What Sort Of Husband Is He According To His Zodiac?

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Updated On: March 4, 2024
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You may or may not take every word on the horoscope as the final verdict on your life’s path, but let’s come to a consensus that not everything about the universe can be explained and that doesn’t make those things any less true. At least until science can prove otherwise. Our zodiac signs not only play the most significant role in the horoscopes but also decide what kind of personality we develop and how we are in our relationships.

Have you just started dating a man who seems pretty promising in terms of a healthy long-term relationship? But you still cannot trust your instincts because heaven knows how flawed they have been in the past believing the wrong men to be your soulmate. This time let the universe decide which is the best male zodiac sign to marry according to your personality and relationship expectations.

So if you are wondering what kind of a husband your man will be as per his zodiac sign, we are here to help! Let’s find out which zodiac sign is perfect husband material for you.

Types Of Husbands According To Zodiac Signs

The study of astrology and understanding the deeper significance of zodiac signs is a matter of serious commitment to the subject. Let’s try to make the whole thing more lucid – a person’s sun sign is determined by the position of the sun at the moment of their birth. The four prime elements earth, water, fire, and air control the 12 zodiac signs, from the strongest to weakest and point out the unique personality traits of each sign.

As we follow these human nature and traits carefully, we can hope to be successful at running into the best husband according to zodiac signs. First, you need to be clear about your perception of the things a good husband should do and pinpoint what type of man makes the best husband for you. With a checklist for the best husband criteria, the process will be a cakewalk. So, without any further ado, let’s begin:

1. Aries – The interesting one

If an Aries man loves you, he will love and admire you forever. He can be stubborn at times but he will also try his best to make sure the marriage doesn’t get boring. If you want your life partner to be fun-loving and want excitement in life, then an Aries guy is the one for you.

Aries men prefer no filter in their relationship, they look for one in which their honest opinions will be valued. They will always be by your side, helping and guiding you through life no matter what. We consider Aries to be one of the best male Zodiac signs to marry. What do you think?

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2. Taurus – The materialistic one

Taurus man is a loyal and devoted one and makes one of the best husbands, according to zodiac. He also values finer things in life and strives to provide you with all the luxuries in the world. He cares about materialistic happiness in life but he is not heartless. A Taurus husband is, in fact, the kind-hearted one.

Let’s put it out on the table, Taurus men are extremely passionate and the kinkiest type in the bedroom. Green flag noted, right? When Taurus men are in love, they are very earnest about the wholesome improvement of their partner’s shortcomings. Now, if you want to take it on a positive note or a negative, that is up to you.

3. Gemini – The fun-loving one

A Gemini guy has an active social life, and even if he is an introvert, he will still be socially gracious. Life is not going to be a monotonous ride with a Gemini husband by your side. He will also always be on your side through all the ups and downs. This makes the Gemini husband a truly supportive one according to zodiac signs.

Gemini guys are very spontaneous in nature, always on the move, and excited to try and explore new things. While dating a Gemini man, you should know they are not entirely predictable. Their interest in knowing the unknown may extend to multiple partners at times. Unless you are both okay with a non-monogamous agreement, a mutual conversation would be helpful.

4. Cancer – The emotional husband

A Cancer man is loving, super caring, and will strive to be your best friend at every step of life. He is emotional and grounded – major qualities that will make your life post-marriage a smooth ride. In short, they crave emotional security, loyalty, and sustainable partnership.

Talking about things a good husband should do, Cancerians are very generous lovers. On the downside, you should rather watch out for these signs if you are dating a Cancer man – they can be extremely sensitive, and have trust issues coming from their relationship insecurities.

5. Leo – The protective one

Leos have a strong sense of self-worth and ego, which sometimes can be passed on to you as well. But he will also love you fiercely and passionately, he will defend you at every step of the way and protect you with everything he’s got. A Leo man in love can be that clingy, needy baby constantly looking for attention.

Leos are not so great at handling their temper nor do they thrive in the face of criticism. They could get involved in childish blame games to shift accountability. If you are ready to shower your man with unconditional love, romantic gestures, and positive compliments, Leo is the best zodiac sign to marry.

6. Virgo – The caring one

When a Virgo man is into you, he loves you with all his heart. He is caring and values your comfort and well-being over his own. Once a Virgo falls for you, he will always have a place for you in his heart. You know what type of man makes the best husband? The one who brings out the best version of you.

With a Virgo man, you will flourish as a person, although sometimes their criticism may sound harsh. They are not overly dramatic or full of grand romantic gestures. At times they might lack words to express how they feel for you. But you will comprehend every bit of it through their actions which makes Virgo the best male zodiac sign to marry.

things a good husband should do
The caring husband

7. Libra – The romantic one

If you want the most romantic and the best husband according to zodiac, then a Libra man is who you should be looking for. The zodiac is ruled by Venus – the planet of love. He will try his best to maintain harmony at home and you can be sure of have an amazing sex life with him. Dating a Libra man will make your life seem so easy-going and beautiful like a stream!

Point to be noted, Libra men are monogamous in nature. They will appreciate every little detail about you and make you feel out of this world. You will be charmed by their listening skill and attentiveness. You cannot even imagine how observant and expressive Librans can be. No matter what, they will make you their first priority at all times.

8. Scorpio – The loyal one

When a Scorpio man loves you, he will stand by you at every step of life. He is the loyal one and when he says “I do” he means it whole-heartedly. Here’s an interesting thing to know about Scorpio men, the way they act in a relationship is super intense. As long as he knows his love is reciprocated, he will treat you like his queen.

You will never get a chance to question his loyalty and devotion to the relationship, which evidently brings in the jealousy factor in the equation. But they cannot play by double standards or a lack of sincerity. If he ever feels ignored or unloved, you will lose him forever. With a tinge of bitter-sweet qualities, Scorpio can be considered the best male zodiac sign to marry.

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9. Sagittarius – The adventurous one

When in love, a Sagittarius man strives to spice up your sex life and your entire world. He is an adventurous soul and pours all of his energy to make your life an adventurous trip. They are the ones who love to take it slow. Don’t get him wrong, as his intentions are pure as gold!

A Sagittarius guy will take his sweet time to know the most vulnerable and raw version of you before nurturing the thought of commitments or physical intimacy. And once it is on, he will be loyal and loving and do all those things a good husband should do. So, if you are still wondering, “Which zodiac sign is the perfect husband?”, you have your answer.

10. Capricorn – The responsible one

Capricorns are not afraid to commit for a lifetime. He is practical, grounded, and responsible. He can also be pretty stuck-up at times, but if you want a serious relationship, then he is the man for you. Rock-solid is how one describes a Capricorn husband by zodiac sign.

11. Aquarius – The independent one

An Aquarius man has a strong personality, but he is also the most independent among all zodiac signs. It’s not like he won’t love you passionately, but he will always balance the relationship with his own goals. If that is a quality you are looking for in a husband, then perhaps this is the best male zodiac sign to marry.

When an Aquarius man falls in love, he will do everything in his power to convey his feelings. Not missing any chance to meet you, giving you his undivided attention, planning the future together – that’s just how sincere and romantic they are. Intellectual conversations and grand gestures are an added bonus in an Aquarius husband.

12. Pisces – The passionate one

A Pisces man makes the most passionate husband and is regarded as the best husband zodiac sign. He is emotional at heart and when he loves you, he does it with 100% devotion. He will shower you with creative and romantic gestures. With a Pisces husband, you are in for a spiritual romantic experience.

So, there you go, a complete guide to finding the best husband according to zodiac signs. Surely, now you can tally the characteristics and natural traits of these zodiac signs and figure out if the romantic bond with your new handsome mate is actually leading somewhere. We wish you all the very best!

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