Want To Make Someone Blush? Here Are 12 Adorable Ways!

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Updated On: October 3, 2023
how to make someone blush

Don’t you just love it when you’re with that one person you love so much and they blush profusely in response to something that you said or did? It’s just ADORABLE, and undoubtedly one of the best feelings in the world when you light up their face. And if you want to make a romantic interest or partner blush in the way that I just described, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to be covering 12 adorable ways to make someone blush.

Blushing is a completely involuntary reaction making it the ultimate sign that a person is totally attracted to you. Knowing that you made them blush truly feels like an achievement. I mean, watching them completely flush in response to you feels like quite the honor.

You’re probably wondering how to make someone blush so let’s not delay it any further. It’s actually a super simple thing to do if you follow this article and I’m happy to share my surefire tricks with you that will leave your SO or crush blushing in love. Let’s get started but first, a quick sneak peek at what it means when you make someone blush so that you know exactly what you’re achieving by getting that rosy tint on someone’s face.

What Does It Mean When You Make Someone Blush?

When Ryan joined his dream organization as an intern, an office romance was the last thing on his mind. However, he felt an instant connection and strong chemistry with one of the fellow interns but didn’t know whether it was a good idea to pursue it. He had a lot riding on the outcome of that internship and didn’t want any miscalculated moves to ruin his professional prospects.

Even though the girl didn’t make any overt expressions of her interest in Ryan, she would invariably blush and chuckle nervously whenever she was around him. Confused by the signals he was getting, Ryan chose to confide in a friend, who said, “When you make a girl blush, it’s a surefire sign that it is safe to take a chance and ask her out.”

That advice left Ryan even more confused. “Why is making someone blush such a big deal? What does it mean when a girl blushes and smiles at you anyway?” If, like Ryan, you too are confused about whether making someone blush is an indicator of strong mutual attraction, we are here to simplify it for you by decoding what it means when you make someone blush:

  • Involuntary response: Since blushing is an involuntary response, meaning it can neither be faked nor forced, it is a genuine indicator of how you’re making someone feel
  • Emotional reaction: It is an emotional reaction that indicates that a person is either feeling self-conscious or excited in your presence or by something you said
  • Adrenaline rush: According to a report, blushing is an outcome of an adrenaline rush in the body that causes the capillaries on a person’s face to dilate, resulting in an increased blood flow, hence the flushed look
  • Fight or flight response: It is also considered a manifestation of the fight or flight response that a person cannot act on. When you make someone blush really hard, it could mean that they find themselves in a spot since they can neither fight the feelings you’re evoking in them nor run away from the situation

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12 Adorable Ways Showcasing How To Make A Girl Blush

Honestly, it can be difficult to get someone to blush. As we’ve mentioned, it’s not something that a person can do willingly, and also, it’s sometimes a sign of embarrassment as well. Since it can come off as embarrassing, many people avoid situations that can make them blush. All of this can make it sound as if figuring out how to make a girl blush and smile or how to make a guy all flustered is akin to rocket science, but it’s not that hard at all.

The true secret to making someone blush is to be SPONTANEOUS! Whether you’re wondering about how to make someone blush over texts or how to make someone blush online or even how to make someone blush with your words, the element of surprise is the key. You need to know what to say to make someone flustered enough to get that adrenaline pumping and cause blood to rush to their cheeks.

When you make sweet and romantic gestures for someone that they did not see coming, it will make them blush. Or when you pay them a compliment that they did not expect in the least, that can make them blush as well. It’s as simple as that. You can figure out how to make a guy or girl blush with these easy tips given below. So, here are 12 ways you can keep seeing that beautiful expression on that special someone in your life:

1. Pay compliments to make a girl blush

This is the easiest way to make a girl blush. Even if you’re wondering how to make someone blush by text or IRL, this is the answer to your question. People love receiving compliments in person as well as online. The trick to a good compliment is to try to appreciate a person’s qualities and make them heartfelt and genuine. Choose the features that they are proud of. For example, instead of saying, “That top looks gorgeous!”, if you say, “You look gorgeous in that top!”, the impact will be completely different and you will make a girl blush and smile effortlessly.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking about how to make a guy blush, then admiring his effort in the things that he enjoys doing can work. If he has just come back from the gym, saying something like “Wow, that leg-day definitely made an impact!” will make him feel proud. The fact that you noticed his effort will make him blush for sure.

blushing in love
The easiest way to make her blush is to compliment her

2. Tease them in public

Everyone gets a little self-conscious in public places and that’s why this will work wonders. Especially if you’re trying to figure out how to make a girl blush. Teasing her will also make her feel more precious and cherished, but make sure to not let it veer into insensitive territory.

Your goal is to tease her and not hurt her so always choose light-hearted topics. Also do try some banter! It’s a great way to bond and also make someone flustered over text or IRL in the process. Stick to specific incidents that you have shared. Maybe she overcooked her steak one day and burnt it; you can always tease her about that.

You could also choose certain quirky personality traits that she has. Like maybe, she’s very messy so you can try to make a little fun of her about that. But remember to be careful about your tone and choice of words – your objective is to make her blush on account of feeling adored and NOT embarrassed. Also, be careful to come off as rude. That will kill the purpose entirely.

If you want to know how to make a girl blush, teasing is one of the sweetest answers to your question. But we have an important tip for you. Always remember; NEVER tease her about her physique or her capabilities. That’s called negging and it’s a big NO-NO. Also, if you sense her getting upset, that’s your cue to stop right there.

3. How to make someone blush with words? Write them a note

Yes, writing notes may have become a bit old-fashioned but it still has a romantic appeal to it, don’t you think? That’s why it can be a great way to make someone blush really hard. Ladies if you’re thinking about how to make a guy blush, cute notes are definitely the way to go. The length of the note doesn’t matter, you don’t need to write a long love letter if you’re not comfortable with it.

The whole point is to convey your feelings in a different way and leave your romantic interest blushing in love. You can either write a letter or you can go with an email or even a nice, long text message to make your boyfriend blush over text. It’s the best way to make him blush online as well as offline. All you have to do is write down what you feel. That’s it!

It can be about how handsome he looked on the first day you saw him or it can be a simple thank you note for something he did. You may not get to see it but your cute note for him will definitely make a guy blush when he reads it. The appreciation that you have shown will speak for itself. The point is to make it a little longer than usual and very heartfelt.

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4. Hold eye contact firmly

Well, we’ve all seen this in the movies, where the guy and girl make eye contact for a moment and then they both end up blushing as they look at one another. It works in reality too! In fact, this helped my brother, Will, woo his now-girlfriend whom he met in a library. They obviously didn’t talk at first. Everything started with them just looking at each other. If you want to solve the puzzle of how to make a girl blush, all you have to do is maintain eye contact so that she sees you admiring her and giving her attention.

But, you gotta be a little careful when you do this. Remember that there is a fine line between cute and creepy. So, when she looks back at you, don’t look away immediately. Hold her gaze for just a few seconds and then maybe smile a bit. Also, be careful about not holding eye contact for too long either. Just keep it natural and you will make any girl blush.

5. Whisper softly into his ears

Girls, this one’s for you. How far will you go to make him blush? Do you draw the line at flirty texts or do you want to go one step ahead and watch him go completely crazy for you? If you’re interested in trying the latter, then this is your go-to move. If you’ve been wondering what to say to make someone flustered, know that sometimes how you say something is far more impactful than what you say.

Whispering is a very intimate act. The closer you get to him, the more he’ll blush. Trust me when you see the effect this has on him, you’ll never have to wonder about how to make a guy blush ever again. We all know that behind the ears is a very sensitive spot and when you whisper that is the place where he’ll feel your breath.

While closeness is the most important part, the romantic words you say matter too. You can either be romantic or kinky, it’s up to you. Something nice and easy is, “Don’t miss me too much when I’m gone.” Whichever way you choose to go, kinky or cute, you will make him blush in the most adorable way possible.

6. How to make your significant other blush in public? Simple, PDA!

My friend Cam is pretty shy. Things like parties just aren’t her scene, and yet once she went to one for her boyfriend’s sake. She reached the place early and was so uncomfortable that she almost ran out of there. Then she felt a hand snake around her waist and she realized that it was her boyfriend, Steve.

Suddenly, she wasn’t uncomfortable anymore. She was actually so relieved that she started blushing nonstop — blushing in love, might I add. Yes, there are ways to make your boyfriend blush over text or make a girl blush on the phone but nothing matches the rush and excitement of this pure feeling of making them blush in person like this. This is the power of a simple affectionate act because it portrays a sense of intimacy between you two.

While public displays of affection might sometimes make other people uncomfortable, if you want to make a girl blush, then a little intimacy and some PDA is a perfect idea. Trying different types of kisses, interlocking your fingers, touching her cheek affectionately. Even hugging is a very good idea. Give it a try and remember to do it spontaneously. Don’t let her see it coming.

on art of wooing

7. How to make a girl blush by text? Have an inside joke

If you’re wondering how to make a girl blush on the phone or on text, cracking an inside joke can do the trick. Memories are one of the cornerstones of any relationship. Maybe it’s the memory of your first date or your first meaningful Valentine’s Day together. Or the time when there was a big family dinner and your funny uncle did something crazy.

These memories have a way of making people smile and it is your answer to how to make a girl blush with words. Or how to make a guy blush with words, for that matter. When you’re out with your SO, bringing up a memory that has a special meaning for the both of you, makes it an inside joke.

The memory will definitely make your guy blush especially if it is an intimate one. Or over text when you two are about to say that final goodnight, crack another inside joke and she will not be able to help but blush when she is under the covers. Add that with some cute compliments to make a girl blush, and you’ve really cracked the code. Even if it doesn’t make them blush RED, they will still go pink in the cheeks.

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8. Smile away!

A heartfelt smile could be the answer to how to make a girl blush. It’s very simple when you think about it. Smiling has a way of making people feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. When you look at her and smile, she’ll feel that warmth radiating from within you. Your smile will show her that you’re thinking of her and that will make your girl blush.

The same also holds for making a guy blush. The smile you give will clearly express what you’re feeling. If you’re in a bit of a playful mood, you can always pair your smile with a little lip-bite. That is definitely one of the intense attraction signs. He’ll be turning crimson red in no time.

9. How far will you go to make them blush? Try winking

Now, this one we’re all familiar with. Anyone who has been in a relationship has been winked at and let’s just admit it, we feel a blush creeping to our cheeks every time. Winking, especially accompanied by a smile, can make a person feel special in a way that no amount of words can. Besides the playful wildness that a wink comes with, it also has a way of making a girl melt. So, trust me when I say this, guys this is the easiest way to make a girl blush. And vice versa.

This can even work if you’ve been wondering how to make someone flustered over text. For instance, if you and your crush have been texting a lot lately, the next time the situation warrants it, send them a winking selfie instead of using the wink emoji, and we can assure you they’d be blushing six ways from Sunday. You can even ask them to share a selfie immediately after you send yours to see their reaction up close.

10. How to make a girl blush by text? Flirting

Flirting has so many different techniques and to cover them all would be impossible right now. When plain vanilla words don’t cut it for some people, then flirting is definitely the way to go. A cheesy pick-up line can definitely work, in fact, along with a blush, you might even get a good laugh. Think about it. If someone comes up to you and says, “If you’re here, who’s running heaven?”, it would be impossible for you to not blush. The base of it all is the undivided attention that you’re giving.

If you’re thinking of how to make someone blush online, then flirty texts are a very good idea. Try using some nice compliments to make a girl blush. You can always go with a flirty text like, “I had a pretty crazy dream about you ;)” and your problem of how to make someone blush over text is solved. It never fails.

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11. Use gifts and flowers

Yes, this is another cliché. And in no way should a relationship be based on gifts, but when it comes to making a girl blush, it can do wonders. The key is putting a lot of thought into picking out a romantic gift. It isn’t the gift that will make her blush, it is your effort. So if you wanna really make your SO appreciate your effort, consider trying homemade DIY gift ideas and make them one yourself.

Choosing something that she may have always wanted or something that would complement her interests can have a huge emotional impact. When it comes to flowers, giving a single flower can actually be cuter than giving a bouquet. Even guys like nice flowers, so this gesture may even make a guy blush. In the end, it’s the thought that counts.

12. Cute texts for the win

how to make a girl blush with words
Cute romantic texts always make people blush!

Imagine going home after a long day at work and receiving a cute text from your significant other. That will definitely make you smile and…yes, blush. Everyone likes to receive a nice romantic text message. It’s the perfect answer to how to make someone blush over text. It shows that you don’t need to be around her for her to think about you. Honestly, something as simple as “I saw an awesome bike on the street today and it got me thinking of you” will work perfectly if you want to leave your SO blushing in love.

For guys, if you want to know how to make her blush with a text you can say send something like, “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!”, or you could just try plain old compliments to make a girl blush as you just cannot go wrong with those. It’s a simple text but it’s the perfect way to make her blush. When texting, just remember to be clear about what you’re trying to say and always use emojis. You could send photos as well. A cute Snapchat selfie never hurts!

Key Pointers

  • Blushing is an involuntary reaction and can thus be an accurate indicator of a person’s feelings
  • When you make a person blush or act all flustered, it’s a sign that they’re either self-conscious or excited
  • Spontaneity and the element of surprise can go a long way in making someone blush
  • Other than that, genuine compliments, some PDA, inside jokes and unexpected romantic gestures can easily make a person blush as their heart skips a beat
  • Remember to keep it natural and not try too hard or you’d be the one who ends up blushing out of embarrassment

So that’s officially everything you need to know about how to make someone blush. Clearly, it isn’t as complicated as you probably thought. My last piece of advice to you is to just be yourself and don’t hesitate to show your feelings to your significant other. In the end, all of these points are useless if you aren’t real with them.


1. Do we blush when we like someone?

We often blush when we like someone because we feel self-conscious around them. Besides, being around our crushes can lead to an adrenaline surge in the body, which increases blood flow to the cheeks, creating that flushed look.

2. Does blushing indicate attraction?

Yes, blushing can be a strong indicator of attraction. However, you shouldn’t assume that someone is attracted to you solely because they blushed. It’s important to pay attention to other signs of attraction like body language and flirting before you jump to a conclusion.

3. What does it mean when someone makes you blush?

When someone makes you blush, it means you’re self-conscious around them. This could be because you’re excited to see them but don’t want to make it too obvious or embarrassed to be around them for some reason.

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