How To Be A Happy Woman? We Tell You 10 Ways!

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Updated On: December 13, 2023
How To Be A Happy Woman

How to be a happy woman? This is a question every woman ask themselves and you can never get the right answer if you are cribbing about the  life you have. If you want to find real happiness then you need to cultivate the habits of a happy woman. And always remember a happy woman is a beautiful woman from inside.

Rather than looking at the side where the grass seems greener, it is time you look within and find out exactly where you might be going wrong.

Believe it or not, our choices in life affect our happiness a lot. Yes, luck comes into play too but it is our habits and decisions that opens up certain doors while close the others. So, in case you are now wondering what exactly it is that regular women like you do to stay happy and satisfied with life, here is a list of some answers to that question. Women who are happy in life.

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How To Be A Happy Woman

Here are some simple tips to be a happy woman. You will see that women who feel happiness could be single, married, in a relationship or divorced. But their happy woman habit is primarily finding happiness within oneself and not depending on anyone to make them happy.

They are actually very clear about what makes them happy and what makes them unhappy and they maintain their relationship boundaries accordingly.

They follow some healthy relationship rules and rules for their own existence that does not let allow them to get bogged down with worry, anxiety or insecurity. Let’s face it, it’s not possible to be perpetually happy but women who can deal with issues in life with positivity are the happy ones.

1. Put themselves first

Society will tell you how it is important for women to put others first. But while caring for your loved ones is important, you must remember to always put yourself first. How to be a happy woman? If someone is making you unhappy, cut them out. If people are being rude, call them out.

If something is bothering, speak up instead of choosing to stay silent. Silence, in this case, is not golden. Women who stand up for themselves first are the ones who get standing ovations in this world. So remember to have your back, no matter what.

2. Choose their dreams

Choose their dreams
Choose their dreams

A lot of people will ask you to put your family and related responsibilities before your dreams. But, truth is, in most cases you do not need to kill one off to sustain the other.

Caring after your family is as important as choosing to follow your dream and not giving up. If you give up on your long-cherished dreams for someone, you will inherently despise them for it later. Isn’t it better to take the harder decision now than trying to struggle through bitterness later?

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3. Select partners who respect them

Many will choose to stay on in a dead or abusive relationship just because it’s familiar and the outside world is scary. Others will choose to settle for jerks because they do not know they deserve more. Remember, you deserve love that is wholesome and not manipulative and draining. It’s actually better to be a happy single woman then to be in an abusive relationship.

Do not put yourself through the pain of dating someone who does not respect you. “You accept the love you think you deserve” so remember that, no matter who you are, you at least deserve basic human decency.

being a happy woman
Do what makes you happy

4. Happy women are kind to people

This might be the hardest of them all. When the world is beating you down, it is really hard to offer people flowers and warmth. But you still must do it. Help a stranger carry their groceries. Volunteer. Feed the local strays. Be kind, always be kind.

Even if the world does not repay you with the same warmth, you will know that you did a good deed. That, even for a second in a stranger’s life, you mattered. And that is the answer to all of humanity’s questions of purpose. How to be a happy woman? Do the small things without expecting reciprocation.

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5. Believe in unconditional love

A happy woman probably has a dog. Jokes apart, you would be surprised how much having someone’s unconditional love and trust in you can ground you.

It gives you purpose and a sense of peace to know that, no matter what, there is at least someone who will always be by your side. It will make you want to live up to the trust they place on you and become a better person.

6. Can spend hours with her books and music

Can spend hours with her books and music
Can spend hours with her books and music

A happy woman – she could be single or in a relationship – could spend hours with her books, listen to music or just lie on the couch and Netflix.

Throw in a cuppa coffee or a glass of wine and they are glowing happy. Women who can spend time with themselves and enjoy their own company are the happy ones. They don’t need friends, family or parties or events to keep them in good spirits. They could also travel solo and enjoy life.

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7. Has friends for life

How to be a happy woman? Women who still have friends from kindergarten are the happiest people. It is said that women who have BFFs can navigate through life’s challenges more easily.

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Having a girl gang helps to dissipate the stress, provide mental support and the know about all your past relationships, eccentricities and secrets. A happy woman habit is to hang out with the girls.

8. Isn’t bitter about past relationships

It is truly rare that a woman gets married to her high school boyfriend. having a few relationships before settling down is common but happy women break up nicely  and don’t bear grudges or get vindictive.

They simply get over any kind of bitterness a relationship could have left behind and move on quickly. They also avoid carrying the emotional baggage of the past relationship because they are not the kinds to sit and sulk over things that could have been.

9. A happy woman is a pleasure to be with

A happy woman is a pleasure to be with
A happy woman is a pleasure to be with

Since a happy woman radiates warmth and positivity people like to be around them. They are popular in the workplace, with friends, at family get togethers and it’s a pleasure to be around them. If you are dating a happy woman you will feel happy in her reflected warmth.

Happy women create lasting bonds with their colleagues, friends and even exs because they believe in the value of relationships. They make the extra effort to stay in touch with friends and family and bring their happiness to their life.

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10. They are down-to-earth

A dominant happy woman habit is to stay grounded no matter how much they achieve. They aren’t the fussy, nitpicking kinds either.

Put them in any situation and they will sail through. They are strong-willed people who believe every situation will pass.

To be fair, there is a high chance that these women also stuff their faces with biriyani at least thrice every week to stay happy. So, don’t worry they don’t bother about weight. Yes, be it their looks, personality or weight, happy women are confident and don’t let criticism affect them. Hope our simple tips to be a happy woman are helpful to you.

Down to earth woman
Being a confident woman

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  1. Between the craziness of life, family, work, and just trying to remember when to pack extra tampons, it’s hard being a woman. We have all got our ups and downs, sure, but there are still things we should be doing daily to make the downs a little more tolerable, and maybe even make those ups last longer.

    You need to actually try out these things and you will surely see a difference!

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