15 Assured Signs He Will Never Forget You

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Updated On: April 10, 2024
Signs He Will Never Forget You
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It is never easy to get over a relationship that has lasted for years on end. You thought this was it, that they are the one for you. And now here you are, looking for signs he will never forget you after the breakup.

You may be trying to ensure he still loves you because you want to get back together with him. After a bad separation, it is hard to jump back into the same relationship, no matter how much you want to. The best way to do that is by first understanding where each of you went wrong individually and trying to grow as a partner and human being.

15 Assured Signs He Will Never Forget You

Even if you do not want your ex to come back as your lover, you may not really want to let go of the confidante in him. Exes can actually become excellent friends too. You don’t want to lose him completely, and we get you. That is exactly why we have put together a list of the best tell-tale signs he will always love you. So, without any further ado, let’s jump right in and make you worry a bit less.

1. Actively checks in on you

Even if you have parted ways, if he has had a difficult time getting over you, he will check up on you every now and then. This is one of the most visible signs he will never forget you. After all, can a man really forget a woman he still loves?

2. Likes your content on social media

Have you ever wondered why you end up stalking your ex on social media? It is the same reason why he is stalking you. We are not talking about the creepy or obsessive kind of stalking. More of the loving kind where he is one of the first people to quickly check out any new story or post you put up on your social media handles. If you are looking for signs that he will always love you, this is it.

Moreover, he will also share reels, memes, and other social media content with you actively. These are the signs of a man who will never ever stop loving you. We are talking about love in 2022. Memes are important. And no, we are not joking.

3. Asks for your pictures now and then

Be it you hanging out with your friends or even your new partner, he will ask for pictures of you. This is actually one of the most important signs of a man who will never ever stop loving you. Although the relationship did not last, he still wants to be a part of your life somehow. That brings him joy and he takes comfort in photos of you living your life to the fullest.

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4. Gets excited to meet you

Being friends with your ex is something that a lot of people are into and surprisingly, most of them share a beautiful bond with their exes. When you are friends with your ex-boyfriend and he still gets stoked about hanging out with you, he is most likely still into you. If he doesn’t cancel the plan and always sounds super into meeting you, this is one of the most assured signs he will never forget you.

5. Picks up your calls instantly

We move on and that is how life works. But if your ex-boyfriend still gives you priority and instantly picks up your call, he still has that soft spot for you. It is one of the biggest signs that he cares deeply for you even now. Whether he is looking to rekindle the flame you two had or just genuinely cares for you, him picking up your calls or calling you back as soon as he can is why he will never forget you.

6. Still tells you everything

Maybe he had a tough day at work or something went wrong on his way back home, he will talk about it with you. This shows that his affection toward you makes him want to be a part of your life again. It brings a lot of peace to him knowing that you are still there listening to him. Hands down, one of the most guaranteed signs he will never forget you and most likely, will always love you.

7. Stays in touch with your friends and family

Breakups can get pretty nasty and yet sometimes, even through the nastiest of breakups, the partners manage to stay in touch with their ex’s friends and family. Sometimes, they become a part of not just your life, but also your ex’s life. This shows that no matter how bad things may have gotten between the two of you, he still respects you and your loved ones. He doesn’t want to completely break ties and call it quits. No, this guy won’t quit easily and may still be trying to get you back.

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8. First person to wish you on your birthday

Birthdays are always special and our loved ones make sure that they are always extra memorable. If your ex stays up till 12 at night just to make sure that he is still the first person to wish you, he could still be deeply and madly in love with you. Either that, or he really does value the bond that you two once shared.

9. Always a text away to help you

When a terrible situation hits you like a truck, you will always find him just a text away. He is not going to seen-zone or notification-zone you. So, automatically, you won’t have to think about how to get his attention. You matter to him and he will be all ears when you want to rant about a terrible day or need help with your assignments. He won’t think twice before helping you and that is one of the purest signs that he will never forget you.

10. Still keeps your photos on his phone


One of the truest signs of a man who will never ever stop loving you is if he still keeps pictures of you and the two of you on his phone. We keep love inside photographs after all, right? Photos can take you down a memory lane and help you relive those moments all over again, even if for a few minutes. How can a man forget a woman he loves when these very memories are where his peace lies?

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11. You both had a serious-ly long relationship

It goes without saying that serious relationships, when they do not last, often leave behind severely broken hearts that take a long time to heal. If you had such a serious relationship, it is not unexpected for your ex-boyfriend to still be hung up on you. He still has his hopes up or he simply hasn’t moved on yet, and that is completely understandable. When you go through such a breakup, you don’t really forget about your partner. Something or the other will always remind you of them.

12. Often brings up memories that the two of you shared

So, the two of you have been reminiscing about the past and he goes, “Hey, do you remember that incident?” Well, he hasn’t forgotten one moment that he has spent with you and will constantly bring up such beautiful memories of the two of you together. The breakup has not been kind to him. He still loves you and if you are wondering, “Can a man forget a woman he loves?”, the answer is no. Erasing memories after a breakup is impotant. However, if he is not able to do it, he is still very much in love with you.

13. Can’t stop caring about you

Does he drop a text asking you if you are okay or how your day was? This is one of the most evident signs that he will never forget you. He just can’t stop caring about you and his actions scream that. This is a very common result of relationships that break off after a very long time, say, a couple of years. In that case, talking and sharing things with each other becomes a habit. This habit takes a lot of time to get rid of (of course, only if you want to be rid of it).

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14. Still is a shoulder for you to cry on

Shoulder To Cry On Signs He Will Never Forget You
If he’s still always there for you, it is a big sign that he will never forget you

Whether you dated a guy who took advantage of your vulnerability and dumped you or you are just going through a rough patch, he will always be there for you. You can still meet up and cry your heart out in front of him while he comforts you. The very fact that he is always up to coming over and comforting you shows that he is never going to forget you. You won’t have to come up with ways on how to make him never forget you. He is already there.

15. Not seeing someone else yet

If he is refraining from seeing someone else, chances are that he is still not over you. This is one of the most common signs that your ex-boyfriend won’t forget you easily. It definitely suggests that he was deeply invested in the relationship and wanted something permanent out of it. He doesn’t seem to be over the fact that it didn’t work out. And if he was the one who ended it, he is definitely regretting breaking up with you big time. It doesn’t matter what you both went through that resulted in a breakup, the relationship left a lasting impression on him and that’s why he will never forget you.

How To Make Sure A Guy Never Forgets You

On the other hand, if you see signs that he’s starting to drift apart from you, then your worst fears are coming alive. If you want him back and wish to ensure he doesn’t forget you, it is time to buckle up and follow a couple of essential tips. These will not only help you grow as a person, but also help you get back the man you truly love.

1. Be preoccupied and happy

When you are at peace with your own self and start loving your own company, you will not require constant external attention to be happy. This will allow him to witness true growth in you as a human being and automatically come back into your life if he broke things off unexpectedly. Meanwhile, you have to find ways to be a happy woman. Not pretence, but a truly happy person overall.

You can totally miss someone and want them back badly. However, do not let it be a hindrance in your growth and rather, a catalyst. If you want to see the signs he will always love you, you will first have to be unforgettable. What better way than to let all those negative thoughts just slide away and focus on yourself?

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2. Don’t be easily available

Can a man forget a woman he loves? Well, this is a no-brainer in the world of reverse psychology. When you are not constantly available to him, he will start to understand your value and what he is missing out on. Moreover, it gives him time to think about what he actually wants. In the process, you are always on his mind and it will be hard for him to forget about you.

3. Don’t be too hard on him

Can a man forget a woman he loves? Well, it depends on whether the woman respects him or is just downright thrashing him verbally left, right, and center. You do not want to hurt him to the point of no return. In fact, you do not want to hurt him at all. If you start bringing things up from the distant past and make them a point of argument with him, then instead of pulling him closer, you will only push him far away.

You want to make him realize you’re good for him, so treat him well. Even if things don’t go back to the way they were, he will always respect you for it all and not forget you.

4. Don’t keep your expectations too high

Expectations hurt and that is the brutal truth. When you get your hopes way too high, it is going to cause unnecessary toxicity in your life. You will be in a constant state of war with yourself where you can’t stop thinking about him and ‘what could have been. Knowing how to manage your expectations is of crucial importance to keep your mental peace intact.

So, don’t keep your expectations high or try to control something that you just can’t. All you can do is try your level best to get things back on track with him. He is definitely not going to forget you if you keep realistic expectations and do not impose conditions on him.

5. Be mysterious

You want to share with him quite a lot of things that are going on in your life. However, do not let him in on all the details. You do not want to give it all away. Add a teeny-weeny bit of enigma to your personality and it will pull him right in. You will be stuck in his mind 24*7 and that is exactly what you want.

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Key Pointers

  • A man who will not easily forget you will constantly check up on you
  • He will be a text or a call away and will often bring up memories of the two of you together, suggesting that he misses those moments badly
  • If, on the other hand, you see the signs that he is getting detached, don’t make yourself easily available to him if you want him back in your life
  • Neither should you completely ignore him to the point that he can’t take it anymore. Instead, add a little mystery to your personality to make him want you more

So, these were some of the most common signs that he will never forget you. If you have had a bad breakup, don’t worry, it gets better. However, if you are still punishing him for something that he has done, don’t pull the act for too long. If you really love him, talk things out and get back together or get some much-deserved closure for the two of you. Communication is the key and it always will be.


1. Can a man just forget you?

It is never really possible to forget someone who had once played a very valuable role in your life. We bet you still remember your first kiss or that first fight in a relationship and just like that, you will definitely not forget a person who you’ve loved. A man may get tired and move on if you try to play too hard to get. However, he will never really forget you completely.

2. What makes a guy remember a girl?

Everyone has these distinctive characteristics that make them stand out from the crowd. Whether it is an impeccable sense of humor, your kindness, your brave approach, or your pretty smile, these small things will make him remember you. If he revisits one of those places where the two of you spent a lot of time together, he might drop a text saying that he remembers your very first moments in that place. You get the drill.

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