5 Signs To Watch Out For If You Are Dating A Cancerian Man

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Updated On: January 2, 2024
Dating a Cancer man

The zodiac has played Cupid in many love stories. Though I cannot certify the scientific logic of this matchmaking, a lot is unexplainable in this world, including the madness of love. If you have a Cancerian man in your life, there are a few things you should know. Cancer men have some typical characteristics that determine how they behave in love or when they are dating.

Of course, a person’s personality cannot be determined completely by what zodiac sign they belong to, but you can definitely get a fascinating insight into the way they potentially think. Plus, you may just need to get into his head since the signs a Cancer man is serious about you aren’t too clear, owing to his ambiguous romantic nature.

So, are Cancer men players? Are Cancerian men liars? What does a romantic relationship with them look like, and just what does he mean when he acts clingy but ghosts you the next day?! Let’s answer all your burning questions so you can kickstart your zodiac romance with some answers.

The Cancerian Man

Born in the heat of June and July, the crabby fellow can be a certified catch. We can learn a lot about a man’s personality through his zodiac, and a Cancerian is often uncharted and unpredictable, and so is dating a Cancer man. Why, you ask? It’s because they’re inherently caring, but can also be a tad bit manipulative (all is fair in love and war, I guess?)

They’re very loyal, especially to those who are close to them. They’re born to be charmers and entertainers, which is why they can sometimes adopt a goofy persona (think Chris Pratt) or they may look like the most confident man in the room (think Tom Cruise).

As a result of their caring persona, the signs a Cancer man has feelings for you may become known quite early into your dynamic. But when their insecurities make themselves apparent, things can definitely get a lot more confusing.

Do Cancer men need space? Who is the ideal woman for a Cancerian man? We all want to have some solace in identifying the person sitting opposite us, and zodiac signs are there to tickle that fancy.

Let’s get into five signs to watch out for if you have a Cancerian man to deal with. Now do not ask if these are five positive or negative points; that is for you to judge. But we feel that if you are dating a Cancer, these aspects of his character are bound to show up.

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5 Signs To Watch Out For If You Are Dating A Cancerian Man

“When I started dating Daniel, I let my infatuated mind get the better of me and assumed that he’d be exactly like my celebrity crush, Danial Radcliffe since they’re both Cancerians. As I found out, the early stages of dating a Cancer man are blissful. It was almost as if he was love-bombing me, his affectionate gestures never stopped,” Jess told us, talking about her recent encounter while dating a Cancer man.

“Soon into it, it became obvious that he was harboring a bunch of insecurities. Though he tried not to let them, they eventually affected our relationship. What followed was a puzzling few months. Overall, I’d say it’s going pretty well. But to say that a Cancer man’s confusing me would be a huge understatement,” she adds.

The early stages of dating a Cancer man will show you that he’s shy, docile and insecure. Chances are, you’re going to see a different side of him pretty soon. You’ll see him being chivalrous and caring, although it’ll take a while for him to open up. Keep these five points in mind if you are navigating a relationship with a Cancer man, and you will find it much easier to deal with him.

Dating A Cancerian Man

1. Cancerians can be vicious

The docile and cautious Cancerian is easily mistaken to be a meek pushover, while the reality is that when the time and situation calls for it, our Cancerian man can be pretty vicious. Extremely secretive and mysterious, the crab man is very snippy about his personal space. If you breach the limits, you can prepare yourself for a severe burn.

Do Cancer men need space? They might unless their insecurities lead to an insecure attachment style where they’ll often be very clingy. Do not go by the appearance of the Cancerian man; there is so much more beneath the surface than you can imagine. He could seem shy, obliging, and simple, but when you push him the wrong way, he will not hesitate for a moment to show you his fangs.

That doesn’t have to be all bad, though. Since they also have an innate caring and protective nature, their vicious nature can also come to your aid if you’ve been wronged or insulted and were ever to need someone who can go to bat for you. He will always have your back and you can take it as one of the signs a Cancer man is serious about you.

2. Cancer is a shapeshifter

They are not bipolar Geminis, but often exhibit a drastic shift in mood that can make you feel like you are standing on quicksand. Be prepared to be confused by a Cancerian, as the evening might start with a cheerful, high-spirited man greeting you with the brightest smile, but suddenly take a gloomy turn and suddenly you find yourself in the company of a sourpuss — without any apparent reason, tat too! Do not beat yourself up about what you did wrong or if you should say sorry, because it is his intrinsic switch that is faulty.

Unless it is something obvious that has flipped the mood table, do not sweat over the fickleness; the crab comes with a side of steamed moodiness. This moodiness is an integral part of his personality; with time, you will realize that and learn to deal with it too. Don’t keep asking, “What happened?” That simply makes him more gloomy. Give him his space in the relationship and, in all probabilities, he will flip the switch back.

3. Compulsive chivalry is a Cancerian trait

A Cancerian’s chivalry is said to stem more from the stars than social conditioning. Old school in this department, men who live by the zodiac sign traits of Cancer, will be the ones holding the door open, offering to pay the bills and letting you stay afloat on a plank while he drowns in the freezing sea a la Titanic.

Okay, not necessarily that last one, but you get the point. So, instead of spending your nights thinking, “Are Cancer men players?”, you can stop wondering. Go ahead and enjoy everything he’s doing for you. Oh, and to answer that question out loud — no, he’s probably not, since loyalty is one of their main defining traits.

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4. Cancerians have trust issues

He does not trust easily and that can sometimes be the hindering agent in their lackluster romantic timeline. It takes time for this skeptical sun sign to give up his barriers and rely on another person emotionally or otherwise. Nonetheless, it’s not impossible for him to build trust in your relationship. You just need to put in some time and effort.

So if you are running out of patience and suspect your Cancerian man to be less invested in this, think again. It takes time for some people to allow vulnerabilities in a relationship, and our Cancerian friend just happens to be one of those. But when he finally shows you his inner self be sure that his love for you is solid, steady and unwavering.

5. Cancerians can be insecure

He might not be expressing his need for security and reassurance like most other men, but our Cancerian man definitely needs your undivided loyalty in a relationship. So you might have assumed that your man is secure in his skin and knows his place in your life, but you are, in all probability, mistaken. He needs the validation of his emotions and masculinity. So make him feel needed if you are trying to smooth things out.

Though you must have a fair idea by now of what he’s like in his relationships, the signs a Cancer man has feelings for you might still fly over your head. Let’s take a look at what he acts like when he’s in love, so you don’t end up saying something like, “A Cancer man is confusing me, just what does he want?!”

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How Does A Cancer Man Act When In Love

A Cancer man in love is that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that we all dream of. He will be everything you want from your beau. Occasionally, however, there’s bound to be trouble in paradise, as is the case with any relationship. Let’s take a look at how a Cancer man behaves when he’s in love.

  • He’s very attentive: He will remember every small detail about you. How many ice cubes you like in your drink or that you like your tea piping hot. His memory for detail will only concern you. So when you’re in a group, he may not remember the other girls’ likes or dislikes, but he will definitely remember yours. He will remember what you wore the first time you guys met and maybe even the perfume you were wearing!
  • His caring nature shines through: Ask him for a casual favor and he will move heaven and earth to make sure it is done. You have an exam and have to stay up all night. You ask him if he can chat with you on your breaks and he will make sure he is up, even if he is a morning lark. He will go out of his way, even inconvenience himself, just to make sure you get what you need or want. That’s just one of the many ways he shows affection
  • He wants to see you smile: They will celebrate the smallest of occasions. From the completion of 1-month at the job you love, or your new personal best at the gym, or any other milestone you’ve just hit — big or small, he’ll celebrate them all
  • He will listen when you speak: Not the fake kind, he’s actually going to listen. Try asking him about that movie you mentioned the other day, he will remember
  • He’s loyal: He will constantly talk about the future and you will be in it. He will make long term plans with you and mean them
  • He wants a future with you: He will try and set up a casual meeting at his home where you will “bump” into his parents. It could be a game night of Settlers of Catan or it could be a sports-watching thing. But he will make sure you meet his parents casually so that there is no feeling of pressure
  • He’ll express his love in affectionate ways: Sometimes Cancer men express their love through cooking. And other lovely gestures, such as a random hug from the back, a bit of PDA…you best believe he’s going to find all the ways he can to express his affection
  • His insecurities may get the better of him: Who is an ideal woman for a Cancerian man? Someone who can handle his insecurity-driven problems and can navigate the subsequent trust issues that come with it

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When A Cancer Man Is Hurt

It is not easy to cheese off a Cancerian; they have pretty high thresholds, but if you have hurt them, even unintentionally, you will need to work hard at mending things. Yes, Cancerians are moody and sensitive, but they also love deeply and hurt just as much too. They will hold on to the memories of hurt far longer than other sun signs. Chances are, they will not even want to speak to you. You must have patience. Here are some things to take note of:

1. Even your small actions will hurt him

If he is upset with you, your smallest actions will seem big to him. He will not be able to sleep well. He will start distancing himself. Give him the space and time he wants, gently making sure that you are available whenever he is ready. You can do little things for him, like sharing a picture of a nice sunrise or a song that both of you cherish. These acts will remind him of your love.

2. Offer a sincere apology when you think he is ready

Cancerians are all about emotions, so make sure you sincerely apologize to your partner. Look him in the eye and tell him how sorry you are for your actions. Ask him what you can do to make up for it and wait for his response. Do not get angry if he doesn’t respond with warmth immediately. You have enjoyed his pampering. Now, wait for his heart to forget the hurt.

3. Try and talk about his feelings

Cancerians love using their words. They know that words have power. Make him talk about the hurt and let it all flow. Once he has expressed his sadness, and if you feel the timing is right, write him a long letter or an email. Written words have a stronger impact, especially for Cancerians. He may cry, be ready.

4. Tell him what he means to you

Talk about all the things that attracted you to him. Tell him about all the things he does that you absolutely adore and tell him how secure and complete you feel with him. Since the answer to the question, “Are Cancer men liars?” is an resounding “No!”, he’s definitely not going to be lying when he says things are fine.

You have picked a strong and loving sun sign to love, do not mess it up because of petty fights and ego. As is the case with any relationship, it’s filled with highs and lows, some wonderful mornings and a few ugly nights riddled with fights. Dating a Cancerian is going to be no different.

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  1. Can you explain the change in actions? I met a cancer man and we texted non stop for 4 days! Met for drinks and we hit it off! Even shared a great kiss at the end of the night and he asked to see me the Friday before he left to be with his daughters and family!

    The next day it’s as off something switched – he didn’t text much and later that even said he didn’t get everything done before he left so I said well we can cancel Friday if that helps and he didn’t disagree. He’s been gone since Friday and messages have been minimal. I’ve initiated all of them, he doesn’t flirt or talk like he used to. He responded but not as quickly – has he lost interest?

    1. Leticia,

      Cancer men can be very confusing. I’m kind of going through the same thing. The best thing to do is just ask him straight out about his feelings and if anything has changed, he should be honest with you. Good luck

  2. Lostandconfused

    I’m a little confused on my Cancerian man and maybe need some insight. We were recently perfectly fine but unfortunately life is taking a toll on our lives individually. He’s going through a lot personally and so am I but together we flourish and I don’t want to lose him. I text him twice already pretty lengthy messages and a voice memo bc I just want to let him know I am here for him and I want him in my life but did acknowledge that if he needs space I will give him that but also I miss him and whenever he’s ready I’m here for him. How much space should I even give, do I periodically keep trying or just let him be? It’s a new relationship but I know he’s someone I want in the long run I just I understand the unexplained, unexpected silent treatment.

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