5 Women Confess How Their First Time Sex Was

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Updated On: October 19, 2023
Women Confess How Their First Time Sex Was
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The first time we have sex is supposed to be this lovely experience, with scented candles all across the room and the bedsheets decorated with rose petals, right? Or at least that’s what we’ve been led to believe through all the movies we’ve been watching since we were kids. Why is it then, that in the real world, first-time sex stories often turn out to be the complete opposite of what we’ve been led to believe?

The truth is, the first time is usually a messy affair. Nobody really knows what they’re doing, and you realize it isn’t really as straightforward as the movies claim it to be. Most importantly, you understand how important lube is. The “first sex” confessions, as a result, are vastly different than what pop culture would have us believe. 

Ever wondered, “How does my first sex experience compare to other women’s experiences?” Today’s the day to find out. Talking about something that’s considered kind of a taboo just has a unique thrill to it, doesn’t it? Let’s read about a few true sex confessions, so you don’t get fooled by those absurd movies.

Losing Your Virginity – Confessions By Women On How Sex Felt For The First Time

You hold on to it for too long, you are a prude. You lose it too early, you are a slut. As a woman, you cannot win this argument. It has been explored poetically in books, scenically on television and the silver screen, and in a conservative way in society. Why or what makes your virginity such a big deal is not really known. This is precisely the reason it’s hard to come across Indian sex confessions or Indian relationship confessions.

To get to know more about first-time sex stories, we asked some of our readers to send in their experiences, no matter how good, bad, painful, ugly, or divine they were. Out of those who responded, we have picked the 5 most interesting stories. Let’s take a look at these first-time sex confessions, so we can all secretly compare ours and judge away.

5 Women Confess About Their First Time Sex

Let’s face it, sex confessions are always fun to hear about. Especially when they’re about the awkward first time, when there’s a lot more navigating and a lot less action. Even so, it’s still a fun experience. You learn about a whole new facet of expressing love or just getting your needs met.

One thing’s for sure, once you have sex, there’s a lot more learning waiting for you. “Oh so, THAT’S what an orgasm feels like,” you might say, the first time you actually take the time to experience your body. These Indian sex confessions we received from our readers make for a compelling read. Given the taboo in our country around sex, we’re glad these anonymous Indian women wrote how it was to have sex for the first time.

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1. Story of first time sex: How this reader lost her virginity at a party

“Having sex for the first time was like having sex in a bedroom with your husband while the children ran wild,” says a reader, drawing parallels between the humdrum of life and the excitement of having sex for the first time.

“My then-boyfriend and I were in a room. We were at a party. Our friends were right outside the room and knew exactly what we were up to. We were a little drunk and throughout the entire time, we could hear our friends talking loudly and laughing. It was a nice thing until we realized that we didn’t have a condom.

“We had a good thing going so we did it anyway. We tried the first time but I couldn’t take it in. Persistently, we did our bit of foreplay again and got it right the next time. It was not very pleasant. No fireworks, like we read about in books. It got over before the big O happened for me. We laid there for a few minutes before going outside to join the party,” she concludes.

To be honest, we’d be a lot more surprised if the big O actually did happen on the first try. Any female who says she’s had an orgasm the first time she had sex is either lying or doesn’t really know what an orgasm feels like. Period! PS, always practice safe sex! Just because our reader got a little frisky, doesn’t mean you should too.

2. “My first time felt awkward, nothing to boast about”

first time sex confessions
Couple in a bad

“In my first time it took a lot of foreplay to make me comfortable…it was a bit awkward, to say the least. Even though we were both inexperienced, it felt like amateur love-making. It was slightly painful and ended with a lot of cuddling, so that was nice,” tells a reader.

Of all the girls’ sexual confessions we’ve heard, we’re yet to come across one that said it didn’t feel awkward. But hey, at least you two cuddled the night away.

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3. “Almost a fiasco”

“We were at his place. We listened to music and kissed. Kisses turned to take each other’s clothes off. Might I add, we had about two shots of whiskey before the act. So in the middle of it, lying on top of me, he passes out.

“Might I also add, he was still inside me. I brought him down, put him down on the couch. He woke up after a few hours and we did it properly. He apologized but made up for the fiasco with mind-blowing sex (he was an experienced person). Yeah, my first time was better than most women out there,” tells a reader.

From disaster to salvation, at least this reader got what she set out for in the end. Women’s secret confessions like these don’t fail to entertain, who would’ve thought you’d ever hear about a lover passing out whilst INSIDE someone?!

4. “I enjoyed the love-making”

“I had penetrative sex after having oral and finger sex for two months. So it was not painful. The first time was on the bed, then on the floor, and ended with a good love-making up against the wall. He wrote a poem the next day about my awesome flexibility (it was sweet),” says an anonymous reader.

All we can say is: Aww! Months of leading up to it, followed by satisfying intercourse and a nice poem to top it all off! Whoever you’ve come across, dear reader, make sure you hold on to this one.


5. “I felt powerful”

“I lost my virginity at an early age. I consented losing it to a guy I loved then. I was too young to understand if it was good or bad, risky or safe but I felt the power of being a woman that day. I was on top the whole time,” says a reader.

There’s always a sense of empowerment attached to the act of sex, isn’t it? It isn’t really just a heated exchange of emotions between two people, it’s also an expression of all you believe yourself to be.

We hope the women’s sex confessions helped you figure out how your own first sex experience fares as compared to other women. Since it’s not really the most talked about subject, it can get hard to come across genuine stories on the same. Don’t worry if your first time wasn’t half as good as the ones our readers told us about. The good thing about starting out with something is that the only way you’ve got to go is up. You know what they say, practice makes perfect *wink*.

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