How to prepare for first night over at his place

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Staying over at the boyfriend’s place especially for the first time can bring out mixed feelings. And these feelings can be nerve-wracking at times. You never know what’s going to happen. You never know who might turn out to be a real freak between the sheets.

There are a number of preparations you can make for your first sleepover to mark it as a memorable one.

Paid Counselling1.  Set the Right Mood

There are different ways in which you can set the mood and relax before getting into the sexiest part of the date. To make the setting picture-perfect, you can light up a few scented candles. You can play some romantic music and even have a glass of wine or beer (or any drink that you both like). Just see to it that you do not overdo the setting as you do not want to take his place look like a cheap hotel.

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2. Girls, Just Relax!

Women often tend to worry about what their partner thinks about them, whether they are too fat, too flat or just not that hot. To be honest, your little insecurities about your body may not be even a thing for your guy. So you are doing nothing but just breaking a sweat for nothing! So, girls find confidence within you and enjoy the moment. It’s all yours!

3. Primp yourself

Do not forget to take the proper grooming precautions like waxing, shaving, moisturizing, spa, deodorizing and go for the sexiest lingerie! And yes, do not forget to maintain dental hygiene as well. That’s really important. Do whatever that takes you to feel confident about yourself and carry some attitude!

4. Bring comfortable PJs

You can just pack your cute night pyjamas or shorts (will be quite sexy), and just the bottoms (: P). Why? You know it better! And you can also simply borrow his t-shirt or a shirt and you know this will be to the next level of sexiness. Just give it a shot and trust me you won’t regret it.

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5. Protection

This one is really important girls. Just do not forget to keep protection. You never ever want to be stranded high and dry. Do you? So stuff those packets in your bag right now (: P).

Keep calm, just be yourself and plan ahead. Do all the grooming things in advance and be confident.

Hurry Up, and go pack your bags for a steamy first-night with your guy.

Did your first sleepover go as planned? Tell us in the comments section below.

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