Twin Flame Vs Soulmate – 8 Key Differences

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Twin flame vs soulmate
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The ultimate goal in almost everyone’s life is to find their soulmate. Someone they can share a deep meaningful bond with, someone they can confide in. But did you know soulmates can come in the form of family as well? Moreover, there also exists a stronger, more intense love than a soulmate bond, called a ‘twin flame’ connection. So, twin flame vs soulmate, which is better? And what exactly are the two like?

The quest to find your soulmate plays out like a dramatic novel of your life. If you find the right person, you have to hope and pray the timing is right. Perhaps you found the worst person for you, but your infatuation tells you otherwise. The question of which one’s better is purely yours to answer based on what you’d prefer.

In this article, we’ll tell you about the differences between soulmates and twin flames, so you don’t go about claiming you’ve found your other half when really, you’re just in a toxic relationship. With some insights from Anita Eliza, (MSc in Applied Psychology) who specializes in issues like anxiety, depression, relationships and self-esteem, let’s take a deep dive into the twin flame vs soulmate discussion.

Soulmate Vs Twin Flame – This Is How They Are Different 

Finding a soulmate in itself is a tricky venture. While you may think that just because you two like the same kind of music or share the same love for animals, you’ve found the one. But as the months go by, you realize a relationship is nothing except collecting information about a person until you realize you don’t like them.

Out of the many relationships you might have in your life, maybe all will fail except one. Despite the low success rate, we continue to pursue this quest for love as if our lives depended on it. There’s nothing else you’d so actively do if the chances of success were one in a hundred. 

But as we said, a soulmate is not the only bond that may be waiting for you. A twin flame connection is one of the most magical, spiritual relationships you’ll ever have in your life if you’re lucky enough to have one. So a twin flame vs soulmate relationship, which one are you looking for?

Is a twin flame a soulmate? Well, not really. The two sorts of love in question here are pretty similar at first glance but have multiple differences you can see if you take a closer look. That’s exactly what we did, and we’ve listed out our findings below you can know just how the two differ: 

1. Twin flame vs soulmate: romantic relationships


A soulmate is anyone who makes you feel safe, secure and helps you become the best version of yourself. Someone who is so connected with you that it feels like you’ve known them your entire life, as is the case with many soulmate relationships. Hence, it isn’t necessary that your soulmate absolutely has to be involved with you romantically.

As Eliza suggests, “By definition, a soulmate is one who is ideally suited for a person in the form of a close friend or romantic partner. In my opinion, ideally, there is no such person who is suited to one another. Maybe for a short period of time but that is all. Of course, I do agree that we do find a person or some people in our life with whom we can be ourselves or completely comfortable being with them.”

A soulmate can come in the form of a very close friend or someone in your family. If you have that one brother/sister or that friend who’s always stuck by you, you should probably consider it a soulmate relationship. There’s a reason why you two can complete each other’s sentences.

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Twin flame:

A twin flame relationship, however, is claimed to be quite literally your “other half”. Twin flames are formed of the same soul that was divided into two physical bodies. Twin “flames” experience strong sexual chemistry that’s unlikely to be experienced anywhere else. So, nobody in your family can be a twin flame since with this connection comes a palpable sense of sexual connection and that chemistry with a twin flame is just like no other.

A romantic relationship will most likely be encouraged due to the sexual chemistry between you two. Even if you try to run from it at first, you’ll undoubtedly notice the physical connection you have.

infographic on twin flame vs soulmate differences
Twin Flame vs Soulmate – Key Differences

2. Not everyone gets that chemistry twin flame!


When it feels like your love life’s DOA, know that everyone has a soulmate waiting for them somewhere. It could come in the form of a new lover you think you’ve known all your life or a close friend you’ve literally known all your life. In the chaos of finding the one for you, it’s a comforting fact to know that everyone has a soulmate.

Twin flame:

A twin flame partner is your other half since you two literally share the same soul but in two physical bodies. It’s said to occur over many, many lifetimes and you do not have more than one twin flame at any given time. No surprise there, since a twin flame connection is literally the deepest, most spiritual connection you will experience. 

3. What a soulmate makes you feel vs a twin flame 


Your soulmate will give you an instant sense of comfort, safety and a feeling that can only be described as home. You’ll discover that you have a deeper connection with this person than everyone else. You’ll know all their adorable nuances, they’ll know all of yours. A soulmate will make you feel you can spend the rest of your life with them while living comfortably and joyfully. But that love will still be conditional.

As Eliza puts it, “Unconditional love would mean loving and accepting the other for all their flaws without a single grumble. It means loving them exactly the way he or she is without expecting reciprocal love.” As much as we’d like to believe that soulmates give us that, that is not actually true. But chemistry with a twin flame could indeed give you that.

Twin flame:

A twin flame connection is a love that’s more intense than anything you’ve ever felt. Rightfully so, since you’ve literally found your other half. It’s a truly unconditional love that will establish a spiritual connection that makes you feel part of a greater whole. Surprisingly, this connection can also appear so overwhelming that some people may avoid experiencing it. Hence, they are often misconstrued as karmic relationships.

on differences

4. The higher purpose – soulmate or twin flame?


Eliza explains, “A platonic relationship is between two individuals who do not share a sexual or romantic relationship. They can be just friends who might share more of an intellectual relationship. Having said that, a platonic relationship can move into a romantic or sexual one if it goes beyond being just friends over time.”

Since a soulmate relationship can also occur with a family member, hence making it a platonic relationship, the higher purpose cannot simply be to get married to this person and spend your life with them. The purpose of a soulmate relationship is for you two to help each other become the best versions of yourself. Be that a 6-pack clad influencer or a much wiser, intelligent person, you two are meant to help each other get there.

Twin flame:

Soulmate or twin flame? If the divine forces grant you the pleasure of being matched with your twin flame, the two of you will achieve more than just a harmonious life. A bond as strong as this has the potential to rid you of all your inhibitions, insecurities and weaknesses. As one unified soul, you will connect to each other on a deeper level than through just words.

The emotional baggage of your weaknesses and fears will be opened up to each other, only to see them melt away as if they never existed. When you experience a love you thought wasn’t possible, the higher purpose becomes greater than just the two of you. You then embark on a journey toward enlightenment, helping everyone around you achieve their goals.

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5. Twin flame vs soulmate relationship – the numbers matter


For all of you who are single and mortally annoyed with Tinder, you should know that there may possibly be more than one soulmate out there for you. So, don’t give up on love just yet. If your relationship with a soulmate falls through (yes, that can happen!), you may be blessed with another soulmate. So if you’re wondering which is better out of soulmate vs twin flame vs life partner, we suppose that it depends on your likings. Do you want multiple flavors in your life or just that one?

If you ask for anything more than that, the divine forces make it a point to teach your ungrateful self a lesson. We’re just kidding, but don’t be ungrateful!

Twin flame:

As we said, a twin flame connection develops over many lifetimes. So it’s likely you won’t even get to have one, and you can forget about having multiple twin flames in one life. A twin flame is the other half of your soul. Wouldn’t it defeat the purpose if your soul was split any further? What are you, Lord Voldemort?!

6. Soulmate vs twin flames: Happily ever after? 


Your soulmate is supposed to help you on your journey toward becoming the best version of yourself. From then on, it’s up to the best version of you to decide if your partner still serves a purpose. As is the case with most relationships, you’ll have to sacrifice, adjust, compromise to be able to love and be loved.

The issues you two work through will heal both of you and result in growth. However, once the lessons are learned, you and your soulmate may not feel the same way about each other. There will be changes in the nature of intensity and the common relationship problems might just get the better of you. 

Twin flame:

Is a relationship guided by the divine forces to join two halves of a whole ever in doubt about its future? Sometimes, it may seem like it. That’s only because the love and connection you feel with this person will seem overwhelming, prompting you to take a few steps back.

twin flame test

You’ll keep chasing or running behind your partner, but a complete separation is never a guarantee. Twin flames cannot live apart from each other since the “destined to be” feeling they get is always true.

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7. Moving on from a soulmate vs a twin flame relationship


Once you two realize the lessons have been learned and the relationship serves no purpose anymore, you will go through the usual breakup and healing process. It will be hard but you’ll eventually go from an incessant pain that stings you every day to a pinch that strikes every now and then. Eventually, be it years or months, you will realize you’ve moved on. Communication will most likely be zero and you’ll be on your way toward better things (a twin flame, perhaps?).

Twin flames:

In your relationship, you will often find one partner playing the role of chaser and the other being the runner. These roles will keep changing as the relationship goes through multiple phases. Even if you’ve decided things are over for good, even if you two haven’t communicated in years, a twin flame relationship always connects again.

For a while, it may seem like you’re over this intense relationship you found yourself in and you two have completely moved on. But just like even parallel lines meet at infinity, nothing can keep you two away from each other.

Soulmate vs twin flame breakup
Twin flames always find their way back

8. The similarities you notice between soulmate or twin flame


Your soulmate best friend could be into things different than you are. Your romantic partner could be a morning person, while you’d much rather toss their morning alarm out the window. Soulmates may or may not be similar. You know what they say, opposites attract!

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Twin flame:

In these relationships, you’ll notice uncanny similarities that will be hard to miss. Maybe you two have a very unique opinion about a movie, perhaps you’ve been to every concert of that one band. You’ll notice similar traits and likes right off the bat. But this can often be a double-edged sword since your weaknesses/insecurities might be similar as well. Two people with anger issues won’t really bode well, so the similarities won’t always result in a perfectly harmonious relationship. 

Eliza tells us, “Anger is a normal negative emotion which can be healthy and turn unhealthy by the way one displays it and how it impacts us. When both the partners are having anger issues, they tend to use words or actions harshly indicating blame to the other. And in that case, it’s difficult for them to realize that their partner is not responsible for their angry explosions. Over time it can also cause contempt and resentment.”

Clearly, in a twin flame vs soulmate dynamic, both have their pros and cons. Whether you’ve found yourself a soulmate or hit the jackpot with a twin flame, know that you’re lucky just to have found love. No longer will you have to upload “single and happy!” stories on your social media to let people know you’re not dying without a relationship. If a twin flame enters your life, at least you’d now be able to tell the difference.

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