10 people share what was the last thing they said to their ex

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It is how you will be remembered by your ex for a long time. Often misplaced, badly timed and wrongly phrased, our last words to our exes are mostly not our best verses. Here are ten people sharing theirs.

From the horse’s mouth

Drunk in a house party, ten of them were still finishing the last drags of the hookah. The party had wrapped up and they were left behind to clean up the mess after nursing a terrible hangover. Unaware of the impending disaster that will be tomorrow, ten of them decide to play the last round of truth and dare. Less human and more alcohol, they had conveniently turned the game into truth and truth. As the fictional bottle was spun, out came answers to that one daggered question that everyone has to answer: what was the last thing they said to their ex? It was decided that their memory could not be relied upon and everybody sat armed with their chat boxes ready to open the last conversation with their ex. And the game began.

1.  The one in the LBD: “Guess what? I hooked up with someone and realised men can be nice too!”

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2. The one who could not find his phone: “I hope you find happiness in life and I hope you remember that I always believed in you, I knew you deserved it!”

3. The one who was hogging the hookah: “Is she better than me? I hope she is, because it is a real struggle to be in a relationship with a megalomaniac. I hope she is better at saving herself. Kthanksbye.”

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The one who had already started cleaning: “Do you remember where I kept my red socks? I cannot find them! Also my blue bag that had stationery, I think I left it in your bedside drawer. Can you courier them to me?”

5. The one who was laughing without a reason: “I am glad that we both could break up on good terms. I swear I wanted to break every bone in your body, thank God that I was distracted by campus protests! Do vote for my faction!”

6. The one who drank the least, got drunk the most: “I love you and I miss you, can’t we be together?”

7. The one who was spinning the imaginary bottle: “Dude, stop stalking me! I swear that I will put a restraining order, or whatever is the online equivalent, on you. It is not cool in cinema or reality. Get a grip and move on!”

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8. The one who did most shots: “Aur bhi dukh hain zamaane mein mohabbat ke siva. Raahatein aur bhi hain vasl ki raahat ke siva.”

9. The one who was sitting in the shadow: “I have made a voodoo doll of you. I stick pins in it every day. I hope you rot in hell! Have a great life.”

10. The one who never had a relationship: “Hey! How ya doin?”

Needless to say, only a few would remember this conversation, but me being the bug on the wall was completely scarred by this game. In retrospect, maybe speaking with an ex should be done with more supervision of your rational faculties. Evidently the last thing you said to your ex, in all probability, is more embarrassing than sensible.

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