29 Signs He Cares Deeply About You

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Updated On: December 22, 2022
signs he cares deeply about you

It is a universally acknowledged truth that men are not the most efficient at communication. If you find yourself searching for signs he cares deeply about you, you are not alone. In fact, there are many women waiting in line right behind you to know this answer. The thing with men is that they could be raising kids and adopting dogs with you in their heads but will hardly ever talk about it. The silence, however, should not be mistaken for indifference.

In most cases, communication might be their Achilles heel but men have their own, sometimes unusual, ways of showing that they care deeply about you. Whether you are in a relationship, have just been dating, or are still in the phase of crushing over each other, ladies, get your notebooks out because we are about to tell you how to know if a guy cares about you.

29 Sure Signs He Cares Deeply About You 

When your partner doesn’t have a way with words, there may be days when you are sitting in confusion and asking the universe for signs that someone cares about you deeply, while the indicators are right in front of your eyes all along. 

There are small things that, if not observed, can go unnoticed. You will feel that he doesn’t care deeply about you and he will feel like you don’t acknowledge his efforts. So before your confusion gets the better of you, here are 29 sure signs he cares deeply about you: 

1. Listening attentively is a sign he cares more than you think 

Even on a good day, some women can’t get their partners to pay attention to them. Generally speaking, men have the attention span of a goldfish. Thus, if he becomes big ears around you and listens to you patiently and attentively as you rant about your bitchy friend for the 100th time, it is one of the signs he cares more than you think. More than listening, if this man is actually absorbing all the information you are throwing at him, then, girl, stop worrying already because it is a one of the many signs he cares deeply about you.

One of my friends once told me how she came to know that her boyfriend cared about her. She said, “I once mentioned casually that I used to love going to the little beach hidden away on the outskirts of our town. Not a lot of people knew about the location of this beach so I was surprised when my boyfriend took us there for a picnic on our anniversary. The fact that he listened and remembered was one way of him showing me that he cared deeply about me.” 

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2. He knows your favorite food

Knowing about your favorite food shows that he pays attention to you. If he takes you out for meals and brings you your favorite dessert from the bakery on the opposite end of the town, then it is a one of the many signs he cares deeply about you. Now, who said that only a man’s heart can be reached through food? 

3. Honesty is a sign that he loves you secretly 

Honesty does not come easy to all men. Most of them resort to white lies because they like their freedom too much and do not want to answer to anyone. So, when a man is being honest as a saint in front of you, it is a clear sign he loves you secretly. He feels comfortable with you and respects you enough to know that you deserve the truth. How to know he cares deeply? Notice his honesty and acknowledge it.

4. Shielding you from traffic is a sign he is protective of you

A man does not always need to fight goons and save you from a supervillain to give off signs he is protective of you. Sometimes, simple gestures speak volumes. If he does not let you walk on the outer side of the road and always ensures that you walk on the sidewalk, he is practically screaming that he truly cares about you. 

5. He respects your boundaries

Wondering how to spot the signs that someone cares about you? Pay attention to how he reacts to your boundaries. A man who genuinely cares about you would never second-guess you, manipulate you, or try to run your life for you.

Respecting your boundaries in a relationship, giving you the space you need, and acknowledging that you are your own person are signs he cares deeply about you. For example, a guy cares for you if he:

  • Never forces you to share something you don’t want to
  • Does not ask you to do things you are uncomfortable with
  • Never pushes you to ignore your friends or family for him
signs someone cares about you deeply

6. You make him laugh 

One of the body language signs is his laughter. It is a known fact that couples who laugh together are happier and more in love than those who do not share a sense of humor. If he laughs at your jokes and shares your sense of humor, it is his way of expressing his interest in you.

Are you known for your lame sense of humor? Do your friends always get annoyed by your jokes? But this guy cannot stop laughing at them? You can count his laughter among the obvious signs.

7. Trying to please you is a sign he cares deeply about you

When a man goes out of his way to please you, it is a bigger-than-the-size-of-Mount-Everest sign he cares about you more than you think. For you, he might just be a friend. But if he travels 40 miles from one end of the city to another to deliver you your favorite ice cream when you are on your period, then it means he cares a lot about you.

So, take the hint. There are many things a guy can do to please you. For example:

  • When you’re together, he orders food you like instead of what he wants to eat
  • He cracks the lamest jokes which he knows you find funny
  • He sends you comforting words on text when you are feeling low and knows exactly what to say

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8. He asks you about your interests

Remember when we said that one of the signs he cares for you is when he listens? (It’s the first point, start taking notes already!) Well, another sign he truly cares about you is that he not only listens, but also urges you to talk about your interests. It is his way of expressing that he wants to know more about you and your life. Here are the ways he expresses care:

  • He will ask you questions about your childhood
  • He will encourage you to talk more about your hobbies
  • He will ask you follow-up questions when you share something with him
  • He will make you the center of his attention and let you know that he is invested in your interests

If you have been observing this pattern in that special someone in your life, these are the signs he cares more than you think. 

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9. He puts effort into his appearance

You see a well-dressed, handsome man at a bar, give him your number, become his girlfriend, and then suddenly the well-dressed man turns into a man-child who wears nothing but comic t-shirts and a pair of boxers. Has this happened to you?

One way of answering the perpetual ‘how to know if he cares deeply’ question is to observe his appearance. We are not saying you judge him for his appearance, please don’t do that. What we mean is that when a man ‘wants’ to put an effort into his appearance even long after he has begun dating you, it is a sign that he wants to ensure you are attracted to him and that you get the eye candy that you want.

How can a man show that he truly cares for you? Here are some examples:

  • He knows that you like men who are well-dressed and showed up wearing a suit for your last date
  • He trimmed his beard during no-shave November because you don’t like unruly beard
  • Maybe he starts using the cologne you really like
  • He wears shoes instead of sliders because you like them

All these (and obviously more) are signs he loves you deeply and secretly. 

10. Paying attention to the little details is a sign that he deeply cares about you

If the man you are dating remembers the name of your first doll, the first city you ever visited, or the name of your first best friend at school, it is a great sign and shows he loves you deeply, secretly. You can say he cares about you but is just hiding his feelings. There are some small things that men notice about women they really care about. Here are some:

  • He will observe your expressions when you are happy, sad, angry, or upset
  • Your body language will not go unnoticed by him
  • The way you light up when you see a puppy will forever be etched in his mind
  • He will notice you shake your foot every time you are nervous

11. He introduces you to his friends

A great sign that he loves you deeply secretly is that he will introduce you to his friends. It is a sign that he wants you to be a part of his life and is comfortable introducing you to his inner circle. When you meet his friends, they will probably know a lot about you already. 

This shows that he talks about you, wants people to know you hold a special place in his life, and is thinking about you even when you are not around. It is a great sign that someone cares about you deeply. 

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12. Noticing a change in you is a sign that someone cares about you deeply

Men can be ignorant. They could have the most obvious things in front of their eyes and still not notice them. So, if the guy you have been hanging out with notices the smallest of changes in your appearance, it is a sign he cares about you deeply.

He noticed the almost invisible change in your hairstyle and observed that you changed the color of your nail paint or that you are not laughing the way you usually do. These are the signs that say he cares more than you think.

13. You catch him staring at you 

It is obvious that we want to look at the people we love. One of the reasons my best friend found out about her boyfriend having a crush on her was because she would often catch him stealing glances at her. 

She said, “I noticed that even when we were in a group, he would often stare at me and look away the moment I noticed. I later realized that he really likes me.” When you catch your man staring at you or you notice that even in a crowd, his eyes search for you, it is a great sign that someone cares about you deeply. 

14. He cares for you when you are sick 

How to know he cares deeply? Observe him when you are sick. If he leaves everything and sits by your bed, reading your stories and massaging your feet, darling, there cannot be bigger signs he loves you deeply secretly. Actions speak louder than words. Here are ways in which he might take care of you:

  • If you live in a different city, he might send you your favorite flowers or some soup to make you feel better
  • He might cancel boys’ night just to be with you when you are low
  • You will notice he is upset if you are uncomfortable or in pain

15. He consults you before making decisions

Does he include you in his decisions? When someone consults you before making decisions, it is one of the signs someone cares about you deeply. It shows that they respect your opinion and have faith in you. 

16. He is protective 

If you have been noticing signs he is protective of you, you can bet your bottom dollar that he cares about you deeply and has intense feelings for you. Men tend to be protective of the person they have feelings for. It could be something as small as ensuring no one upsets you to save you from deep trouble.

During a discussion about how to know if a guy likes you, one of my friends said, “Once a man is invested in you, he’d want to take care of your emotional and physical well-being. If you see him doing that, it is a great sign and shows that he cares more than you think.”

17. He is proud of you

We celebrate people whom we love. If he hugs you and says “You are amazing, you deserve this” when you get a promotion or win a competition, then he will leave no stone unturned to celebrate you. This sign says he cares deeply and is more than a friend. He will do or say things like:

  • You are amazing!
  • He will make sure everyone knows about your achievement
  • He will let you know how he is inspired by you

18. If he likes trying new things with you, it is a sign that he loves you secretly 

signs someone cares about you deeply
There is nothing more a homebody loves than staying at home. If he goes out with you, it is a sign he cares deeply

Is he a homebody who suddenly agreed to go on an impromptu trip to the amusement park just because you are going to be there? Well, when men get out of their comfort zone and show interest in doing new things or indulging in activities their crush likes, it is a great sign that the guy truly cares about you.

19. He lets you win

According to research by Harvard Kennedy School, men are extremely competitive. So, if you are wondering why he let you win the game of chess last night, it is one sign he truly cares more than you think. Letting you win in games or arguments is his way of expressing that you are more important than minor competitive ambitions.

20. He creates playlists for you

After writing a love letter, the most romantic old-school gesture was to make a mixtape for your beloved. Though the romance of this era has faded away, making a Spotify playlist is the modern equivalent of a mixtape.

We know these are things that only happen in a rom-com. So if your man has made you a playlist, it is an obvious sign that he cares about you. Listen to the songs in the playlist carefully because the lyrics can have a hidden message. 

21. He lets you have the last bite

Sharing the last meal with you may appear to be a small thing or simply a common courtesy, but it could be one of the indicators that he truly cares. It is a fundamentally primal need to provide meals for loved ones.

Allowing you to have the last bite of shared food shows that he values your needs and happiness over his own (which is a good sign in other departments too). Did he let you finish the last bite of his favorite cheesecake? Well, it could be one sign he loves you deeply secretly.

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22. How to know he cares deeply He is always there for you

Like we said earlier, actions speak louder than words. Notice your man’s behavior. You never have to ponder over his affections because he is there for you when you need him the most. For example:

  • He is the first person to show up when you are in trouble
  • You can call him in the middle of the night and he will be there for you
  • If you are upset, he is there to cheer you up
  • If you are happy, he is there to celebrate the moment with you

More than physical signs that he cares deeply about you, keep an eye out for how much you can rely on him to know how much he cares about you.

23. He makes eye contact 

One of the physical body language signs is when the man tries to make eye contact with you. He is confident, he is sure, and he wants you to see the love in his eyes. For instance:

  • He will hold your chin and look into your eyes when saying something important
  • Even from across the room, he will look into your eyes when glancing at you
  • His eyes light up when you see him

24. He knows how you like your coffee

I can’t even remember my own coffee order at Starbucks, let alone remember someone else’s. Did he know that you like your coffee black with no sugar and just a hint of cinnamon? Girl, it is among the biggest signs he cares deeply about you.

25. He cheers you up 

The most wonderful signs someone cares about you deeply are when their presence can lift your spirits and when they can make you smile in any situation. If he manages to make you laugh and cheer you up even after you’ve had the worst fight with your parents, then he cares deeply about you.

Here are some examples of things a man can do when he wants to cheer you up. You might think that these are all normal actions, but he is actually confessing his profound love:

  • He will act goofy
  • He will drive across town to get your favorite cheesecake
  • He will cancel all plans and spend the day with you
  • The minute he walks in, he has a positive aura which makes you happy

26. He plays with your hair

You are out on a date. The two of you are sitting near a cozy fireplace on his couch and you catch him running his fingers through your hair. This is just his way of showing affection without spooking you. If he gets up to get the popcorn in the middle of the movie or ensures that you get the bigger end of the blanket, it is a sign he cares deeply about you.

27. He notices your strengths 

If your man recognizes qualities that even you didn’t know you had and helps you enhance your skills, he wants you to grow and sees potential in you. It is a sign he truly cares for you. He will let you know that you have potential. He will also:

  • Motivate you to try new things
  • Give you inspiration when you are feeling low
  • Encourage you to take risks
  • Challenge you when you give up

28. He leaves you surprises 

Men love surprising their women. Apart from birthdays and anniversaries, if he makes time to leave you little surprises like a flower in your bag or a box of chocolates on your desk, it is a sign he cares deeply about you.

29. He is nice to your family

When you are in a relationship, it is important to observe how the other person treats the people around him. Have you noticed him making extra efforts to please your family? Maybe it is a sign that he secretly loves you and wants your parents to approve of him. Here are the small things he might do (which you obviously won’t notice immediately):

  • He calls your parents to ask about their well-being
  • He remembers your sibling’s birthday and gets them something special
  • He tries to take interest in activities your father enjoys to bond with him
  • He remembers your mother’s favorite flowers and always brings them when he visits

Key Pointers

  • Men show affection through small actions and are not very vocal about their emotions
  • If he goes out of his way to make you happy, is always there for you, and observes the smallest things about you, then it is a sign he truly cares for you
  • Bonding with your family, cheering you up, helping you when you are in trouble, surprising you, and making an effort on his appearance are also some of the obvious signs he cares about you

Men and women have very different ways of communicating. While women are more expressive, men tend to be reserved about their emotions. He might not express it directly but there are always obvious signs to watch out for when a person reciprocates your feelings. Keep an eye out, and maybe you will find that the love of your life has been right in front of your eyes all this time. 

This article has been updated in December 2022.


1. When does a guy care about a girl so much?

A guy cares about a girl deeply when he is in love with her. He will show his care as an expression of his love.

2. If a guy is concerned about you does it mean he likes you?

Not always. However, if he shows a special degree of concern just for you, then yes, it might mean that he likes you romantically.

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