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8 things that are OK to NOT share with your partner

While it's nice to have an open and honest relationship, there are some things you are better off not sharing with your partner
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When it comes to sharing in a relationship, lots of things need to be kept in mind.

An honest, trusting relationship is built on transparency and sharing your feelings, thoughts and things too. Sharing a steamy bubble bath or a bottle of wine is romantic, but sharing a toothbrush? Yikes!

Here’s a list of things you one can avoid sharing with your man

1. Your password

We’ve all been through that moment when your partner wants to use your laptop/phone and it’s password protected. Avoid sharing your password in order to show your blind trust in him. It’s OK to keep it private.

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2. Your beauty regimen

You do not need to update him on all the nitty-gritty of what you got done at the parlour or the spa or what you do behind the bathroom door. Spare him the details – and let the mystery remain, unless he asks you.

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3. Your bedroom conquests/failures

It’s best to NOT talk about your sex life prior to meeting your man. Delving into any kind of details is likely to make him jealous or intimidated or horrified, even if you both know each other well. Ignorance is bliss in this situation.

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4. Your girlfriends’ stories

When you are together, time is precious and sacred. Do not spend that time telling him stories about your girlfriend – how her heart broke; how she misbehaved with her BF; her weird food or dressing habits; blah-blah. Your friend’s behaviour is an unspoken yardstick for your behaviour too. Keep that in mind. The less he knows about your friend’s indiscretion, the better.

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5. Your shopping list and bank statements

The last thing a man wants to hear (unless he’s into shopping) is for you to rant and rave about what you shopped where and going on and on about shopping as if it were a project. And once done with shopping, avoid telling him the details of how much you spent and on what. It’s not that you can’t flash your hard earned cash or those sexy pair of shoes, but he won’t necessarily understand why you have blown an equivalent of a flight ticket to Dubai on that ninth pair of red heels. Avoid showing him the receipts.

6. Your feelings about his mom

The space between mother and son is sacred and you step into that at your own peril.

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7. Your weight

Fussing over your weight and counting calories each time any of you eats is a big NO. He might not show the same level of enthusiasm when you tell him how much weight you have lost or gained; or how many calories are in that burger he just tucked into. Even a misjudged raised eyebrow, let alone comment, could land him in deep trouble. So for both your sakes, keep weights and calories under wraps.

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8. Your bodily functions

It’s OK not to share gross details about your period or stomach flu with your man. Everyone farts, poops and belches, but there is no need to make all that obvious. You will find yourself sitting on the loo doing a pee while he stands beside you, brushing his teeth and that is exactly where the line should be drawn. Everything else is sacred.

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