23 Signs Your Soulmate Is Thinking Of You – And They Are All True!

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Updated On: March 27, 2024
Signs your soulmate is thinking of you
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Trying to spot signs your soulmate is thinking of you is like trying to find that missing left sock that seemingly disappeared into thin air. It seems impossible, but once you start looking in the right places, you’ll eventually come across it. Similarly, you don’t need mystic powers to know when you might be on your soulmate’s mind. 

If the current tactics you’re employing revolve around asking your soulmate’s friends if they’ve said anything about you to them, you definitely need to read this article word for word. It’s time you leave their friends alone. They’ve been sworn to secrecy by your soulmate anyway.

As you may already believe, incredible things will happen when you meet your soulmate. If you can figure out when they’re thinking about you, you can be certain that the connection is real. Let’s talk about the signs your soulmate is thinking of you, so you know for sure it isn’t all just in your head! 

23 Signs Your Soulmate Is Thinking Of You – And They Are All True! 

“The other day, I was wondering how to know if your soulmate is thinking of you and I was just about to Google it when I saw him text me right at that very moment! I truly started to believe he was my soulmate. I don’t care if it was a pure coincidence, I’d like to look at it as divine intervention,” Jackie tells us.

No, you don’t have to be as lucky as Jackie and hope for such soulmate coincidences. Sometimes a bit of digging can tell you all you need to know. But just like in her case, if it’s well-timed, an innocent “Hey!” message notification from your soulmate could send chills down your spine.

You might end up looking at your phone screen in excitement, trying to decipher just what made this person think of you all of a sudden. You may even start trying to think about how to flirt on text, before your hopes and dreams come crashing down when the following message is something along the lines of “Can you do me a favor, please?” 

While that still counts as a sign your soulmate was thinking about you, there are multiple others too that have very promising meanings attached to them. Whether you believe that your soul is connected to someone or not, there’s no denying that sometimes you can feel very close to someone and that the uncanny coincidences must mean something more.

If you’re waiting for the universe to send you signs your soulmate is coming, know that the signs will all be useless if you don’t know how to spot them. Let’s find out what it is you should be looking out for when trying to decipher if your soulmate is thinking about you or not:

1. You feel a surge of happiness

Perhaps you spontaneously started tapping a foot or even dancing to the music that’s playing around you, donning a smile you can’t explain the reason for. Everyone experiences a sudden surge of happiness every now and then. While it feels blissful, some might be left confused about why it happened in the first place. It could very well be a sign your soulmate is in your life and is thinking about you. 

In other instances, it may just be the case when your soulmate is near you. If this person is physically around you, there’s no doubt that you’re going to feel giddy. And if you see them a lot more chipper than they usually are, it’s a great sign that you can’t overlook. Don’t book the wedding dates yet, though.

2. Relationships of the past now make sense

For no apparent reason, you will correlate the things that are going on in your life to what you learned from your past relationships. The toxic or karmic relationships you had that seemed to serve no purpose except to cause you pain, now appear as though they were the most important experiences of your life. 

Learning from difficult relationships in the past can happen any time. But sometimes, when you get sudden clarity about what their purpose was, you find that someone special who makes you feel as if you’ve known them even before you met them. This is among the signs your soulmate is in your life. 

3. Hard to explain coincidences 

Did you receive a text from this person just when you were thinking about them? Could there be more telling signs your soulmate is thinking of you? Are you both listening to the same song, at the same time? Bumping into each other, signing up for the same class unknowingly, the list of coincidences goes on and on. 

While most won’t be movie-esque, some coincidences can really leave you wondering about how slim the chances of them actually happening were…and yet, they happened. Forget about what the chances are, just focus on the soulmate energy that is radiating through such uncanny incidents.

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4. You dream about them almost every night 

While it’s true that dreams are largely controlled by your subconscious mind (which is obsessed with your soulmate), it could also be a sign your soulmate is thinking of you. Since you are soulmates, you’re connected by the same energy, which means it isn’t a long shot that you can dream about your soulmate when they think about you. 

No, it won’t feel the same as dreaming about your crush. It’ll probably be a lot more intense, and it could be a sign from the universe that someone is missing you.

5. They pop into your mind for no reason

In the middle of work, if your soulmate crosses your mind, you know it can’t possibly be just a random thought. Granted, you’re always thinking about your soulmate. But when the thought of them arises in your mind without any noticeable triggers, it could just be a sign they’re thinking about you as well. 

For example, imagine you start thinking about this person while you’re taking the trash out or washing your dishes at home. The activity doesn’t remind you of them at all, but they’ve appeared to now live in your head rent-free. Don’t worry, they’ll pay their rent through some palpable soulmate energy.

6. Unexplained goosebumps 

If you’re wondering “Can you feel when your soulmate is thinking of you?”, this spooky sign says “Yes, you can literally feel it.” Getting goosebumps for no apparent reason is a great sign your soulmate is probably thinking of you. The tingling feeling on your arms or even your legs doesn’t really just come about randomly, does it? 

Goosebumps arise from your emotions. Every time you’ve had them before, you were either fascinated or frightened. What if you don’t have anyone special in your life who could fit the bill of being your soulmate and still unexplained goosebumps? You could be radiating good luck and meeting your soulmate soon. 

7. You want to be with this person suddenly

When your soulmate is thinking about you, you’ll feel an insatiable need to be with them immediately. You know, the kind of void you suddenly feel in your chest that will only be cured by a long, warm hug from your soulmate? That’s the kind of emotional intimacy you will suddenly yearn for.

Even having the person next to you, not really doing anything, but just being in their presence is all you really long for. If you have a soulmate in your life, you won’t ever need to look for ways to make your love interest miss you. It will just happen naturally.

Signs your soulmate is in your life
You may feel an intense connection with this person

8. You notice love all around you 

And you’ve never wanted to be in love more than you do now! You’ll suddenly start noticing all the cute couples around you, wishing you could have what they have. Like a scene straight out of a movie, every time you go out you might be reminded of how single you are. 

Don’t worry, incredible things will happen to you when you meet your soulmate. You can then be the annoying PDA couple to make all the other singles jealous.

9. You feel an aura of warmth and positivity around you

Just like how you felt happy all of a sudden, you may suddenly feel an aura of positivity surrounding you. At this moment, it may feel like nothing can go wrong and everything in the world is as it should be. 

Any stress or problems you may have will fade away, you might start looking at the world with a more optimistic lens. It’s fascinating but true, you might be feeling this way because your soulmate is thinking about you! 

10. You receive calls and texts from them randomly 

How to know if your soulmate is thinking of you? If they call or text you randomly to just check up on you, it’s a dead giveaway. They may just be bored or perhaps just wanted to hear your voice in the middle of a busy day. When you want to spot signs someone is pursuing you, you’ll get to know from the way they contact you and talk to you. 

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11. You can hear their voice 

Sometimes when we do miss someone a lot, you may just end up hearing their voice in your head. It’s also a sign your soulmate is coming into your life. Since your souls are connected and you share the same energy, it isn’t a surprise that you two might be in each other’s heads every so often. 

12. You feel a burst of energy

Have you ever felt a spike in energy that suddenly makes you want to go on a run? You feel an overflow of energy, the cause of which is a mystery to you since you were lazing around an hour ago. Suddenly feeling energetic enough to take on the world’s most difficult workout is a sign your soulmate is in your life. 

13. You feel a powerful connection with this person

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in their presence or not, you’ll feel a very palpable sense of connection with your soulmate. The kind that can only be defined as feeling completely safe and secure in their presence. As though they already know everything that goes on in your mind. 

When you feel this sense of connection even when your soulmate isn’t around you, it essentially answers the question “Can you feel when your soulmate is thinking of you?” You may even feel something as strong as a twin flame connection.

14. You feel confident 

You may start feeling confident in your capabilities as well as content with yourself. If you’re someone who suffers from insecurities (don’t we all?), this feeling will be a welcome change to you. So, if you’ve been asking yourself something like, “Does my soulmate think of me?” ask yourself how bravely you’re taking on new challenges in your life, and you might have your answer.

Feeling confident and content with yourself is a great sign your soulmate is coming. Perhaps, it’s someone who can push you to be the best version of yourself. 

15. You get mood swings

The unexplained happiness, goosebumps, energy and the positive aura around you might just happen in the space of a few minutes. You may feel sad, a deep yearning for love, and then immediately feel grateful and jubilant for all you do have. 

Getting mood swings like these should definitely tell you something’s up. If you’re pacing around your room feeling sad one second and energetic the other, a soulmate might be headed your way. 

16. You feel a sudden urge to get your life together

Feeling happiness, energy and contentment will give you motivation to suddenly get your life together. The motivation you feel to start fixing every aspect of your life might not be translated into actual actions, but at least you’ll have the thought.

Have you ever noticed that when your soulmate is near you, you suddenly want to ace any task you may have been doing? And if this person is in your workplace, your boss can only thank his lucky stars for it, since you now want to be the star employee at work – or actually, inadvertently end up being so.

Who knows, through this particular sign your soulmate is coming, you might just get your life together. If your partner does push you to be the best version of yourself, it’s a sign of true love.

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17. You can feel their presence with you 

You may hear their voice in your head, you may have an insatiable need to meet your soulmate and you might also just feel their presence around you. It’s a feeling that you’ll only truly be able to understand when you feel someone’s presence near you, even when they’re not there.

So, if you’ve been trying to figure out, “How to know if your soulmate is thinking of you?,” ask yourself how intently you miss them. If you literally feel like a part of them is with you in spirit, don’t worry, you don’t have schizophrenia. You’re just in love! 

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18. You want to hear them talk to you 

A great sign your soulmate is in your life is when you just want to call them up and hear them talk to you. It doesn’t matter if they’re even talking about things you’re not interested in. You’d give anything in the world to hear them speak to you and share their experiences with you.

Talking to this person becomes your favorite thing to do. And when you’re not talking to them, we can safely assume you’re thinking about them 24×7! Hold your horses, sailor, you might be falling in love too fast if you can’t get this person out of your mind.

19. You feel a sense of peace 

While the mood swings and the yearning for love don’t sound all too fun, you could also feel a sense of calmness and peace taking over you, leaving you devoid of any anxiety. A great feeling of calm will take over you and the problems that were bothering you all day will suddenly feel extremely trivial.

You don’t necessarily have to feel like you’ve achieved nirvana for it to be a sign from the universe that someone is missing you, it may be as subtle a feeling as wave of relaxation after a long day at work. If you find yourself a lot more capable of facing your fears than you did before, don’t take it for granted.

20. You’re dreaming of a future with this person 

Even if you two aren’t necessarily dating right now, you could just end up thinking about what a future with this person would look like. “I truly believe your soul is connected to someone and that true love exists,” says Shanelle, a 24-year-old actress. Adding, “I’d constantly dream up the perfect European vacation with this person. A week after that, he started talking to me about how nice a vacation in Europe must be. If that isn’t a crazy soulmate coincidence, I don’t know what is.”

Just like Shanelle, you may find yourself lost in these adorable daydreams. They will only be shaken off when the HR starts giving you nasty looks. 

21. You’re clear about your life’s goal 

Not just the goal of marrying your soulmate, but also goals about your career, what you think your destiny and your higher purpose are. Even if you haven’t cracked the code completely (let’s be honest, no one ever does), at least you’ll have a sense of clarity concerning your near future. 

You can confidently come to a conclusion about where you want your life to go in the next few years and everything you’re willing to do to pursue it. Even if you’ve spent a lot of your time thinking about your career goals and your life rather than questions like, “Does my soulmate think of me?” it signifies that you’ve now gained clarity about your life goals.

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23. You can just feel your soulmate is thinking about you

Lastly, the biggest sign your soulmate is thinking of you is when you can just feel it. Nothing beats your gut feeling, and when it’s screaming at you saying that your soulmate feels the same way about you as you do about them, you ought to listen to it.

However, if this is a classic case of a one-sided dynamic, perhaps you should look at things from a more rational perspective. In the hopes of finding something that’s “meant to be,” don’t fool yourself because of your wishful thinking.

Now you won’t have to rely solely on guesswork while trying to catch the signs your soulmate is thinking about you. With the help of these signs, you can ascertain whether your soulmate thinks about you or not. Now all that’s left for you shy lovers is to confess your love to each other! 

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