15 Signs Your Ex Is Waiting For You To Come Back

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signs your ex is waiting for you

We get it. Your relationship status is “complicated” and your love life is a mess at this point. You are waiting for someone to come back but you aren’t sure if they want to re-enter your life. It’s been a while since your breakup and you are confused about the signs your ex is waiting for you or not. You don’t know what to do: move on or wait. But before that, you need to ask yourself if you want them back in your life and vice versa. Because if your ex wants you back, they will do everything to let you know that. 

A breakup is complicated and painful enough to make you wish you got back together with them, but dealing with mixed signals is plain frustrating. Constantly thinking about them and wondering if they are missing you and waiting for you to come back can be excruciating. If you’re tired of being stuck in a limbo over whether to move on or wait, these classic signs that your ex still loves you will help give you some clarity. 

15 Clear Signs Your Ex Is Waiting For You

You are sitting in your living room, heartbroken and dealing with loneliness after a breakup. You are desperately wishing you could be with your ex. But you don’t know if they are waiting for you to get back together with them. You aren’t even sure if they want you back in the first place. This is why, let’s go through these signs your ex is waiting for you.

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1. They get back in touch with you

If they text you after a gap of complete silence from their side, they are not just texting to check if you are doing okay after the breakup. They are missing you. It’s a clear sign your ex is waiting for you to change your decision about the breakup. 

If you are strong enough to get over them and don’t feel the same way as you did before, then you don’t have to wait for them to come back. You can let go of the past and start being happy. But if you truly feel they still love you and you still love them, then giving the relationship one more chance will give you more time to be sure about them.

2. They want to hang out with you

waiting for you to come back
Your ex ‘bumps’ into you when you least expect to see them

This is a definite sign that your ex is still not over you. Imagine you receive a text from your ex. It says they want to hang out with you, but you are confused if it’s one of the main signs your ex still wants to be with you or if they just want to be friends. Before you agree to meet them, have some real clarity with yourself. Are you emotionally ready to see them again? If not, listen below are some replies you can use if you don’t wish to see them:

  • “Hey there. Good to hear from you. I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to meet. I am still processing what went down and I am not ready to meet you yet”
  • “Hello. I’ve moved on and I would appreciate if you stop texting me”
  • “I am glad you’re doing well. But this isn’t the right time to meet. I am going through some personal issues and I would like some space at the moment”

3. They ask if you both can be friends again

“Just friends” with an ex? Well, that’s a complicated scenario because it’s only been two months since the breakup. Then one day, randomly out of nowhere they express their desire to be friends with you.

During the post-breakup friendship period, you either get back together with them or everything is ruined to pieces. If you are not careful about the boundaries for being friends with an ex. This is one of the classic signs that your ex is not over you yet. That’s why they secretly want to come back to your life.

4. They give you a full update on their life

This is one of the classic signs your old partner wants to become your new partner. Let’s say you agree to meet them for a coffee. The conversation starts formally at first, then swiftly flows in the other direction. They start talking about the changes in their life, both personal and professional. They share every minute detail.

Maybe they got promoted at work or they got sick after the two of you broke up or got a new pet to keep their mind away from overthinking. But why should they tell you anything about their life, no matter how trivial or significant? Perhaps because they want to revive that lost connection. This is one of the signs your ex wants to be with you.

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5. They are reminiscing about the old times

There is a big difference between them still having feelings for you and waiting for you to come back. If your ex is digging up old memories where you both were madly in love with each other, it is a sure sign they want you back.

Here are some phrases they will say when your ex wants to come back:

  • “Remember the time we went to Hawaii? You got drunk on the first night and started dancing at the beach. I miss those days”
  • “Remember how we used to go on a long drive after work and get ice cream? Do you recall the name of that ice cream parlor?”
  • “Can you believe we were together for four years? Those years were the happiest of my life”

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6. They’re working on improving themselves

Have you noticed changes in your ex? Like when you two were together, they would make you wait and show up late for a dinner date. But now they are working on being punctual, especially when they come to meet you.

There’s a good chance they want to fix the broken relationship with you. They will show you that they can become a better person. It could be any kind of change. Physical appearance or an annoying habit, but when they work on changing the things you didn’t like about them, it is clear your ex still has feelings for you.

7. They accept their mistakes that led to the breakup

The blame game. We have all played it time and time again. “You did this. You are the reason we fell apart. You are the cause of all the pain” and whatnot. On the flip side, when suddenly the “you” becomes “I” and they take responsibility for their actions and the breakup itself, it is one of the most obvious signs your ex wants to change the relationship status again. 

They will go over details that led to you two breaking up. It is the best thing that can happen to you if you are also waiting to get back together with them. They will come up with solutions and things they could have done differently. It means they are empathizing with you and figuring out what they could have done to save the relationship.  

8. They flirt with you

The primary intention behind flirting with someone is to impress and attract that person. They will show you how badly they want to be noticed by you. It starts with looking in the eye, then it graduates to flirting. When they start flirting with you on a regular basis, then it’s safe to say that they are becoming interested in you again.

It’s getting steamy and you finally let them pave their way to seduction. Why would an ex flirt with you when things ended long ago? It’s because they needed time and wanted to figure things out. Now that they know it’s you they want, they will try to reveal their true feelings by flirting with you. Here are some signs your ex’s attention is on you again:

  • They make frequent eye contact with you 
  • They mirror your body language 
  • They lean and angle their body toward you 
  • They touch you in a non-sexual way 
  • They will laugh at all your jokes

9. They become more docile and compliant

They used to argue on a daily basis when the two of you were together. Now, they’ve stopped with their little arguments over minor issues and tend to agree more with you or at least respect your point of view.

They no longer fume in anger and seem to have grown angel wings. This is one of the confusing signs your ex is testing you and wants to see if you will take them back. But you don’t know why they are being so agreeable all of a sudden and whether this behavior will continue should you give them a second chance.  

10. They bump into you frequently

After four years of being together, your ex obviously knows which place you love to dine at and which pizzeria they would find you stuffing your mouth with cheese in. So, they frequently visit these places at times when you are most likely to be hanging out there and then act surprised upon seeing you as if the run-in was purely accidental.

If they didn’t want you back, they would avoid going to the places you frequent, no matter what. If you are bumping into them quite often, then it’s not a coincidence. It is a definite sign that your ex wants to be more than just friends.

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11. They confess they miss you

This is one of the biggest signs your ex is waiting for you. They start sending you ‘miss you’ messages. Words have power, and then admitting they miss you is no less than them wanting you back in their life. Is your ex talking about how they miss watching TV series with you or going to the mall with you? They will even let your mutual friends know that they aren’t doing well without you. 

They could also be saying this because they feel bad about the breakup. If they drunk dial you and confess they miss you, then they don’t have the guts to be honest with you in a sober state. Now that is sort of a red flag that is best not ignored. 

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12. They let you know they are single

They tell you they are single and breaking up with you was the worst thing they ever did. Here are some other things they will do to let you know that they want to fix things:

  • Their social media posts will be gloomy
  • They unblock you from everywhere but you don’t know why they unblocked you
  • They post sad songs and love quotes and let your mutual friends know they are missing you
  • Your ex’s friends approach you and tell you they are miserable without you
  • They tell you they are still struggling to accept the breakup
  • Their drunk texts are becoming more frequent 

Nobody goes through a happy breakup, but if it has been a while and they still find a way to let you in on their life updates directly or indirectly, they aren’t over you yet. They still think about you and cannot cope with your absence.  

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13. They pretend they need help with something

When your ex has run out of reasons to talk to you, they ask for your help with something. Be it your opinion on something work-related or any suggestion regarding their personal life. It is one of the excuses to talk to you and be close to you. Once you see these patterns in your ex’s behavior, take some time to introspect about how you feel about getting back together. If you don’t think reconciling is the right thing for you, then let them know you feel uncomfortable and want some space.

14. They want to introduce you to their new partner

This is a very wicked move but also a subtle sign they are trying to make you jealous. It is not required for you to meet their current partner but they insist that you should catch up. And they get touchy-feely with their partner in front of you. They are trying silly attempts to make you jealous. They tell you all about their relationship status and how they met their new companion in detail. All these are classic signs your ex is trying to make you feel jealous. 

15. They come to your rescue every chance they get

This is one of the main signs you can be sure that your ex is testing you and your love. They come to your rescue every chance they get and try to be the hero of the scene. You text them about a problem you are having. They immediately offer to help and come up with ways to solve it.

It’s not just one instance. It’s about how many times they offer to help you. If they are willing to be your knight in shining armor every time you are stuck in a situation, they definitely want you back in their life. If you don’t want their help, then there are clever ways to turn down an ex that you can use and get away from them.

Do You Want Your Ex Back?

Before you decide to give your ex another chance, ponder upon the things that transpired between you two leading to the breakup. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you rectified the mistakes that caused the breakup?
  • Have they apologized for their part?
  • Have the two of you improved your communication skills?
  • Is this the right thing to do when they caused you so much hurt and pain?
  • Have they promised to compromise and put in equal effort?
  • Do you still love them? 

If they show signs they still truly love you and are desperate to get back with you, maybe giving them a second chance isn’t such a bad idea. It’s only natural to wonder if your ex will eventually come back or not. So, give the relationship another chance if you are sure about them. Make sure you take your time out to reflect on whether or not their presence in your life again could lead to a happy future together.  

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How To Know If Your Ex Still Misses You 

Irrespective of how ugly the breakup was, you end up missing your ex because the two of you shared happy memories together. You loved them once and they loved you back. Listed below are some signs that will let you know your ex’s true feelings and whether they miss you or not: 

  • They haven’t taken down your pictures from their social media yet 
  • They talk to your mutual friends and try to find out about your love life
  • They haven’t returned your belongings yet 
  • They haven’t dated anyone yet
  • Their drunk texts are always about relationship issues and how you can fix them as a couple
  • They cry to you and tell you that they miss you 

How Long Should You Wait For Your Ex To Come Back?

Nobody moves on from a breakup overnight. We all take our time and heal from it first. Then, we decide whether or not we want our ex back. So, how long should you wait for them? Here are your answers:

  • You can wait for them for the first two months post-breakup just to see if they miss you and try to find out if you are doing well
  • You can wait for them but don’t make this the center of your universe 
  • You will have to move on if you start obsessing over them 
  • If you see them with someone else, then you have no other choice but to stop waiting for them 

Key Pointers

  • When your ex says they want to be friends with you, it’s one of the signs they still have feelings for you
  • They want you to come back when they accept their faults and take responsibility for the breakup
  • Don’t put your life on hold or wait for them to come back. Move on if things are getting overwhelming and you feel like you are stuck

If both of you have had an on/off relationship, then you know it in your bones that they will eventually return. If you don’t wish to get back together, then let them know instead of leading them on. If you want them back, then meet them up and sort things out. Have a fresh start and grow together in the relationship. 


1. Is it worth waiting for your ex to come back?

It depends on how the relationship ended. If it was an ugly breakup where they cheated on you or tried to harm your sanity, then waiting for them should never be an option. They are not worthy of your love. If that’s not the case and you think they are your once-in-a-lifetime kind of love, then it is worth waiting for your ex to come back. 

2. How long should I wait to get back with my ex?

Take your time to reflect on what happened. Take a decision only when you are absolutely ready to give your relationship another chance. Unhealed wounds and unresolved problems will only give rise to more hurt and more problems.

3. Should you contact your ex?

I believe drunk dialing your ex should never be an option. But if you are sure about wanting them back and making amends, then contacting your ex with a conscious mind might turn out to be a good thing. 

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