11 Signs Your Crush On Friend Is More Than It Seems

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Updated On: December 27, 2023
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Love often blooms in places where a good friendship has already been established. Friendships are already a well and neatly paved road. But once you have a crush on a friend, the flowers begin to start sprouting around it. When you notice signs you are more than friends, it can bring with it an exciting sense of “Will they? Won’t they?”

Friendship can turn into love when you have spent enough time with a person. Once you are close and connected with somebody as friends, you start seeing all the good things about them even more! 

You already like a part of them which is why they are so close to you. With more time and effort, you might begin to develop a crush on a friend which could lead to something more. How to know when a friendship is turning into something more can truly pave the way for a wonderful relationship, let’s take a look at the signs you need to look out for.

What To Do If You Have A Crush On A Friend?

Do not fret! Having a crush on a friend is really not that big of a deal. It’s normal, acceptable, understandable and it really does happen very often. It is not a feeling that you need to turn away or suppress. It can be dealt with perfectly. 

Depending on how much you like your friend and how close you are, you must decide whether you want to tell them or not. The coin could toss either way, there is no sure way to go about it when you are friends with a crush. 

If you think your friend has been giving you certain hints and might be interested in you too, then it is time to hit a home run. Ask them out on a date, plain and simple. It makes your intentions and your feelings very clear. If things don’t go your way, there are ways to cope with unrequited love.  

Rose had been crushing on her friend Matt for the longest time. Everyone knew an office romance between the two was in the offing. When Matt also started spending way too much time at the water cooler next to her desk, Rose knew it was a sign. She went in for the kill and asked Matt out on a dinner date! 

crush on friend- dinner date
Rose acted on her crush and asked Matt out to dinner

It’s true that there is no guarantee that when you confess a crush to a friend, the outcome will be what you were expecting. However, you must not worry. Even if things go wrong, you should do your best to stay friends afterward too. You do not want to lose a good friendship just because it wasn’t in your cards romantically. 

Even though Matt did say yes to the dinner date that Rose had proposed, the two realized they were better off being friends. After a few dates, they realized that their feelings weren’t too strong for each other but ended it on a good note. They still have lunch together every other day during their break. 

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11 Signs You Should Act On Your Crush On Friend 

To help you decide whether your crush on a friend should be ignored or materialized, we have a list of tell-tale signs that you should take the plunge. To confess a crush to a friend is not too easy and you should try to be as careful as you can. You must know if this is real or just a fleeting feeling before you take any drastic steps.

You might be crying out “I have a crush on my friend”, but is it really a crush, or do you just like the way they make you laugh sometimes? Love and infatuation can often be confused for each other, so don’t base your crush on a shaky foundation.

Take some time to decide if telling them is worth it or not. Can’t seem to reach a definitive conclusion? Look out for these 11 signs you should act on your crush on a friend: 

1. You yearn to see them 

As friends, you might want to see your buddies often and hang out with them. Going out for a drink, getting ice cream on the rainy days or watching movies together – friends often spend quality time together. 

However, if you wait for the weekends just to see your crush or keep double texting them to check if they are free, you are getting invested and ready for something real. There’s a real difference between excited to meet a friend and meet a possible crush. If you’re looking for signs you two are more than friends, notice how many times you change your outfit before you meet this person. If it is making you restless and too excited, you might have a really huge crush! 

2. You like it when they pay you a compliment 

Everyone enjoys compliments from other people. Interestingly, one enjoys compliments even more when they are from the right person whose gaze you always want to fall upon you. When you spend an eternity trying to get your hair to look right for this person and they actually take note and compliment you about it, we’re assuming you’re not getting down from cloud nine any time soon.

If your crush compliments you often and you go red, it might be time to make your move. Or, you could just start off by complimenting them back to make them blush and see how they respond to it. If the compliments soon turn to flirting, however, it’s definitely one of the signs you are meant to be more than friends.

3. You feel butterflies when they walk into a room 

Seeing a friend creates excitement, happiness and you might suddenly feel secure and reassured. Although when you have a crush on a friend, those feelings are more than just reassurance. They make you giddy! You might’ve been slouching down, now you’re sitting with your back as straight as an arrow, checking to see if anything in your outfit is out of place.

If your crush walking into a room makes you self-conscious and weak in the knees, you are trapped – but in a good way. It’s one of the definite signs you are more than friends, at least in your mind since you can’t help but want to impress this person. Cupid has shot its arrow and it’s time for you to shoot yours.  

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4. Your crush is single 

If your crush has been happily single for far too long, chances are that they are crushing back on you! If you’re looking for “are we more than friends?” signs, your crush being irrationally single for a while might just be one of them. If they clearly have dating prospects but still choose to stay single and spend all their time with you, there is something cooking on their side too. 

On the other hand, however, it could also just mean that they enjoy their single life a bit too much and aren’t looking for a relationship. In such a situation, the best thing you can do is ask them about it. Once you do ask them if they’re happily single or not, your curiosity behind their relationship status will also spark a few flirtatious conversations. All you have to do after that is make sure you bring your A-game.

When you’re both talking about why you’re single, you won’t really be struggling to answer “how to know when a friendship is turning into something more”. Talk the night away and maybe at one point bring up that you two could make a decent couple.

5. They have given you hints 

Stroking your hair, touching your arm a little too much, smiling incessantly or flirting coyly – these are some major hints that your crush is into you too. If they’re shy, the subtle you two are more than friends might be a little harder to catch. A lingering gaze, a shared moment of laughter and intimacy, a kittenish attempt at starting a conversation with you.

They might not be sure about your feelings or may be trying not to ruin the friendship. However, they cannot help but reveal their inner feelings to you. Moreover, if his/her friends now suddenly show more interest in you and you’re left wondering “what does it mean when your crush’s friends talk to you?” it could be because they’re just gathering intel for your friend before s/he dives in and asks you out.

6. You spend a lot of time together already 

Being friends with a crush can be harrowing when you spend all your time with them but there is no “go” signal. If you spend every waking moment together, your crush clearly loves and enjoys your company. This also means that you have already sunk into a great level of comfort with them so you don’t really even know what you are missing. 

If you’re caught thinking “I have a crush on a friend, what to do?” and you’re already in a situation where you’re talking to them all the time, you could consider telling them about it since you’re already close. Bear in mind, this could have a detrimental effect on your friendship if this person does not share your feelings. You should tell them of your feelings if this sign you are meant to be more than friends is coupled with a few other signs.

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7. They look at you differently 

Our eyes can be really expressive and give away a whole range of emotions without us even realizing it. If your crush often looks into your eyes deeply or gazes at you when you are looking away, you might have crossed the boundary of friendship. If you’ve convinced yourself about “I have a crush on my best friend” and are trying to find out if your feelings are mutual, try and notice how they look at you.

The way you look at a friend is a lot different than how you look at someone you’re interested in, and you’ll see them possibly flirting with their eyes. If you both feel calm when looking in each other’s eyes or enjoy flashes of intense moments, there is more there than meets the eye. 

Does My Crush Like Me

8. You want them physically

You can say ‘I am crushing on my friend for sure’ when you physically fantasize about them. It is definitely more than a mere crush if you think about your crush way too often in a sexual way. A once in a blue moon sexual dream about this friend doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gaga over them, but frequent sexual fantasies are a dead giveaway that you have a crush on a friend. What to do about it then becomes the next big question, until you figure that out, you could perhaps take a few cold showers.

9. You discuss everything with each other 

Whether over text or in person – if you and your crush are already deeply involved in each other’s lives, it is a good sign that you should just go for it. You are already at a point where you two are at perfect ease and love to share everything with each other. 

That is half the battle won right there because you have finished building trust in your relationship. If you have developed this level of closeness already, it is only a matter of time until your crush becomes something more. 


10. Your friends are involved 

If your friends have started mingling with your crush and your crush’s friends know you well – that is not just a friend group but an outer circle – it’s a tell-tale sign that it’s time to act on your feelings. Your crush on a friend is turning into something real when your other friends start getting too involved and getting to know each other. 

Your friends only take a crush seriously when they see something happening there. Trust their instincts and sometimes you might just know. So if you’re caught asking yourself “What does it mean when your crush’s friends talk to you?” rest easy knowing that at the very least, it’s definitely a good sign.

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11. You always need their opinion 

If your crush’s opinions become a pivot for all your decisions, you have started taking them seriously. Do not worry, that is a good thing because it indicates that you deeply like them.  When their likes and dislikes start seeping into yours, your crush on friend has just gone to the next level! 

Having a crush on a friend is more than normal and everyone goes through it at least once in their lives. To deal with a crush on a friend is not difficult. As long as you do not panic and make things awkward, it could end well. Be real and honest with yourself and give space to your crush to know what they really want. 


Is it weird to have a crush on your friend?

It may seem weird at first but it totally is not. It happens to everybody a few times in their lives with a lot of their friends. We tend to fall for people who we spend a lot of time with.

Is it a crush or just friendship?

It could be a real crush or just an intense friendship. Either way, take the time to understand yourself and figure it out. The signs you are more than friends will help you out in figuring out whether it’s just a close friendship bond or you’re pining for this person you can’t get enough of.

When should I tell my crush I like him?

When you are sure that you want to be with him and are ready to risk having a serious talk, you can tell him. Moreover, also watch out for signs to see whether he likes you back or not. Do not act on your feelings if he already has a partner.

Can friendships turn into love?

Most loves start as friendships! And understandably so, since during a friendship you get to know this person inside and out. In a way, it’s perhaps the best courtship period there is. So yes definitely, your friendship can turn into love very soon.

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