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5 signs to watch out for if you have a Cancerian man

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The zodiac has played Cupid to many love stories. Though I cannot certify the scientific logic to this matchmaking, a lot is unexplainable in this world – including the madness of love. If you have a Cancerian man in your life, you’d really want to read this.

The Cancerian man

Born in the heat of June and July, the crabby fellow is as much a catch as the second guy you go out on a date with, which is uncharted and unpredictable. But we all want to have some solace in mapping the person sitting opposite to us, besides fact and human proof and zodiac signs are there to tickle that fancy. Surprisingly specific and acidic inaccuracy, here are five signs to watch out for if you have a Cancerian man to deal with. Now do not ask if these are five positive or negative points; that is for you to judge.

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1. Bhoot Jolokia

The unassuming thumb size chillies that can burn down your nervous system for seconds – the infamous chilli from India is quite the analogy for our shy Cancerian man. The docile and cautious Cancerian is easily mistaken to be a meek pushover, while the reality is when time and situation calls for it, our Cancerian man can be pretty vicious. Extremely secretive and mysterious, the crab man is very snippy about his personal space and if you so much breach the limits, you can prepare yourself for a severe burn. Do not go by the appearance of the Cancerian man; there is more beneath the surface than you can imagine.

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2. Shapeshifters

They are not the bipolar Geminis, but often exhibit a drastic shift in mood that can make you feel like you are standing on quicksand. Be prepared to be confused by a Cancerian, as the evening might start with the cheerful light man who greeted you with the brightest smile, but suddenly take a gloomy turn without any apparent reason. Do not beat yourself up about what you did wrong or if you should say sorry anyway because it is his intrinsic switch that is faulty. Unless it is something apparent that has flipped the mood table, do not sweat over the fickleness; the crab comes with a side of steamed moodiness.

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3. Compulsive chivalry

For the women who prefer their men to not try so hard to be one, must take their judgment down a notch, because a Cancerian’s chivalry is said to stem more from the stars than social conditioning. Old school in this department, men who live by the zodiac granted qualities will be holding the door open, paying the bills and letting you stay afloat on a plank while he drowns in the freezing sea, more often than you care for. I am sorry, I got distracted there. But you get the drift!

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4. Trust issue

He does not trust easily and that sometimes is the hindering agent in their lackluster romantic timeline. It takes time for this skeptical sun sign to give up his barriers and rely on another person emotionally or otherwise. So if you are running out of patience and suspect your Cancerian man to be less invested in this, think again- it takes time for some people to allow vulnerabilities in a relationship, and our Cancerian friend is surely one of those.

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5. Insecure

He might not be expressing his need for security and reassurance like most other men, but our Cancerian man definitely needs your undivided loyalty in a relationship. So you might have assumed that your man is secure in his skin and knows his place in your life, but you are in all probability mistaken, as he needs the validation of his emotions and masculinity. So make him feel needed if you are trying to smooth things out.

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