The 10 Biggest Turn-Offs For Women

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Updated On: April 8, 2024
turn offs for women

No sir, wearing hairspray that she can sniff from a mile away is not going to make you seem desirable on a date. Consider it one of the biggest turn-offs for women and a sure-shot mistake that could ruin your chances with her. Stick to a fragrance-free hair gel and you’ll be much better off.

And now you’re probably thinking, “Oh god, why does it have to be so hard to please a woman?” Let me tell you, it’s really not. All women want is a guy who can be real with them, show them a good time and show a little bit of respect. But I can’t deny that the wrong hairspray could indeed make you lose some points. So watch out for that.

Jokes apart and on a serious note, stop racking your brain and complicating your life by looking for new or unique ways to impress a woman. Dazzling her can be as simple as throwing on a nice shirt, meeting her at a bar and just making the effort to hear about her day. But having a good idea of the major turn-offs for a girl will definitely help too.

The 10 Biggest Turn-Offs For Women – Don’t Do These

While smiling enough, dressing for the occasion and having some scintillating conversation starters could be some of the biggest turn-ons for girls, don’t get ahead of yourself so soon. Women love details and will scrutinize you from the first text to the goodnight kiss. Don’t mean to put you on the edge of your seat, but there is another side of the spectrum worth understanding. 

And on that side of the spectrum, there is indeed a turn-offs list that you should brush up on before you head out for your date. With this list, you will be good to go. So here are the 10 biggest turn-offs for women which are much more serious than just a pungent hairspray:

1. What turns a woman off in a relationship? Too many words, not enough actions

Save the flowery language for the birthday cards and don’t make empty promises to a woman if you don’t intend to keep them. It is possible to get carried away when you’re infatuated and say things to her like “You’re the woman of my dreams” or “I can’t imagine my life without you”. If you ask me, those are instant turn-offs if we’ve only been going out for a few months. I mean, nobody can get that attached so quickly.

What you say in the moment is what she is going to carry inside her heart. So if the next day, you’re suddenly distant and she realizes that you’re full of big talk but lacking action, she knows it’s time to walk away. Instead, just say things that you can actually prove to her. And definitely don’t say these things prematurely without entirely knowing if you really want to commit to this person or not.

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2. Making far too many sexual advances – Instant turn-offs

Yes, we are sexual beings and love a good time in bed just as much as you do but it’s not all we think about. So it would be much easier if it wasn’t the only thing on your mind too. Even if you’re meeting a woman for the sole purpose of casual sex, a few compliments and some healthy flirting will only make your chemistry even better.

If not, then you might be indulging in one of the biggest turn-offs for all strong women and you’re going to completely miss that chance of a booty call. Yes, she wants to do you but she also wants to enjoy a little camaraderie.

So before you pull the condom out of your wallet and throw on a naughty grin, consider buying her a drink and actually chatting her up a little. Get to know her, ask her about her interests and show her that you’re not just a man with a package, but indeed a full package.

3. She’s not looking for a narcissist

Yup, narcissism is undoubtedly one of the major turn-offs for a girl. Even if you are the best-looking man in the room, she’ll be happy to know that you are confident in yourself and know it. But if you bring it up more than once, she’s going to cringe and want to leave the table. I’m sure it goes the same way in a man’s turn-offs list too.

It’s one thing to carry yourself with grace. But being snobbish about your looks or your money is a turn-off for anyone. On a first date or second, she’s come to meet somebody with whom she can have a great conversation. She definitely didn’t come there looking for a guy who can’t stop admiring his beard in the reflection on the soup spoon.

Try not to be too self absorbed

4. Being rude to those around you 

Unless she’s a very insolent person herself, this is one of the big turn-offs for women that could potentially make her pull the plug on the whole date (I know I would). A bartender, a waiter, or even the guy with the moped cutting you off on the interstate – if you abuse, you lose.

Guys think that to show their woman that they can take care of her and put on a brave persona, it’s important to have a harder exterior especially when the two of you go out. But the truth about women and what they like in men is so far from it, making this one of the biggest turn-offs in a relationship and even on a first date.

A guy who can keep his calm in the most irksome of situations is the guy she will admire and even fall for. No need to try to be an alpha male, it just does not work. We’re looking for somebody level-headed and not someone we need to walk on eggshells around.

5. Lazy at making plans or making conversation

What are the biggest turn-offs for a girl? Reading a text that says, “I mean anything is fine, we can do whatever you want”, when she asks you what you want to do together is definitely going to put her off. A woman wants to feel loved and for that she’d like to see a guy who takes initiative. 

The moment she feels like she’s the one doing all the work, she’d probably be reassessing why she is even trying so hard in the first place. And worse, she is saying to her besties, “Man, every time he acts like a couch potato it’s literally one of the biggest turn-offs in a relationship.”

infographic on turn offs for women
Some of the biggest turn-offs for women

So do your best to show her that you’re interested in her and are willing to put in the effort. Even when together, if she senses that your energies are off, you’re zoning out or that you keep fake smiling your way because you don’t know what to say next, that’s a battle half lost.

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6. What turns a woman off in a relationship? You being late to events or dates 

Maybe the first time she will let it go. If she’s super-nice, she might even ignore how late you are on the second or the third date. But if you make it a habit and start taking her for granted, you are going to blow her top lid off and also completely blow the date you two are on. 

Valuing somebody’s time is equal to valuing them. So keeping a woman waiting is in no way going to help you in your dating game. Add this to your list of instant turn-offs. Playing hard to get? Sure, go for it. But try a different technique than this one. Making her wait is never an option so highlight and mark this in your women turn-offs list.

7. Calling yourself an equalist

We don’t mean any harm with this one and you’re allowed to express your own ideas to her. But since most women are feminists, expect a little scorn if you say something like, “We don’t need feminism, so I’m an equalist.” Saying this might already give you two a headstart on relationship arguments. For there is a good chance it might not go down well with her as this is one of the biggest turn-offs in a relationship.

If you have something controversial to say, perhaps reserve it until after she’s gotten a chance to know you better. But on a first date, if you plainly tell her that you don’t understand the need for feminism, it’s bound to put her off. In that case, all other turn-offs for women can be excused except this one.

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8. Driving rashly is one of the instant turn-offs for women

Take her out for a nice spin but don’t think that showing off your wheels is going to get you anywhere. She wants nice music and good company in some beautiful weather on a first date and not a guy breaking a hundred traffic rules. To make a woman feel safe and cared for, do not be presumptuous and drive like a conscious gentleman instead.

If you want to indeed test your wheels though, ask her if she’s comfortable with it before you hit the gas harder. She’ll appreciate the gesture that you’re being considerate and thinking of her comfort first. We all like Vin Diesel a lot but pull the brakes on this one.

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9. Biggest turn-offs for all strong women – Not reading a room well

A great goodnight kiss or good sex is a perfect way to seal the deal when you’re going out with a woman if there’s palpable mutual attraction. But when you’re in that position with her, you must be able to read her body language signs, understand how comfortable she is and what she wants from you. If not, you’ve found yourself in a soup and your advances may land in the category of the biggest turn-offs for all strong women.

A lot of times women complain of men being too rough in bed or using too much tongue even when they try to show them that they’re not having a good time. Enjoy yourself, yes, but not at the cost of her pleasure. If you’re confused, pull away and ask her verbally. She’ll appreciate that much more than you cluelessly going to town without any idea about whether she likes it or not.

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10. Getting too drunk is one of the major turn-offs for a girl

What turns a woman off in a relationship? You acting silly because you could not handle your liquor at a party and she had to drive you home. Leave your boorish demeanor at the door for this ranks high on turn-offs for women. A woman wants to be with a guy she can trust and feel comfortable with. So the moment you’re too many whiskeys down, your game is beginning to end. 

Making crass remarks, accidentally dropping your glass, losing track of a conversation and other ungracious behaviors are instantly going to make her question why she’s even there. The least you can do is conduct yourself well when you’re together. Your ignorance and lack of sobriety are instant relationship deal-breakers. 

I hope we’ve solved the big question of, “What are the biggest turn-offs for a girl?”, for you. Following good dating etiquette is essential to make the best out of getting to know somebody better. If Tinder had a ranking system and you followed the above points carefully, you’d have a high score for sure.

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