11 Lovely Ways To Date Your Spouse – Spice Up Your Marriage

date your spouse
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Do you remember those first few dates with your partner? Do you miss the courting period filled with an intoxicating excitement? Date your spouse to bring it all back with a bang.

All those cute little gestures, holding hands, sipping coffee from the same cup, and the grand confessions of love. It can continue for a lifetime. With a little planning, some extra effort, and a lot of love, you can keep the romance alive. Dating your partner is the key to maintaining a healthy and happy relationship.

What It Means To Date Your Spouse?

Couples tend to put all the effort into the first few months of their relationship. Aptly put, the honeymoon period is filled with intense love, attraction, and ecstasy. As time passes, people tend to slack off and the magic fizzles out.

With adult responsibilities, jobs, household tasks, and children, taking time out for dates might seem like a chore in itself. However, you need to give it a try. Don’t let the routine bog down your married life, stay in love forever. Once you start making time for each other, you’ll see a shift in your relationship.

Relaxing and enjoying things together helps people connect at a deeper level. It strengthens their bond and amplifies their affection. Consider it a ‘date your spouse challenge’ and reignite the fire in your relationship. Charm your other half with the same zeal you had in the beginning. Getting married isn’t a permission slip to become passive or boring. Instead, a long and successful marriage needs you to be creative and proactive.

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11 Lovely Ways To Date Your Spouse – Spice Up Your Marriage

Are you wondering how to date your spouse again? It might seem a bit tricky at first. Start with a simple chat. Sit down with a glass of wine and share your ideas with them. Bring out the calendar, carve out some free time, and discuss the plan ahead.

You need to schedule date nights with your husband or wife on fixed days. Still, confused about what to do on these dates? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve brainstormed the perfect ideas for your next date.

1. Let’s get coffee

Mingling over a cup of joe is the go-to idea for lovers. A coffee date makes a great first date or the 1000th. Head out to your favorite cafe or a fancy tea parlor, or you can keep it cheap and make it on your own at home.

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You can make it a daily ritual and keep it quick before heading off to the office or after coming back home. Or head out every Sunday for an hour or two. The type of drink matters less than the conversation that follows.

2. A couple that learns together grows together

Did you know the benefits of learning a new skill together? Besides the obvious mastery of a novel task, couples can gain a lot more from this date idea. They feel an enhanced feeling of satisfaction while learning something together. They tend to feel more connected and passionate toward their partner.

It’s time to pick up a skill you both want to learn. It will fulfill the ‘date your spouse challenge’ and improve your skills too. You can join a language, dance, pottery, swimming, or an art class. You can also determine the length of the classes and schedule as many dates around it as you like.

However, make sure it’s a pleasant activity for you both. If one person is not interested, it won’t make sense to continue with it. Select the things that couples should do together.

3. Turn on the heat, let’s cook at home

Usually, cooking is seen as another task on our to-do list. You might be the savvy spouse who cooks and packs meals for a week in advance or just order takeaways. While that is perfectly practical and dandy, it’s also a secret recipe for romance.

Cooking can be a highly sensual and intimate experience. Every once in a while, it can make your relationship seem like a scene from a rom-com film. Pour out your favorite wine, put on some jazz, and get your hands dirty.

From rolling the dough together to dipping strawberries in the chocolate fondue, cooking will leave you both hot and heavy. It’s an easy way to keep the dates light and flirty or to make them a bit saucier.

4. Date your spouse on a staycation

Vacations are the best bet when couples want to spend quality time together. Since it’s a break from the routine and daily chores, you can commit all your attention to your spouse. It’s a great stress buster that often paves the way toward rewarding experiences.

While it might seem like an expensive date idea, there are ways to keep it under budget. Plan some cheap day-outings nearby every other week, and a full-fledged holiday after two-three months. Head out to a close resort on the weekend or book a long holiday.

The ideal vacation spot for you and your spouse is your decision. Backpack in the local forest or spend the day at a wine resort. Relax in a 5-star hot water jacuzzi or book a fun day out to the nearest amusement park. The choice is yours, to make it as fancy of simple as long as it leads to a wonderful time.

5. Late-night rendezvous

Although a long cuddling session feels like a date in itself, you can spare some time before hitting the bed. Nights set up a romantic backdrop for couples to enjoy each other’s company. What’s more picturesque than a long drive under the stars? You can relish the soft breeze on the winding roads with your beau by your side.

Don’t have a car? Steal your partner’s sweatshirt and go for a walk around the corner. Put on your favorite Spotify list, share your AirPods, and romantically flirt with your spouse. You can even head out to the beach and let the salty air bring you both closer. Make sure you keep this time free of work or family-related topics.

6. Pick up a hobby or two

Are you and your partner die-hard comic fans? Or were you both born with a green thumb? Whatever your hobby is, you can share it with your better half and have a blast.

It’s easy to find things that you both love. If not, you can just share the same space while indulging in your favorite pastime. Even finding a new common interest could be a pleasurable activity in itself. You can pick up a two-player sport or find some books couples can read together. It can be anything – from photography and pressing flowers to playing the piano and collecting movie posters.

When partners share a common passion and hobbies, they open up to each other in a meaningful manner. They feel a heightened level of attraction toward their spouse, which further solidifies their bond.

7. Date your spouse the wine way

We all have the Italian dream of having a vineyard and sipping velvety wines day in and out. While that may or may not come true, there are plenty of viable alternatives available. You can have an opulent experience and say “Cheers” without a flight to Florence.

Browse around and you’ll find various wineries and vineyards that organize special events. For instance, you can go out for a wine-tasting date night with your husband or wife. Or enroll in a workshop for making wines.

It may not be a regular dating gig, but as wine enthusiasts, there are different ways to fuel this passion. You both can chase wine festivals, become a connoisseur, or build your own collection.

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8. Get the game on

You don’t have to be a pro-level gamer to enjoy a board game or a trivia night. Schedule some dates to play your favorite games together. Or even better, call up your friends and make it a double date idea that is fun.

One can even go for a sports date night. Against popular belief, women do enjoy baseball as much as an average joe. Have a big game coming around? Maybe swap your buddy time with your partner and have a blast. Unable to find tickets to the baseball game? No worries, head down to your favorite bar and cheer together.

However, make sure it doesn’t become a point of conflict. If your opinions clash a lot during a game or you are too competitive in Borderlands, then it’s best to not add it to the list. Keep your egos aside and aim for a fun evening.

9. Go for a live show

As the pandemic fades away, the social scene seems to be buzzing again. If you and your spouse are a fan of performing arts, you are in luck.

You can go for a comedy stand-up, drama, live music show, opera, spoken word events, etc. The options are endless. It’s a great way to explore the world around you and pursue your artistic inclinations – together. Moreover, as a couple, you get a chance to develop and share a common interest while being entertained.

keep romance alive

10. Date your spouse while volunteering

Having a mutual altruistic goal is a profound experience. Sharing that moment with your beloved will make it infinitely more special. Spend some time working for charitable causes with your partner.

Not only will it give you a sense of peace and calm, but it will also bring you both closer. Couples can even gain a new sense of respect and admiration for each other. It’s an impactful way to make a difference while spending meaningful time with your spouse.

You can volunteer at a community hospital or a local garden, join a donation or awareness drive, foster a pet or take part in a cleanliness initiative. There are many ways to direct your energy toward a greater purpose and grow together.

11. DIY dates for creative couples

Not everyone is an outdoorsy person, nor does everybody enjoy social activities. Do you want to date your spouse at home? Then, a home improvement project is the way to go.

Did you always want to change your kitchen tiles or did you envision a koi pond in the backyard? Well, what are you waiting for? Make a plan, pick up the tools, scour YouTube for tutorials, and get to it.

You don’t have to remodel the whole house at once. Discuss and decide on the easiest and the biggest priority to start with. Slowly, as your skills improve, take up bigger projects. Make sure you both are equally invested in the task, that you stay on the same page, and that you keep the arguments at bay.

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Now that you are aware of how to date your spouse again and its endless perks, it’s time to get on with it. Woo your partner and rekindle the spark in your relationship. Here are some ‘date your spouse’ questions in the FAQs below.


1- How often should you date your spouse?

There is no set rule or a fixed amount of dates. The couple can decide the when and the how, as well as the things to do for a quality time together. The decision depends on your time, interest, and convenience. Discuss with your partner and align your schedules to find the perfect time for a date. Making a habit of weekly date nights and a long vacation once in a while can work wonders.

2- Why is it important to date your spouse?

Dating your spouse is the sure-fire way to keep the romance alive. Dating strengthens the bond and intimacy between couples and helps you develop a deeper friendship. Spending time in pleasurable activities will bring you both closer than ever. It provides the perfect opportunity to connect and enjoy your life together. As a result, your married life will become even more exciting and satisfying.

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