic with your dating profile template, offer a glimpse of an aesthetic portrayal of who you are, with brief details and a pictorial depiction of the things you like. If you are a foodie, a couple of shots of burgers and fries won’t do any harm. In fact, it will only bring out your authenticity even more.

5. Use spell check

This is one of the online dating profile tips that cannot be stressed enough. Bad grammar and spelling errors are major turn-offs for many out there. You might put a lot of thought into making your profile a good one but take care not to make any grammatical errors.

So, the one thing you should always remember about how to create a dating profile is to be conscious of your grammar. Errors like this show carelessness and people looking for something serious might believe you are frivolous or lame. Be smart. Use Grammarly to clean up your mistakes because there are way too many Grammar Nazis out there.

So, there you go. How to make an effective online dating profile is no biggie as long as you follow these few basic steps. The world of virtual dating has a lot to offer and we don’t want you to miss out on any of it. Now that you have these pointers, clean and jazz up that profile of yours.


1. What should I put on my dating bio?

Keep it short and simple. Your introduction should be approachable and friendly but also not overly specific. The right way to make an online dating profile starts with using concise terms and sentences. Put your interests, hobbies, passions, and drives in a simple and sweet way.

2. How do I write about myself on a dating site?

Keep it casual and honest. People should get a glimpse of who you are when they see your profile. Write about your interests, what makes you wake up in the morning and just things that make you unique.

3. What are 5 words to describe yourself?

There are many but you can try some of these. You can use adventurous, movie buff, indoorsy, party animal, or animal lover.

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