What To Do When A Woman Is Flirting With Your Husband At Work

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What To Do When A Woman Is Flirting With Your Husband At Work

Is your married life suddenly dwindling because you have doubts that a woman is flirting with your husband at work? Well, we all know about the work wife, someone who shares a special bond with you at work, which is similar to that of marriage. What if this working wife starts wanting something more and starts flirting with your husband at work?

According to Tracey Cox, an author and columnist who specializes in dating, sex and relationships, “90% of women fall for men who are taken.” When a woman gets to know that a man is married, their first instinct should be to back off. However, some women like to flirt with married men at work, out of insecurity or to prove that they can still have them, even if they are married. Sick, right? To know whether another woman is after your man or not, here are 8 signs a woman is flirting with your husband at work.

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8 Signs a Woman Is Flirting With Your Husband At Work

“This woman keeps touching my husband. This co-worker sends texts to my husband. Is this woman flirting with my husband at work?”

You see a woman being over-friendly with your husband at work and your gut feeling tells you that her intentions aren’t right with your husband.

You are still having doubt about how to confront your husband about flirting because you aren’t sure whether it’s true or not. If you aren’t sure whether this woman is flirting with your husband at work or not, start picking up the signs and be sure before confronting him. Here are 8 signs a co-worker is hitting on your husband.

1. She texts/calls him late at night

She texts him late at night

She texts him late at night

If there is a work-related emergency, there’s no reason to worry about if that woman is texting or calling your husband about it. However, if she calls him in the middle of the night just to have a casual conversation, you need to raise your eyebrows. No one calls a married man in the middle of the night just to have a casual conversation. There are boundaries that need to be maintained. If your husband tells you about these calls and texts himself, it means that he loves you and is feeling uncomfortable with her flirtatious behaviour. But if you come across those texts on your own and your husband hasn’t told you about it, chances are that your husband is encouraging her too. In that scenario, it’s time to confront him.

2. She wears revealing clothes around him

Whenever you see her around your husband, she will wear revealing or body-fitting clothes to attract him. Her makeup and hair will look different and she will wear more perfume to attract him towards her. You will see her in her best outfits when she is around him. This is because she is interested in your man and wants him to feel the same.

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3. She keeps touching him

She keeps touching him

Makes excuses to touch him Image source

If a woman is attracted to a married man, she will take every opportunity to touch him. In an office party, she will continuously touch his arm or rub her knee against his when they are sitting together. She will take advantage of a congested elevator and try to rub her body against his. She will always find different ways to touch his arm and get closer to him physically. Notice her body language when she is around him. If she’s into him, all these signs will become evident.

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4. She keeps complimenting him

All men love compliments, especially when they come from a young and attractive woman. This woman at work will take every opportunity to compliment your husband’s physical qualities and make him feel sexually desirable. She will get close to him and lean in, saying, “You have a nice body.

Any woman would be attracted to you” or something similar, that will make him want her more. If you aren’t the complimenting type, this will only drive him more towards the woman who is noticing all his physical qualities and desires him.

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5. She doesn’t like you

What else can you expect? If a woman is flirting with your husband at work, she will obviously dislike you. You and your husband go to an office party where you meet her. She will at first give you a hug and greet you, but after that she will just avoid you during the rest of the party. She might even make an excuse and take your husband to meet other people and leave you at the party feeling like you don’t fit in. This is because she resents you and will take every opportunity to make you feel that you don’t belong with your husband.

6. She is always at his beck and call

Is she always available for him?

Is she always available for him? Image source

When you and your husband have a big fight, guess who is there to give him a shoulder to cry on. No matter what the situation might be, she will always be there for him. Your husband used to first go to his male friends and grab a beer when he had a fight with you, now it’s her he calls first. He has now begun to call her more than he calls you. Is he having an emotional affair with her? This is because a woman flirting with your husband will leave no opportunity to drive him away from you.

7. She tries to be a better version of you

A woman who is interested in a married man will try to portray herself as a better version of his wife. She will study the wife closely, and try to inculcate the qualities that his wife lacks. For instance, if you are someone who doesn’t like clicking pictures with your husband and posting them on social media, while your husband is a heavy social media user, she will click more and more pictures with him and post them on social media.

She will try to fill in the void that he is lacking with you.

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8. Your gut feeling says so

We all know that women are gifted with a sixth sense. They know when something is off about someone. If your gut feeling says that this woman is being over-friendly and flirting with your husband, you are probably right. Your instincts are continuously giving you red signals that this woman is a threat to your marriage. You might try to convince yourself that you’re overreacting, but are you?

6 Ways To Deal With A Woman Who Is Flirting With Your Husband At Work

Now that you have read the signs a co-worker is hitting on your husband, the question is, what are you going to do? Confronting your husband just on your instincts could make your marriage turn sour. He might feel that you don’t trust him with other women and this will only drive him further towards her. Here are 6 ways to deal with a woman flirting with your husband.

1. Be nice to her

Be nice to her

Be nice to this other woman Image source

Being rude with her or going after her to confront her will only portray you as a crazy insecure wife. Instead, be nice to her and make her uncomfortable with it. The truth is that she doesn’t like you because she is interested in your husband. Don’t let her know that you don’t like her as well. Instead, pretend to be her best friend and spend more time with her than she tries to spend with your husband out of work. This will make her uncomfortable and she will flip out.

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2. Give her the benefit of doubt

Well, getting attracted to someone at work happens to people and the fact that it was a married man is unfortunate. Give her the benefit of doubt and see whether she tries to stay away from him, herself. If she chooses not to stay away and this kind of behaviour continues, it’s time to do something about it.

3. Talk to your husband

Take your husband into confidence

Take your husband into confidence Image source

Your husband could also be having doubts about her intentions. Talk to your husband calmly instead of confronting him. Remember, he is the victim here. Ask him whether he realizes that she is flirting with him and ask him how he feels about that. If he says that you’re being paranoid, stay calm and explain the various instances that made it evident that she was flirting with him. Help him understand the situation and then think about tackling it together.

4. Humour yourself

Think about it, a woman is flirting with a man who is in love with you. She is after something that is already yours. It’s a kind of funny situation. It’s like it is high school all over again. Instead of feeling pathetic about it, laugh at the situation. You are married to this person, focus on your marriage rather than letting a desperate woman get into your head.

5. Start paying more attention to your marriage

Women tend to flirt with men when they see a window of opportunity. They take advantage of the vulnerability in the marriage and try to seduce men towards them. If this woman is flirting with your man, she will try to take advantage of the missing spark or the ongoing fights between your husband and you. You need to start focusing on your marriage and revive the missing spark. Let your husband know that you love him and appreciate him. Add some more spice to your marriage.

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6. Trust your husband

The main key here is to trust your husband. Let him know how you feel about the situation and tell him that you trust him no matter what. If he’s not guilty, he will feel good that his wife confides in him. If he has begun to reciprocate the flirting with the woman, he will start feeling guilty about it and end things with her. You need to trust him and make sure he knows it.

Choose to trust your husband

Choose to trust your husband Image source

The best way to deal with a woman flirting with your husband is seeing that your husband is the victim here. Accusing him will just make things worse, especially when you’re not sure that he’s reciprocating those feelings. It is best to tackle such situations at an early stage because if nothing is done about it, it could go much beyond flirting and end up becoming an affair. Be careful while you’re dealing with such situations as you don’t want your husband to feel that you don’t trust him anymore and could lose him forever.

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