My boyfriend is flirting with other girls online

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Dear Ma’am,

We have been in a relation since the past 6 months. I caught him chatting and flirting with other girls a few times. To console me, he said then, that no one else can take my place in his life. Also, he assured me that he is not flirting anymore. He deletes his messages to all the girls and then shows me his phone and says that the flirting is over for good. But I caught him again and again. He promises each time that this will not happen again. I forgive him but still I want to know what is in his heart.

When we began dating we met daily but now we only meet only on  weekends. He used to call me on phone and find topics to speak on, but now on calls he has nothing to say. He does not speak a single word.

Just make sure you don’t carry the flirting too far!

I love him very much but I don’t know what to do. Why is this happening?

How can I know he is loyal or not?

Dear Girl,

It can be extremely hurtful to find out that your partner is a cheat. I can understand that it can be difficult to forgive someone for the mistake again and again. Somehow , women in relationships sometimes tend be over forgiving, and overlook the signs of a disloyal or non committed partner.

It may be high time that you wake up and smell the coffee. Love my dear is a funny thing. When we’re committed to someone we think that that’s love and no matter what, this is the one. These may be your thoughts too. But, as I said love is a funny thing, it can happen with another one when we break up.

My dear, the only way to check his loyalty is to confront him about fears. To be an adult about this and respect yourself before demanding it from  your partner.


Am I okay with a partner who seems distant from me?

Am I okay to be in a relationship , where I constantly look over my shoulder?

Do I wish to continue with a man who seems non committal to me?

Lastly, think what about what you want to do now. Continuing in this relationship or moving on? Its just been six months.

All the best!!



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