How To Ignore Your Boyfriend When He Ignores You?

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ignore your boyfriend when he ignores you

Is your boyfriend avoiding your texts and calls? You wait all day waiting for him to respond to your texts but he doesn’t reply. These are signs that your boyfriend is ignoring you. When you realize that your boyfriend is ignoring you, all you want to do is to give him the same silent treatment that he is giving you. But giving your boyfriend the same silent treatment will only push him further from you and distance you from him. So, what to say to your boyfriend when he ignores you? The first step is to first understand the reasons why he is ignoring you.

5 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Is Ignoring You

Many a times, you feel that your boyfriend is ignoring you because ofsome other girl in his life. You tend to get suspicious about your boyfriend’s actions. Cheating is not always the reason for your boyfriend to ignore you. It could be a work thing or personal matter which he isn’t comfortable to share just yet.

Before your suspicions run high, it is important to first identify the reasons why your boyfriend could be ignoring you.

Here are five reasons why your boyfriend could be ignoring you.

1. He needs space

he needs space

Perhaps he is ignoring you because he needs space Image source

He might be running on a tight schedule and needs some time for himself. As a girlfriend, you might think that why should your boyfriend want space when you are there in his life. Honestly, there comes a point when every person needs space for himself/herself to relax or figure things out. Give him the space he needs and tell him that you aren’t going anywhere. Tell him that you’ll be there for him whenever he thinks he is ready.

2. He might be dealing with a personal issue

There may be a family matter or a matter related to someone close to him which he isn’t comfortable sharing yet. It could be something related to his past and he doesn’t want to mix it up with his present. It is important to let him figure things out on his own. This is not the time to start spying on him but trusting him that he will tell you about it whenever he feels comfortable enough to tell you about it.

3. He is mad at you over something

Boyfriend ignoring you

Perhaps it is something you have done Image source

If you two recently had an argument and he is ignoring you, it means that he is giving you the silent treatment till he cools down. He doesn’t want to be around the negativity of the argument so he wants to spend some time apart to gather his thoughts before he sees you again. The real questions you need to be asking yourself here isn’t “Why my boyfriend is ignoring me? but should be, “How do I make up with my boyfriend after a fight?” And “How do I make him miss me after an argument?”

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4. He is cheating

Here comes every girlfriend’s nightmare. If your boyfriend is ignoring your calls and texts and his phone appears busy almost every time you try to call him, chances are that he is cheating. If your boyfriend is cheating, he will keep making excuses to avoid you and will avoid plans where he can be seen in public with you. He will always be smiling and talking to someone else and when you confront him, he will say that it is a work thing. You will need to look more closely for signs of a cheating boyfriend to ensure you are not just being a possessive girlfriend.

5. He is looking to break up

Many a times, men feel scared to break up upfront and think about ways to make you break up with them. One of the tricks that men use so that you break up with them is by ignoring you completely so that you get frustrated and call it off.

He is looking to break up

He is looking to break up Image source

Another reason could be that your boyfriend is still contemplating on what to do and is ignoring you because he hasn’t decided yet whether he wants to break it off or not. The reason for a break up may not always be a cheating boyfriend. There could be other issues in the relationship which are not working out which may make your boyfriend feel that a break up would be the best thing for you both.

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8 Ways To Ignore Your Boyfriend When He Ignores You

After a heated argument, your boyfriend perhaps starts ignoring you. You feel sorry about the fight and start thinking about making up with him, but your boyfriend ignores all texts and calls.

You want him to miss you the way you are missing him.

How do you make him miss you after a fight? Here are 8 ways to ignore your boyfriend when he ignores you so that he starts missing you back.

1. To ignore your boyfriend, do not go after him

Get some space away from your boyfriend. Going after him might get him more rattled. Getting some alone time will help you assess the argument better and you’ll be able to take decisions more calmly. Occupy yourself in something more soothing like drawing or cooking. Sometimes taking a walk helps. Don’t spend the night at your boyfriend’s place. When he realizes that you’re not there, it will make him miss you.

2. Spend time with your people

Meet your friends

Meet your friends Image source

Instead of feeling alone at your home, spend time with your close friends and family. Call your bestie and she will do the rest. Have a girl’s night out or take a short trip. Going for small adventures will take the argument off your mind for a moment. You will feel lighter and go back to being cheerful again. And will also successfully ignore your boyfriend.

3. Keep eye contact to minimal

When you have an encounter with your boyfriend, avoid making direct eye contact with him. Looking at him will just make you give in and you won’t be able to ignore him anymore. If you want him to feel sorry for ignoring you then you need to show him that you are strong enough without him. This way you can ignore your boyfriend when he ignores you as well.

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4. Ignore his calls and texts

If your boyfriend finally starts calling you, it’s your turn to ignore his texts. Seeing his texts might urge you to reply to him instantly but you need to turn your phone off instead or keep it on silent. Go into another room and keep your phone away from you if you can’t resist checking your phone. Not responding to him will keep him waiting for your reply and he will start thinking about you.

5. Do not initiate conversations with him

If you feel that your boyfriend is taking you for granted, you need to stop being the one who always initiates the call or text. Make your boyfriend call or text you first. Let him take some initiative too. If you feel like calling him, go out and take a walk or call your best friend instead. Occupy yourself in other things so that you don’t feel the urge to call or text your boyfriend first.

6. Give him the silent treatment

Does silence make a man miss you? Well, if you give your boyfriend the silent treatment, sooner or later he will start to notice. He will start thinking about the things he did wrong and will try to make amends. He will also start missing you and start valuing you more. It will be like the trigger he needed to start taking initiations from his side.

Silent treatment

Treat him the same way Image source

7. Make your responses short and monosyllabic

When you see his texts, don’t start jumping with joy and tell him how excited and happy you are that he finally texted you back. Instead give short and unenthusiastic responses like “hmm”, “okay”, “I see”, etc. Don’t show your enthusiasm to continue the conversation by asking him questions. Let him ask you questions about you instead.

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8. Ignore your boyfriend and slow things down for some time

Your boyfriend’s behaviour is getting to your head. You can’t stand him ignoring you like this. It is obvious that you have certain expectations from him which he is not able to stand up to. A reason behind this could be your high expectations from him. You expected things from your boyfriend which he isn’t matching up to. In such a scenario, slow things down for a while so that you both can figure out what you want from the relationship. Ask yourself if you are okay with your boyfriend replacing your dates with his work and other commitments.

No girlfriend likes her boyfriend to ignore her or replace other commitments with date nights. Your partner may ignore you sometimes due to his hectic schedule but being ignored repeatedly is not acceptable and you need to make your partner realize it. There will be times when playing the role of an understanding girlfriend will wear off and lead to frustration. Relationships are about compromise and both need to talk to each other and work out a common solution to make the relationship work. Don’t let yourself be taken for granted.

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