Top 10 Romantic Firsts In A Relationship For A Couple

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Updated On: October 12, 2023
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Being in a new relationship is such a wholesome feeling. The rush of emotions, the butterflies in the stomach, the heart beating louder than a drum in a concert. Ah! To be in love. A couple who has just started dating has a lot of firsts in a relationship to look forward to. This is the stage where you forge a deep connection with your partner and understand if they are truly the one for you. 

Let’s be honest, a strong relationship isn’t made of magic and stardust. You have to nurture it with patience, understanding, care and love. As your romance blooms, there are many firsts in a relationship that help you build a stronger bond with your significant other.

Every couple has a list of firsts in a relationship which signifies that they are ready to take a step toward committing to the relationship and these steps go on to mean a lot for both the people in the later stage. A list of firsts for couples can be as important as the first time you meet their parents to something as simple as the first time you hear them snore. 

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10 Important Firsts In A Relationship

Apart from the first kiss, there are many important firsts in a relationship that every couple can look forward to. Even people who have an aversion to romance can’t help but be excited about sharing memorable firsts in a relationship that you can both look back upon fondly to enjoy a trip down memory lane. We have a list of firsts for couples that act as building blocks for a strong relationship. So without further ado, let’s look at 10 important firsts in a relationship: 

1. Saying goodbye for the first time in a relationship

Not all firsts in a relationship are thrilling. The first time you wave goodbye to the person after you have become a thing is very emotional. You don’t want the day to end and yearn to be close to your beloved, but reality hits you and you gather the courage to finally wave them goodbye.

That first goodbye signals how we think about the other person and is an important first in a relationship. If you feel a certain sadness while saying your first goodbye, it means you look forward to seeing the person again and it is a sign that you want to share a strong emotional connection with them.

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2. A couple’s first time holding hands

A very cute relationship first is holding hands. Okay, this is plain, teenage, movie-like, but bear with me. Holding hands for the first time in a relationship is a big deal. It shows reliability and trust. When you hold your hands and exchange a smile, you understand it is a little childish, but this gesture of affection makes you feel closer to the other person.

Intertwining your fingers with your partner as you casually walk back toward the car from the restaurant is a very romantic gesture. Maybe you end up kissing as well, and ah! Who’s to stop that? 

relationship firsts
The warm feeling of holding your hands with your partner is an important first in a relationship

3. First time having sex

Down to business, right? Apart from all the small gestures, a couple’s first time having sex is a very important step in a relationship. The thing is, once you start liking someone, the first time you have sex creates an emotional as well as physical attachment.

Jenna, 31, and her boyfriend, Alex, had to contend with a long-distance relationship immediately after they started dating. She says, “I realized that having sex is an important first in a relationship because once we took that step, we felt closer, and enduring the long distance became a little easier.” When you have sex, it is like you have finally let down your physical barrier and let that person embrace you with bodily grace.

4. Couple’s first time taking a trip together

Dates, kisses, sex, all of these are good in themselves. However, very important in the list of firsts in a relationship is traveling together. You know things are getting serious if, as a couple, you start planning a trip together. You save up money, shop for the trip, book a hotel, and plan an itinerary.

A couples’ first time taking a trip together helps them enjoy each other’s company, learn more about each other, have long, deep conversations, and go on shared adventures. Taking a trip together is an important first in a relationship, because it helps you understand the person on a deeper level. You get to witness them outside their comfort zone and get a peek into a different side of your partner.

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5. Being vulnerable for the first time in a relationship 

Relationship firsts are unforgettable because you are venturing into unknown territory and don’t know what you will find waiting for you. An important first in a relationship is the first time you open up to the other person. It is not easy for people to be vulnerable so when your partner takes that step and opens up to you, it signifies that you’re building the component of trust in the relationship

“I have been with many guys over the years. However, I never felt a connection to them and couldn’t share my feelings and emotions. The first time in a relationship when I was vulnerable was with a guy I had been dating for 3 weeks. I felt naked and transparent. It was like I could bare my soul to him and he would protect it. At that moment, I knew that he was the one. That guy is my husband now,” said Regina, a 35-year-old, happily married woman.

6. Meeting their friends for the first time in a relationship 

This one should be highlighted in bold in the list of firsts in a relationship. A couple’s first time meeting each other’s friends can be quite overwhelming, because most people have the impression that friends are very loyal and won’t stop to think twice before making a judgment. 

But here’s a thought – have you ever stopped to think why your partner would want their friends to meet you? Because they have told them how awesome you are and they can’t wait for their friends to meet you. So, don’t be stressed out about this one. It is only because they like you so much that they are ready to involve you in a greater social circle. So yes, it’s pretty romantic.

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7. Couple’s first time saying those magical words

Yeah, again a cliché, I know. However, in any serious relationship, this is a big milestone. And it doesn’t matter who said it first or expressed it better, but the fact that it has been put on the table for the first time in a relationship signifies something important.

When a couple expresses their love for each other in the simplest, gentlest of ways, it embodies the literal meaning. They have embraced each other, with their beauty and scars alike, and that is by far the most romantic and the most important first in a relationship.

8. Couples first time making each other gifts or dinner

This is the simplest one. A couples’ first time making handmade gifts or making a simple, nice dinner at home is romantic in itself. It shows you care about the other person and are willing to spend your most precious possession on them — your time.

Marcus, a 25-year-old man says, “In the list of firsts of couples, people often forget the gestures. The first time I fell head over heels in love was not on a date or a trip, but when my girlfriend called my mom, who lives in another state, and got the recipe for my favorite meal. She spent hours cooking for me and it was the most romantic gesture anyone had ever made for me. It was also a first in a relationship for me, and she swept me off my feet. “ 

9. Moving in together for the first time in a relationship 

Moving in together is a very important first in a relationship. This is a huge milestone. This is the stage where they realize they can stand or “survive” the whole day around each other. This shows that they can function together as a unit, be around each other, and work to look after each other.

Moving in together is also followed by many other firsts in a relationship. From a couple’s first time sharing a bathroom to cooking together for the first time in a relationship, many firsts follow and can bring you closer to your partner. 

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10. Couple’s first time adopting a pet together

Okay, let’s be very clear, the most important in the list of firsts in a relationship is adopting a pet together. There is nothing more romantic than deciding to take care of a cute little, furry animal, and showering it with love. Adopting a pet – be it a dog, cat, rabbit, or hamster – emphasizes the fact that the couple is functioning well together and also strengthens their bond over something they both love.

A relationship first does not have to be gigantic or cliche. You can define your firsts. Every relationship is different and while this list of relationship firsts covers the normal moments a couple shares together, do not define your relationship by this alone. Relationship firsts should not be forced; rather, they should be organic

While this is my favorite list of firsts, obviously you are going to have many others to add. Like the first time you spend your birthday together, the first anniversary, the first time he uses your toothbrush by mistake, and so on. Whatever it is, be sure to cherish each of those moments together, be it your first wrinkle or the first grey hair you pull out of their head. After all, when you are with a loved one, every first, second and third is special and I wish you both a million of those in your lifetime together.

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