18 Definite Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back

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Updated On: March 22, 2024
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Relationships are no clear stream of water with crystal clear answers. They take deliberation, hurdles, challenges, and also confusion. After a breakup, you might see signs your ex will eventually come back. So even when you did split up earlier, a ‘no’ did not really mean ‘no’ from their side. 

If you’re wondering, “Can an ex get feelings back?”, there is a good chance that they can. It may happen fairly soon after the breakup. Or you may notice signs your ex misses you years later, even though you are probably living completely different lives by then. If you two are destined to be together, the universe will show signs your ex might come back at the right time and right place.

“Why do I feel my ex will come back?” If you haven’t been able to shake off this feeling, it’s only natural for you to wonder whether there is some reason for this strong intuition or is just wishful thinking. Let me tell you. Suppose, you were very sure of your intentions throughout the relationship. You know your heart was in the right place. No wonder you will expect that someday your ex will definitely see your worth. Sometimes, the “ex will come back” gut feeling can be the result of a huge post-breakup transformation, which may make your ex realize that letting you go was a mistake.

An ex coming back is not a scary thing that you must instantly raise your guard against and avoid. Perhaps, you both left things on an unclear note with myriad unresolved feelings. Thus, they might have used this time apart to evaluate their needs and their love for you, which made them realize that they want you back.   

18 Definite Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back 

If your ex is tip-toeing toward your life again or you have a gut feeling that your ex will come back, he or she will show some obvious signs to make you think this way. This might even leave you perplexed and at a loss for direction. For instance, if a former partner is playing hot and cold, is it one of the signs your ex wants you back but won’t admit it or just a coping mechanism for coming to terms with the breakup?

It can be confusing to understand an ex’s intentions when they seem guarded about what they really want. Yes, it is oddly exciting to see the signs your ex still loves. Irrespective of whether or not you want to get back together with your ex, their desire to win you over again brings with it a strange sense of validation. “I knew s/he couldn’t make it without me. I matter.’ Indeed, your gut feeling ‘ex will come back’ was not in vain.

However, before you get swept up in the spate of emotions, give your breakup another thought. Make sure that this time they are coming back for good and you don’t have to relive those sleepless nights all over again. Paying attention to these 18 definite signs your ex will eventually come back can help you gain some clarity on the matter: 

1. They try to stay close to you as if everything is normal 

An ex who misses you terribly will refuse to accept that you two have officially and finally called it off. To keep you in their lives, they might try to keep things with you on the same track as before. You will see visible signs your ex is becoming interested again. Double texting or calling you often is an indication of the same.

They still call you by the lovey-dovey nicknames you gave each other. Speaking from first-hand experience (not proud of it though), the ex will be hurt when you are acting distant, even though it was their decision to end the relationship. If they’re unable to maintain distance from you, it is one of the important signs your ex will eventually come back. 

2. Sign your ex will eventually come back: They stalk your social media profiles

When an ex misses you and is unable to get through to you like before, they will often look at your social media profiles. If you occasionally see that they have liked some of your old pictures or view your stories religiously, they certainly hope to get back together with you soon.

You never know, perhaps they truly regret breaking up with you. But they are just scared of being shot down if they put their feelings out there. The what-ifs in our heads often stop us from taking a simple step that might solve many difficult obstacles. Sasha has been noticing that her ex views all her stories on Instagram but wasn’t sure what to make of it.

Is it one of the signs your ex is miserable without you? She wondered. Then, she woke up to a late-night notification of him having liked an old post of hers. That made it clear as day that her gut feeling ex will come back wasn’t unfounded. She dropped a casual ‘hi’ in his DMs, and they got to talking again, and things just took off from there.

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3. Your ex still asks about your family 

An ex who is still not over you will remain attached to you and your family just like before. They might worry about your parents and ask about them often. They may also keep in touch with your brother or sister to ensure that their bond with them stays intact, and perhaps, even serve as an in-road to you. This is a clear sign that your ex-boyfriend wants you back or your ex-girlfriend is rethinking the breakup.

If that’s the case, your ex still cares about you and your family. One of the signs you and your ex will get back together is if they still manage to stay a part of your life just like before and hang out with your family.  Although rare, this is undoubtedly among the surefire signs your ex misses you and wants to get back together. Now, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to go down that road again.

4. Your ex tries to show they have changed  

For you to reconsider them when they want to come back into your life, your ex might want to show changed traits to seem more evolved and sorted than before. An ex might contact you years later and try to seem more desirable and worthy of your love. To that end, they may flaunt a new job, a new apartment, or even a new style of dressing.

They will do all these things to catch your eye and appear more desirable. Even more convincing signs you’ll get back together are when they try to prove that they have become a better person altogether. You can give some serious thought about a second chance if you see your ex is sincerely trying to change their nature to be a more sensitive partner.

5. They are not dating anyone

“Is my ex slowly coming back?” Yes, they are, if they have still not moved on and are single for you. When an ex is still hung up on you, they will never waste their energy on a new full-fledged relationship. They might have a few flings, but they will certainly not be ready for a serious relationship.

You are sitting here thinking, “Can an ex get feelings back?” Perhaps, you should consider the possibility that they never got over that deep loving bond you shared. Could you offer their place in your heart to somebody else? I guess not in case you are still looking for signs your ex still loves you. With hope and luck in your favor, your ex might feel the same way too.

If you have noticed that they have been single for far too long, it might be possible that they still fancy you. Perhaps, the prospect of a new relationship seems hollow because they’re still pining for you. Or maybe, they haven’t found a connection with someone new because they always end up comparing a new relationship with what they shared with you.

6. They’re nostalgic about your relationship 

If your ex spends a lot of time introspecting the past or taking nostalgia-riddled trips down the memory lane, they are still clinging onto the ropes of your old memories with them. If they bring up all the fun times, old fights, past road trips, and other experiences, it is obvious that they are not over you. 

You will get this strong gut feeling ‘ex will come back’, as you see your picture in their purse five months after the breakup. Maybe they sent a 2 AM text in a vulnerable moment and deleted it soon after. But it’s enough to let you know that you are still on their mind. It shows your ex definitely wants to patch things up but is scared to admit it in front of you.

Your ex is still yearning for the past and clearly, their heart resides there. If they discuss the memories often, they love you and have realized that only you are right for them. For them, at least it’s been hard to erase memories after the breakup.

7. Your ex tells you about their rebounds 

It might be a way to incite jealousy or a way to show you that you were the only real love for them. If your ex is chatty about their rebound relationships, they might be doing this to grab your attention and alert your senses that they are going out and about.

Another reason they might do this is to show you how meaningless all their rebound relationships are in comparison to what they had with you. To elevate your position in their life and show you how much you matter, your ex might mention casual rebounds to tell you that you were the only one worth being serious about.

This might incite the same realization in your heart too. It won’t be a misjudgment on your part to read it as one of the signs your ex is testing you, secretly hoping that you too would feel the same way about rekindling the romance.

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8. Drunk 3 am calls or texts 

Does your ex send “you up?” texts at the most random hours? Do you have to put your phone on silent on weekends because you suspect drunk 3 am calls? A state of drunkenness can bring out a lot in a person. Their underlying love for you certainly is one such thing.

If your ex tends to drunk dial or text you often, they are definitely still attached to you. There are lots of different types of messages we send to our ex when drunk. When a person is drunk, they only turn to people they care about or think about often. If that person is you, it is one of the signs your ex will eventually come back to you. 

9. Writing long text messages to you 

“Why do I feel like my ex will come back?” Perhaps, your ex’s behavior is fueling this intuition inside you. Let me paint a scenario: you posted a story about a tiring day at work, sharing how exhausted you are. Soon, you receive a long paragraph on Whatsapp from your ex that says – “You are an amazing human being, honest, and consistent. You just hang in there. With true intentions and hard work, you will get over all the hurdles.”

When an ex-flame makes a consistent effort to keep in touch with you and makes healthy advances, they are still into you. Moreover, if they tend to write long, meaningful, and heartwarming love messages to you, they might soon come back into your life for good! This is among the sure-fire signs your ex misses you and hasn’t been able to get you out of their mind. That gut feeling ‘ex will come back’ is telling you the truth this time.

signs your ex misses you
Your ex might send you long, elaborate and sweet messages

10. They talk about you to their friends  

Signs your ex is becoming interested again? They cannot seem to leave you out of any conversation. If your friend circles are intermixed, you will probably hear about them and the things they say or mention often. Did they ever get super drunk and told everyone at the party that they miss you? Could you be any surer that your ex wants you back? Take the hint.

If you come to learn that your ex rambles about you sometimes and talks about your good qualities to their friends, they still love and respect you deeply. If you hear about how your ex is going around complimenting you, it is one of the signs that your ex is getting ready for a comeback. 

11. Your ex shows a lot of curiosity about your life 

If your ex seems very invested in even the most casual conversations with you, it’s an indication that they want to keep track of what is going on in your life. They do this out of genuine concern but also because they want to feel like they are still a part of your life. They are clearly not ready for burning bridges after a breakup.

When you are not sure about the signs you’ll get back together, look out for their keen interest in small details of your life. Just like they used to ask and take care of you when you were dating. “Do you still take those yoga classes?” “Are your sinus symptoms any better now?” or “Are you still planning to get a new dog?” – they may ask questions like these to stay abreast with the goings-on in your life. An ex will only take such interest in your life when they want to get back together with you. 

12. They might compliment you a lot

One of the signs your ex will eventually come back and that their love for you is still oozing profusely is that they still compliment you a lot. “I love that dress on you” or “your hair looks great these days” are little sprinkles of affection for you. 

You may not always know how to respond to such compliments. Just know, these compliments stem from a basic human tendency to have a newfound appreciation for things after they are gone. This is their way of realizing that you were perfect for them, and surely one of the signs your ex wants you back but won’t admit it.

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13. Jealousy is a sign your ex will eventually come back

If your ex knows that you are dating someone new or sees pictures of you online with a potential partner, they might not react to it very well. One of the signs you and your ex are meant to be is if they still treat you like you are theirs. They do not want to accept that you can be just friends with your ex.

Making snarky comments or questioning you about your new partner are a few indicators that they are uncomfortable. It may appear unwarranted at first, but they are only doing this because they love you and think you deserve better. So if you are getting a gut feeling ‘ex will come back’, believe it. Chances are they will talk you into patching the relationship up again, for good.

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14. They might try to sleep with you 

One of the signs ex is confused is if they try to sleep with you but are unsure if they want to get back with you or not. They might initiate booty calls and hookups but may not mention dating again. Sometimes, we crave sex with our exes. They may still want you back in their life for good and hooking up is just the easier way to do that. However, a part of them still yearns for you emotionally and they might eventually show that too.

They think they like the no-strings-attached situation, but in reality, the strings are exactly what they are holding onto.  In its own twisted way, this is one of the signs your ex wants you back but won’t admit it. If you’re giving in to their advances, it’s a good idea to introspect whether you want them back in your life too. If yes, one of you needs to shed your inhibitions and address the elephant in the room.

15. Your ex has not deleted your pictures from their social media

If your ex has still not deleted your couple pictures from their social media profiles, they are not ready to show the world that you two are done. If they do that, people will assume they are back on the market. There go the vivid signs your ex might come back.

When two people end a relationship on bad terms, they would first try to wipe off all the memories that will remind them of that ex, starting with their belongings, gifts, and pictures. But if they chose to keep it all intact, it’s one of the most prominent signs your ex misses you.

It says that they still love you like before and are not ready to accept that you are gone from their life. Having pictures with you is like still being in a safe bubble rather than being single and alone. Another tell-tale sign your ex misses you and wants to be with you is if they can’t resist DMing you memories of the two of you that pop on their social media feeds.

16. They often want to meet you 

Still wanting to hang out with you is one of the signs your ex will eventually come back. Missing someone is a part of moving on, which is integral to leaving a relationship behind. But one simply cannot look forward if they keep meeting an old partner. If they keep asking you out for coffee or grabbing lunch, all in the name of ‘innocent friendship’, you know that is not true. They clearly still have feelings for you and want to make things work again. 

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17. Your ex asks your friends about you 

Not only do hung-up exes make rounds around social media profiles but they also keep tabs on your friends. If they are unable to stay in touch with you, they might talk to your friends to keep up with what is going on in your life. They do not want to feel like they are missing out.

Joyce discovered that her ex had been texting her close friend Samya way too frequently for it to be dismissed as inconsequential. At first, she worried whether something was brewing between her ex and one of her closest friends. Unable to contain her curiosity, she asked Samya upfront what was going on.

Samya handed her the phone, and Joyce was taken aback to see that all their conversations were about her. That’s when she knew her ex missed her just much as she missed him.  

18. They might tell you they regret the breakup 

Is my ex slowly coming back? Well yes, he or she is if they flat out tell you that they regret breaking up or regret hurting you. Even if they do not initiate starting a relationship again but mention that breaking up with you was a bad decision that is enough for you to know their true intentions. 

They may use statements or questions like “I wish we did not have to break up” or “Why did we have to split up?” to make you rethink the decisions and embrace them again with welcoming arms. 

If you can relate to a majority of these signs your ex will eventually come back, you need to introspect and decide what you want. Do you still have feelings for them? If yes, then it’s a win-win. But before you jump at the prospect of getting back together, invest time and effort in overcoming the issues that drove a wedge between you in the first place. If not, then you must brace yourself to break their heart all over again. Be gentle and sensitive, but at the same time, firm and clear, in case you want to turn down their overtures of starting things up again. 

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1. How do you know if your ex will come back?

If they continue to stay in touch with you, look for excuses to meet you, or remind you of all the good times you shared, you can know that they are planning to come back. 

2. Do all exes eventually come back?

Not necessarily. Some exes are better off alone or finding another person. But sometimes, when breakups are done hastily or for petty reasons, exes might eventually come back to reignite the spark.

3. What percentage of exes get back together?

According to recent research, about 44% of adult couples break up and then get back together. 

4. Do exes come back when you least expect it?

Yes, this is possible. Not all exes make their intentions clear and some of them realize very late that they must seize what they have lost. However, if their love is true, they will come back sooner or later.

5. Will my ex regret breaking up with me?

They might or might not. This depends entirely on what the reason for the breakup was and what kind of headspace your ex-partner is in.

6. How do you know if your ex regrets losing you?

Your ex might regret losing you if he or she still tries to be a part of your life like they used to. Furthermore, if they tell you that the breakup was a bad idea, that is your biggest clue right there.  

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