9 Signs Your Twin Flame Loves You

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Updated On: March 1, 2023
Twin Flame Connection

In our minds, we often write our love stories in the golden words of ‘forever’. We hold within a picture-perfect story in which our person loves us back. But have you ever wondered about the signs your twin flame loves you at all? Finding your ‘other half’ calls for a celebration because this pursuit is quite a task. But the question is, while you love them intensely, can you spot the signs your twin flame loves you too?

Meeting your twin flame is like meeting yourself in the mirror. It is one of the most powerful connections in your life, specifically when twin flames are in love with each other. But it could also be confusing and difficult. While it is important to know about the signs your twin flame loves you back, or notice the slightest of the signs your twin flame is thinking about you, it is much more important to recognize the person you share a twin flame energy with.

How Do You Recognize Your Twin Flame?

Honestly speaking, you will just know. The way Augustus Waters simply knew that it was Hazel Grace all along in The Fault In Our Stars — just like that, you’ll simply know. The connection is so strong and fiery that the signs your twin flame loves you would be evident. In fact, they’ll almost feel familiar to you – like you knew them all along. It will be an out-of-control feeling, and even a snap of time apart will make you wonder if your twin flame misses you, as you miss them or wonder if you’ve met a false twin flame.

It will scare you, excite you, and even leave you breathless at times. There will be stillness and commotion, chaos and peace – all existing inside you at the same time. It will almost be as if you cannot be apart from that person. This love will make you meet a completely different version of yourself, and all the while you’ll still wonder if your twin flame is your soulmate or not.

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This person who’s capable of making you feel all of this, along with a few butterflies in your stomach, will surely be your twin flame. They are the ones who share that undeniable twin flame energy with you.

Can Your Twin Flame Be Your True Love?

Like all other romantic relationships, your twin flame love will start on the same track too. The sleepless nights, the unending conversations, and the mushy feeling in the heart will be the same – only intenser, truer, and a lot more passionate than before. This is one of the definite signs your twin flame loves you. It’s as if your heart is on the verge of an explosion, yet feels calmer than ever.

Your twin flame can surely be your true love. There’s no denying that. One soul in two undivided halves, sharing the same energy, bonded eternally, and destined to be everything the universe can amalgamate, is exactly what that person is – your twin flame is your soulmate.

While you are clear about your side of the love story, the other side of the story is still missing. As the full on-the-knee confession is a desire we never give up on, the signs your twin flame loves you or not shouldn’t be ignored.

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9 Signs Your Twin Flame Loves You

There are a gazillion ways in which we continue to let our insecurities hold the best of us, yet nothing can stop us from falling for that one person sometimes. With time, you might just grow more sceptical about whether your twin flame likes you more than you think, or not at all, which is natural in all kinds of relationships. Todd Savvas, a spiritual teacher, contemporary mystic and sage, once wrote of the twin flames, “When a soul is created, it is split into two parts, mirrors of each other, constantly yearning to reconnect,” which I believe is true.

While you’d love this one person with all the butterflies that yearn in your soul, you’d surely want that person to love you right back. Here are the 9 signs that your twin flame loves you too.

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1. They’ll try to be around you

Like a bee that constantly hovers over a flower that catches its eye, your partner would constantly find reasons to hover around you. They’ll wish to be there in all the important and unimportant events in your life and sometimes, they’ll be there for the silliest of the reasons to see you. Like, bringing over an umbrella you left at their place months ago, or saying that they were passing by your place and thought of saying hi. Do say that hi back because these are the signs your twin flame loves you.

They’ll be there for you, with or without any reason, till they eventually grow on you, making it difficult for you to remember a time when they were not around. You may not notice it at first, but this surely is a sign that your twin flame is interested in you without a doubt.

2. An undeniable feeling of growth

Your emotional, mental, and social growth is a hand-in-hand process with your dreamy partner-to-be. In fact, their uplifting words on days you begin to doubt yourself would almost feel like a cherry on the cake. Somehow, talking about your future and what you aspire to be won’t scare them off. That’s what a true partner is supposed to be like. This is a certain sign that your twin flame likes you more than you think as they keep your wishes ahead of their own.

Just like Louisa Clark wholeheartedly accepted and supported William Traynor’s demand of euthanasia in Me Before You, that’s exactly what your twin flame would do for you. You both need each other, and help each other grow in every aspect of life, making it a clear and prominent sign that your twin flame loves you too.

3. Signs your twin flame loves you – They’ll always protect you

Whether it’s from yourself or the world, they’ll always show a constant need to protect you and that too, fearlessly. While you are standing at the crossroads, waiting for the traffic to slow down, they’ll unknowingly slip their hand into yours and cross the road with you.

It may seem childlike, but it will leave you with a good feeling in your heart. It’s like a reassurance that somehow, someone will always be there. Eventually, this idea of feeling protected will grow to an extent that you will associate them with safety. That’s the beautiful twin flame energy you invest into.

At times, they’ll even save you from yourself. On the days you feel you are not good enough, they’ll make you believe that you are everything they need in order to complete their existence. So, the next time someone special holds your hand at the crossroads of life, notice that hand, notice that someone, for they may be the one.

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4. Thinking of you

In your perfect fairytale, you think of innumerable scenarios with your twin flame, daydreaming of the endless possibilities that could happen if you know the other side of the story. This is why you need to know the signs twin flame is thinking of you the way you are thinking of them.

If they love you, they’ll never be afraid to express their true feelings toward you. Every ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ message, or any other random message throughout the day asking about your well-being or whereabouts, is a reminder that they are thinking about you. Their vulnerability, and the way they express their feelings for you, are sure signs your twin flame loves you.

5. Synchronized world of love

From past experiences to your mutual likes and interests, everything is one synchronized note of music that makes your world seem like a perfect musical. You might take time to confirm if your twin flame is interested in you, but they are surely interested in your interests.

You both might be sports enthusiasts and love the exclusivity that polo offers, or you both might just be die-hard fans of the Marvel Universe which takes your relationship up a notch.

As the relationship unfolds, twin flames will find that they have a shared moral compass along with their matching interests. Moreover, twin flames often uncover plenty of ‘coincidences’ while knowing each other, which keeps solidifying the cosmic connection between them.

6. Telepathic completion with each other is one of the signs your twin flame loves you

“Oh! You just said what I was thinking,” is the kind of phrase you will often hear from each other because twin flames think alike. The twin flame energy that ignites in your heart, ignites in their heart too. And that’s what causes the fire of this inextinguishable telepathic connection.

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Even if you try to run away and deny your feelings toward your twin flame, or close your eyes to all the signs your twin flame loves you, destiny will continue to bring you back to each other. You’ll realize that a mystic feeling enwraps you both. You will eventually lose the need to explain yourself to your partner. Due to your soul connection, they’d already know what you wish to say or how you’d react to a particular situation.

This is why you feel naturally drawn to your ‘other half’. You realize how your twin flame is your soulmate too, apart from being the mirror image of your soul. In simple words, you’ll complete each other in every way. These are some of the signs your twin flame loves you.

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7. Love is in the air

You’ll simply sense it! Sometimes, it won’t be necessary to hear the magical words of love out loud because, on those days, you’ll just know. Be it their expression, how they are around you, and everything they do for you, you’d be able to feel the love they hold for you and that’s more than enough.

‘I love you’ will be an unspoken truth between you and your partner, a way to tell someone you love them without saying it, making it all the more romantic for you both. Your twin flame likes you more than you think and this bubble of love will keep you floating through the beautiful journey of life together.

8. A new world of sharing

Knowingly or rather unknowingly, you eventually start sharing everything with each other. From the day-to-day happenings of your life to the 3 AM conversations at night, you are an unfiltered version of yourself with your twin flame because they understand you effortlessly.

You begin to share a life together. From synchronizing your plans according to each other to trying that dish they wanted you to, you begin to create a world of your own – a world where you both belong. And when you are not around each other, you’ll know that your twin flame misses you too, just like you do.

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9. One of the signs your twin flame loves you – It’s like you are coming home

After the chaos of your life, it’ll seem like you’re coming home every time you meet your partner. That person begins to treat you like their home too, and that’s an ultimate sign your twin flame loves you truly and unconditionally.

The new feeling of belongingness will definitely feel strange, knowing that someone knows you so much in such little time. Yet, your heart will be in a state of bliss. It’s like you always knew each other as they’ve always been there. That feeling of finally rooting yourself with someone is what you call home.

In conclusion, if your twin flame loves you, or your twin flame likes you, they’d hold an instant connection with you which will be too hard to deny. It’s as if you’ll run away from each other, only to run into each other again – because it’s destined to be that way. From understanding each other to being truly supportive of your aspirations, your twin flame is your soulmate and much beyond that.

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