15 Signs You Need a Break From Relationship

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Updated On: March 9, 2023
signs you need a break from relationship

It is normal to feel suffocated in a relationship at times because we all require our personal space and time. But that does not mean that you break up with your partner. Sometimes we get so consumed in love, that we miss all signs we need a break from a relationship.

All you need to do is take a breath, a step back and take time to figure out your feelings. Being away from your partner will allow you to understand yourself better and prioritize the things in your life more holistically. Moreover, you may feel more in love with your partner as you yearn for them during this break.

What Does A Break In A Relationship Mean?

Human beings need a break every now and then – whether it is the mundane routine life, the same old coffee shop, the boring job. In a similar way, many people feel like taking a break from a relationship. Taking this needed time off does not mean that you are giving up on love or have no hopes in your relationship.

It actually means that you want to give your partner and yourself time to know where the relationship between the two of you is headed. It is a way to solve unresolved issues without causing major damage to the relationship. So ask yourself, does your relationship need a break? Let’s show you why it might be good for you.

Taking a break in a relationship is considered to be a very healthy option for a couple as it mutually benefits both partners. Here are the merits of taking a break from a relationship which make it extremely important.

  • Time to think: It gives you time to think about what your expectations are from that relationship and at the moment where the relationship stands
  • Processing feelings: A break gives you an opportunity to focus on the positive aspects of your relationship and overcome any negative feelings that you have against your partner
  • Better understanding: It will help you understand your partner’s perspective and allow you to acknowledge your blunders as well
  • More time for you: A break means you have the time to explore your individual talents and interests which will help you develop yourself better. This experience will benefit you when you get back into your relationship
  • Bring the spark back: It can help rekindle the love between the two of you which has disappeared or diminished over the years
  • Time to reconnect: It can allow you to reconnect with relatives and friends who are equally significant and valuable to you

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How to tell your partner you need break from relationship?

Breathing space is really essential to build a strong and long lasting relationship. If you are wondering as to how to tell someone you want to take a break then let us help you.

Meet your partner at a decided place and talk to him/her face to face instead of using other communication mediums like calls, texts, emails etc. Mentally you have to be prepared to face the counter arguments and opinions of your partner. Just ensure the conversation with him/her does not turn into a serious fight.

Moreover, be as honest and clear with your partner as possible. If you think you need a break then mention that to your partner and he/she will surely understand. Do not beat around the bush as that will give the wrong impression

One should also make sure to use the right words. You have to let your partner know why you want a break in the relationship in a respectful manner so that the idea of a break becomes comfortable to the both of you

15 Signs You Need A Break From Relationship

So is it really time for a break or this is your mind just drifting away? If you need a call things off, and not do away with the relationship, you will feel the urge to hold it on in spite of the differences. You will notice some signs you need a break from relationship that will help you ‘detox’ and you can be back with a renewed and fresh approach. We have 15 of those signs below.

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1. You fight a lot with your partner

The understanding and adjusting behavior that you were known for in the relationship has suddenly disappeared and you are noticing that you are fighting a lot with your partner. You both start arguing but ultimately do not have a valid reason behind the argument. If the constant confrontations are making you feel miserable then it is a matter of concern and probably taking a break is a good idea.

time for a break
Too many fights means it might be time for a break

2. Your partner annoys you that also very easily

Does your relationship need a break? Maybe it does if you can relate. It could be some habit of your partner or something that he/she says to you that annoys you completely. As the better half, you will try to tolerate it as there are many annoying things boyfriends do. But if you find yourself getting easily annoyed by your partner and you are unable to put up with his/her actions and words then a break should be an appropriate option.

3. You do not boast about your partner like you used to

Couples are usually seen bragging about each other to the people around them. It is truly a normal behavior among couples. Did you feel proud of your partner and highlighted his/her accomplishments in the past? But now do you avoid boasting about your partner? If yes then it is time you step back and reevaluate your feelings towards your partner.

4. Deep conversations between the two of you are lacking

As two people who are in a relationship, it is necessary that you both communicate your ambitions, fears and achievements to each other. If you are failing to have deep and meaningful conversations with your partner then taking a break should be a right move.

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5. You are not eager to spend time with your partner

Earlier, you must be waiting to spend most of your free time with your partner. However, now you are not eager to spend time with your partner and prefer doing your own work or spending time with friends. This change of attitude means you need time to figure things out and take a break.

6. Physical intimacy has disappeared from the relationship

For a successful and trustful relationship, emotional intimacy and physical intimacy are both equally essential. In case you notice that you avoid being physically intimate with your partner and ignore the advances your partner makes on you then there is surely something wrong. You have to take a break to understand what is wrong.

does your relationship need a break - no intimacy
One of the signs you need a break from relationship is if there is no intimacy

7. You become indifferent to what your partner does or feels

This for sure is one of the biggest signs you need a break from relationship and you must pay heed to it. Once you become indifferent to what your partner feels or does, it means you are not moved at all and your partner means nothing to you.

Thus you have to take necessary steps to understand what is going on and taking a break from the relationship can be one of the best steps to do so. You don’t know it yet but your mind is internally yelling, ‘I need a break” constantly because things have clearly become stagnant in your relationship.

8. The relationship seems dull and boring to you

The fun and excitement that you felt during the initial years of your relationship- has it gone missing? Do you find your relationship predictable, dull, boring and stale having no adventure and spontaneity? Because if this is true, then it might be time to tell your boyfriend “I think we need a break”.

To rekindle a thrill that has been lost, taking some time off might help. Since things have become so morose and mundane, getting out of that same old routine might change things up.

9. You miss the singlehood days

Missing your singlehood days by looking at your single friends enjoying their independence? If yes then it is okay to feel that way when you are in a relationship. But in case this makes you feel jealous and you long for freedom then it is a matter of concern.

Are you yearning to being happily single? Take a break from relationship to realize whether you want the relationship or your days as a single person back.

10. You keep thinking about the future prospects of your relationship

You do so because you are highly doubtful of where your relationship is headed. One of the signs you need a break from relationship is if you think of your future and are filled with questions and concerns constantly.

You might keep thinking about the future of your relationship and whether it will be long lasting or not. All this doubting means you need a breather and time to prioritize things.

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11. Breaking up does not seem a bad option to you

Parting ways with your partner does not make you fret and you actually think it might be a good option for the two of you. When you start doing so, it means something is amiss and you must take a break to work things out in your relationship. It really is time to tell your partner, “I think we need a break”.

i need a break
If you are unhappy, there is no reason to keep going

12. Both of you are not satisfied in the relationship

Happiness and satisfaction in a relationship is of top priority. If these two things are lacking and you both feel suffocated then it is time to take a break from each other. Probably the time spent away from each other will help you both value each other more and realize what you truly love about each other.

13. You become both emotionally and physically distant from your partner

If you cut off emotionally and physically from your partner and behave distantly with him/her then it can be seen one of the serious signs you need a break from relationship.

You must have changed so much that your partner now fails to understand you completely. Therefore taking some time off is essential for you. Forcing something that is not there will not bring your relationship back to normal. You need to space out and re-evaluate.

14. You doubt whether your partner is the right one or not

It is important that you believe that you choose the right one when you find a partner. In case you find yourself in doubt then you better take a break to figure out your emotions and decide whether your partner is the right one for you or not. Wait instead for when you find the one because that will be worth it.

15. You believe all efforts in the relationship are done by you

You feel that you are the one who is making all the efforts to make the relationship work. You believe that your partner is probably taking the relationship for granted and is not valuing it. If this is true, it might be time for a break. This will help you realize what is actually going on in the relationship.

dysfunctional relationships

Break In Relationship Rules

After going through the above mentioned signs, if you are convinced that you need a break then here are some rules as to how to take a break in a relationship when you live together.

  • Set a time frame: Decide the time frame of the break so that at the end of the break you both can talk it out and come up with a lasting solution
  • Boundaries: Settle the boundaries that are not to be crossed during the break. For instance are you allowed to date or become physically intimate with other people or not and so on
  • Process: Write down about the feelings you go through during the break to better analyze your relationship
  • Keep your spirits high: Remain as social as possible. Instead of sulking about what to do during a break in a relationship- you have to go out, meet friends and relatives, and pursue your interests to keep your energy positive
  • Take a firm decision: Be ready to take the decision when the time comes. If you think the relationship is not working out then there is no harm in actually breaking up

Have you ever considered taking a break from relationship? If not give it a try to save your relationship and revive it at the right time.


1. Is it OK to take a break from a relationship?

Absolutely if you think you need it. We all sometimes need a little bit of space to gain perspective of what we really need and want. Take some time off to figure things out.

2. How long should a break in a relationship last?

It should not last for more than 6 months because then it might mean that things are on the verge of ending for good.

3. Does being on a break mean you are single?

Technically, yes. You are single on a break but with the promise to go back to your partner eventually.

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