What Were The Last Words You Said To Your Ex? 10 People Tell Us

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Updated On: March 20, 2024
men respond to no contact by bargaining

What was the last thing you said to your ex? Let us guess. Umm…definitely not “I love you”. In fact, anything you uttered can definitely not be the best last words to say to an ex. People often come up with the most innovative curses when parting ways or can even get into a drunken brawl.

Not everyone can handle partings amicably, so the scenario often gets ugly. But you have to know that your last words to your ex matter because they define how you will be remembered for a long time. Often misplaced, badly timed and wrongly phrased last words to our exes are a manifestation of us not being at our best. And that’s perfectly okay!

Know that you are not alone. Breakups are that hard and you may not be in the headspace to choose your last words to your ex carefully.

10 People Reveal The Last Thing To Say To An Ex

The last words to say to your ex-girlfriend could be funny, ludicrous, pathetic or even poignant. Usually, in the event of a breakup, one person moves on more easily than the other. One clings on to the old memories and the other feels free from the relationship. It is a sad truth.

When people are hurting, they can become nasty, but most often in ways that are funny in hindsight. There are many ways of dealing with heartbreak – good and bad. The texts an angry girl sends to her exes could put the best meme makers to shame. The best last words to say to an ex come from a place of angst and can be incredibly epic. We bring you a roundup of 10 such final words to say to an ex that you must read.

The story begins: Drunk in a house party, ten of them were still finishing the last drags of the hookah. The party had wrapped up and they were left behind to clean up the mess after nursing a terrible hangover.

Unaware of the impending disaster that will be tomorrow, they decide to play the last round of truth and dare. With alcohol in control of their senses, they conveniently turned the game into truth and truth. As the fictional bottle was spun, out came answers to that one big question that everyone has to answer: what was the last thing they said to their ex? Here are the revelations:

1. Sweetly nasty

“Guess what? I hooked up with someone and realized men can be nice too!” This is what one lady said she told her ex the last time. Theirs was a turbulent relationship that bit the dust because he was too conservative and she was too progressive for him.

So now you know the final words to say to an ex when you want to give them that last burn before you officially part ways.

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2. The good one

“I hope you find happiness in life and I hope you remember that I always believed in you, I knew you deserved it!”

This one is sweet because not all partings are terrible or nasty. Whether it was divorce by mutual consent or an amicable breakup, your last words can be kind too. Truly the best last words to say to an ex, this will ensure you have a healthy friendship with them post-breakup.

best last words to an ex
No matter how heartbroken, end things on a healthy note

3. This one is for the cheater

If you’ve been cheated on, then you must leave with a bang and your head held high. “Is she better than me? I hope she is because it is a real struggle to be in a relationship with a megalomaniac. I hope she is better at saving herself. ”

If the last thing you said to your ex is this, then we can almost see his expression in our head. The sheepish look not knowing what has hit him. High five to that. What say?

4. Send back the stuff please

“Do you remember where I kept my red socks? I cannot find them! Also, my blue bag that had stationery. I think I left it in your bedside drawer. Can you courier them to me?”

To keep it simple and walk out of their life with minimal drama, sometimes the final words to say to an ex are ones that do not say much at all. Simply ask for your things, complete the exit formalities and walk out of the relationship. This is to say, the cleansing has started. Both of your life and heart.

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5. Relationship lost, vote secured?

Who said things need to always end on a serious and emotional note? Sometimes, it is good to just crack a joke, lighten the situation and move on. Yes, the last words to say to an ex-girlfriend can be funny too. Not everything has to be taken too seriously.

“I am glad that we both could break up on good terms. I swear I wanted to break every bone in your body, thank God that I was distracted by campus protests! Do vote for my faction!”

The question is did she vote for him?

final words to say to an ex

6. The drunk text

“I love you and I miss you, can’t we be together?”

You’re lying if you said you never drunk called or texted an old flame. No matter how much you are hurting inside and how much you have started hating your ex, these last words do come out when you lack sobriety.

Trying to win an ex back after you just broke up might not be the best course of action but we are all guilty of letting alcohol get the better of us. Be careful when partying too much, because the last thing to say to an ex when drunk could really turn things around.

7. For the stalker

“Dude, stop stalking me! I swear that I will get a restraining order, or whatever is the online equivalent, on you. It is not cool in cinema or reality. Get a grip and move on!”

These are the best last words to an ex when they are a crazy stalker who is bothering you.

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8. The Hindi Poet

“Aur bhi dukh hain zamaane mein mohabbat ke siva. Raahatein aur bhi hain vasl ki raahat ke siva.”

The last words said in Hindi have a different kind of steam. To make things intense yet simple and easygoing, some Hindi poetry cannot do any harm. Some of the best last words to say to an ex can be in your mother tongue, believe us.


9. All about revenge

“I have made a voodoo doll of you. I stick pins in it every day. I hope you rot in hell! Have a great life.”

Most people feel this way after a breakup but few can put it in words so aptly. If you are trying to survive betrayal in a relationship or have been hurt profusely, this might be the one for you.

Sometimes, a healthy release can come from telling your ex how you truly feel, even if it is nasty. Not everyone wants to part on friendly terms and some people just stand up for themselves in a more aggressive manner.

If you are playing on the offensive, these final words to say to an ex are perfect for you.

10. The getting back effort

“Hey! How ya doin?”

These are the last words uttered to an ex when there is an effort to get back to the old times and make things better again. Invariably you are ignored by the ex-partner.

Needless to say, only a few would remember this conversation, but me being the bug on the wall was completely scarred by this game. In retrospect, maybe speaking with an ex should be done with more supervision of your rational faculties. Evidently, the last thing you said to your ex, in all probability, is more embarrassing than sensible.


1. What do you say to an ex you still love?

If you still love and care for them, you should simply say you wish the best for them before you part ways. When you love someone but cannot be with them, it does sting but it might not be their fault. Be positive and hopeful and tell them that you hope to be their friend in the future.

2. What can I say to my ex to say goodbye?

Depends on your mood! If you’re angry, you can hurl some nasty words. If you are shocked, then maybe saying nothing major at all in that moment might be the right thing to do. If you want to be mature, then tell them that you hope for the best for them.

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