18 Things To Know When Dating A Libra Man

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Updated On: March 18, 2024
Dating A Libra Man
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The first things we find out about a potential love interest are invariably their name, where they’re from, what they do and their birthday. The last one can offer you quite an insight into the person’s personality – thank you, zodiac signs! So, if you’re dating a Libra man, you must be intrigued by their charming, flirtatious and elegant ways. Eager to unravel the many layers of their persona?

Yes? Thankfully, astrology can be quite an accurate tool in deciphering your boo’s personality traits, behavior tendencies, likes and dislikes, and even dating patterns. This understanding of the Libra man personality can help you build a successful relationship with him. From navigating the early stages of dating a Libra man to figuring out the pace at which to take your relationship forward (provided that’s what you’re both inclined to do), there are so many dilemmas a better understanding of his personality will help solve. So, let’s take a closer look at some key things to know about a Libra man?

18 Things To Know When Dating A Libra Man

Birthday: September 23 to October 22
Libra traits male: Charming, intelligent, romantic, polite, sensitive, calm, flirtatious, indecisive
Most compatible with: Leo and Aries

Are you dating a Libra man? If these key personality traits associated with men from this zodiac sign are any indication, you’re in for quite a treat. You’ve got yourself a man who is charming and intelligent yet polite and calm, and also flirtatious and romantic. What more could you’ve asked for!

That being said, it’s not as if men born under this zodiac sign don’t have their share of quirks and flaws. Like with any other zodiac sign, there are a myriad of pros and cons of dating a Libra man as well. Besides, your mind may be swarming with a host of questions like what to expect from the first date with a Libra man, what kind of woman do Libra men like, and how is a Libra man in relationships.

An informed insight into what to expect when dating a Libra man can help address these questions to a great extent and help you smartly navigate the pitfalls of such a relationship and build upon the strengths. To that end, here are 18 things you need to know when dating a Libra man:

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1. How do Libras act when they like someone? Overly flirtatious

How do Libras act when they like someone? When a Libra man likes you, this question becomes impertinent. Simply because he will go above and beyond to make his interest in you well-known through apparent flirting. Once a Libra man has his heart set on a person, he will not stop until he has won them over with his charming, flirtatious overtures. If he likes you, you’d have a pretty good idea about it even before you agree to a first date with Libra man.

This is one of the things you should put up in loud neon signs when it comes to what to know about a Libra man for this is such a core aspect of their personality. In fact, their flirtatious streak is so compelling that they can’t help but indulge in harmless flirting with others even when they’re in a committed relationship with you. It can be considered as one of the weaknesses of a Libra man, which may even cause some trouble in your paradise.

2. Libra man and extramarital affairs – He won’t stray or cheat

One of the key characteristics of a Libra man in love is his loyalty. He may flirt with others, even in your presence. Or bowl people over with his charm. But once he is in love with and committed, he’ll never stray or cheat. So if you are indeed dating a Libra guy, know that you have a dedicated and loyal partner.

The body language of a Libra man in love, the way he treats you and behaves around you will be enough to put your heart and mind and ease. A Libra man in relationships has a way of making his partner feel secure and valued, so you can rest assured that there won’t be any signs of trust issues in this partnership.

But if you are left wondering, “How do you tell if a Libra man is using you?”, that is a definite cause for concern. If you think that you’re in a committed relationship but your partner has been cheating on you, consider it a red flag. It’s out of character for a Libra man to breach a partner’s trust. If he is doing it, chances are he’s not emotionally invested and may well be using you.

Libra man in relationships
Loyalty is paramount for a Libra man in relationships

3. He will spoil you silly

How does Libra man express his love? By spoiling you silly with his generosity and large-heartedness, among other things. Your partner will leave no stone unturned to make you see how special you are to him. He will also not hold back when it comes to making sure that you’re comfortable and cared for.

If you’re wondering what it’s like to date a Libra guy, know that you are in for an absolute treat. From letting you have that last slice of pizza to sharing his most prized possessions with you, you name it and you’ll have it. Dating a Libra man is like chancing upon a gift that just keeps on giving. His generosity and large-heartedness are among the most heart-warming things to know about a Libra man. Having him as a partner will fill your heart with so much gratitude.

4. He may not appreciate criticism

That said, one of the things to know about Libra man is that he does have his share of shortcomings too. One of the weaknesses of a Libra man is his inability to handle criticism well. Mainly because men born under this sign are extremely intelligent and their perspective on things is generally more evolved than that of others.

This doesn’t mean that you always have to agree with your partner. But in case of a disagreement, putting your point across diplomatically is a more effective approach than downright criticism. Conflict resolution in a relationship isn’t his strongest suit and you may end up feeling that being right is more important to him than fostering harmony. This can prove to be one of the biggest cons of dating a Libra man.

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5. He appreciates finer things in life

If you’ve just started dating a Libra guy and are wondering, “What do Libra men like?”, take note. Your man is bound to have a taste for finer things in life. Want to please your partner? Posh surroundings, fine dining, candlelight dinners, a walk in the moonlight, thoughtful and exquisite gifts – these are the things that tug at their heartstrings. Even if you go for a cozy at-home date night, it needs to be planned to perfection.

Just treat him like a king and he’ll reciprocate by making you feel like you’re the most special person on the face of the planet. To him, you are. To make a Libra man obsessed with you or make him see you as the one for him, you have to be prepared to pull all stops in impressing your man. Once he sees you putting effort into building a relationship with him, he will more than meet you halfway.

6. He is extremely social

A Libra man thrives on social contact. He takes to organizing social events and hosting people like fish to water. It’s an innate Libra man personality trait and if you’re dating one, you have to be prepared to let your hair down more often than not. How to date Libra man? Well, definitely not by ordering in a pizza and expecting him to quietly watch Netflix with you.

To keep a Libra man interested and brimming with energy, just leave him in a room full of people to work his magic. It’s not just his friends or social circle that he thrives on. A Libra man can walk into a room full of strangers and quickly become the life of the party. Trust him to channel his charm and friendliness to make sure your friends love him to bits from the moment you introduce them.

It is such things to know about a Libra man that can help you understand him well and forge a strong bond with him, so make sure to make a mental note. It’ll come in handy the next time you’re trying to think of fun things to do with your partner. If the choice is between a quiet romantic dinner and going clubbing, you’d instinctively know which way to go.

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7. The quintessential perfectionist

Your quest of what to know about a Libra man has only begun just now. Libra male traits are complex most of the time and thus it is necessary to also know that Librans are perfectionists to a fault. Be it doing up the interiors of a house, putting together a presentation at work or picking the right outfit for an event, you’ll never see them put in a half-hearted effort into anything.

This drive for perfection can become an annoying trait to put up with. But look at the bright side – when he strives so hard to get the little things in life right, how hard will he be willing to work to make your relationship perfect. His quest for perfection is going to be an important element in determining the various aspects of your relationship. For instance, in it lies the answer to what kind of woman do Libra men like.

Since he is a perfectionist to a fault, he may find it hard to get along with someone who doesn’t pay attention to detail. This can result in a lot of compatibility issues in the relationship. Your own sense of perfectionism (even though it may never match his) can be a big factor in determining whether a Libra man is serious about you.

8. Masculine yet sensitive

The man you’re dating may be outwardly masculine. Or macho even. But he is also completely in touch with this sensitive side, and unabashedly so. A Libra man in love will prove to be a partner who is invested in honest and open communication. Someone who wants to talk about your problems, triggers, hopes and aspirations, and share his vulnerabilities without flinching.

When dating a Libra guy, emotional distance is the one thing you’d never have to worry about. If you’ve wondered, “Is a Libra man affectionate?”, we think you have your answer. A Libra man in relationships is always in touch with his feelings – be it feel-good romantic feelings or uncomfortable emotions like anger or hurt – and doesn’t hesitate in voicing them. If you’ve always dreamt of a partner you can talk to late into the night and lay your heart bare to, he is it.

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9. Cool, calm, collected

A Libra man is also temperamentally cool, calm and collected. It takes an exceptional situation for him to lose his temper and lash out at someone. Mostly, this is a great quality to have in a partner. But along with this, there is another side of the coin to what to know about a Libra man.

Such an attitude can also make them seem too laid back to care about situations. If you’re the passionate kind, this can be extremely frustrating to put up with. It helps to keep reminding yourself that this laid-back attitude is not a sign of detachment. It’s just an inherent Libra man personality trait that they can’t do much about.

This is one of the most important things to know about a Libra man and remember. If he doesn’t indulge in a passionate argument over a crucial relationship issue that’s been gnawing at you, it’s not because he is falling out of love. It’s simply because his inherent response and coping mechanism are very different.

10. He struggles to let go

Libra man is serious about you
He loves you too much to let you go

Another Libra man personality flaw is that they struggle with the idea of ending a relationship. Does it indicate that a Libra man is obsessed with you? No, he simply loves you too much to let you go. Even when he can see that a relationship is not working out, he’ll do all he can to avoid a split.

Even at the cost of his own well-being or that of his partner. This is indeed what it’s like to date a Libra man. The idea of honoring a commitment can become so big in his head that he chooses to stay in dysfunctional and unhealthy relationships that have long run their course.

When a Libra man is serious about you, he will fight for the relationship with everything he’s got. Even if it means fighting you to save the relationship. That’s not necessarily a good thing. When you want to let go and he’s holding on with everything he’s got, he can truly manifest the traits of a clingy boyfriend. That is undoubtedly one of the cons of dating a Libra man.

11. He is affectionate

Is a Libra man affectionate? Why yes he is and how! Dating a Libra man guarantees one thing – being showered with oodles of affection and then some. If you’re still in the nascent stages of your relationship and wondering how do you know when a Libra man is in love, wait till he lets his guard down.

From frequent kisses to warm hugs, holding hands, reassuring touches and soothing words, he will use every gesture possible to convey his affection for you. He will hold you and let you cry in his arms when you’re feeling low. He will pull you into corners to steal kisses. Your man will make your heart skip a beat with his mere touch.

The body language of Libra man in love is one of warmth and affection. Long before he confessed his feelings for you, you’d know how strongly he feels for you because his every gesture and every action will attest to the fact. In fact, these affectionate gestures are one of the first telling signs that a Libra man is serious about you.

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12. You’ll have a good time with a Libra man in bed

Libra is one of the two zodiac signs ruled by Venus – the planet of pleasure and love. Have you ever wondered why are Libra men so good in bed? Now, you have your answer. His expression of love won’t just be limited to a display of affection and generous gestures. A Libra man in bed is also equally romantic and mind-blowingly amazing.

Your partner will take foreplay as seriously as the act itself. Your needs will matter to him as much as his own and he will show it to you with all he’s got. A Libra man in relationships also makes for an extremely generous partner in bed who believes in giving as much pleasure as he seeks. You know what that means for you. Multiple Os – oh, yeah!

13. He is annoyingly indecisive

One of the things to know about Libra man is his inability to make decisions matches his master craftsmanship in bed, if not more. When one lists the weaknesses of a Libra man, this one has to be right at the top. And it’s not just big, life-altering decisions that he’d drag his feet over.

Anything from which topping to get on a pizza to which restaurant to pick for a dinner date, his tendency to keep looking for options out of the fear of missing out on that perfect fit is plain annoying. He knows it too but just can’t help himself. How to date a Libra man? Stop waiting for him to answer and pick the restaurant yourself.

When he drags his feet so much on even the most inconsequential decisions in life, you can only imagine how hard it can be for him to make up his mind about a life partner. Now, this is not to say that dating a Libra man means you’ve landed yourself a commitment-phobe. On the contrary, there is a silver lining to his indecisiveness. When a Libra man is serious about you, you can be sure that he is 100% convinced that you’re it. That kind of security in a relationship is definitely aspirational.

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14. He cannot stand dishonesty

What do Libra men like? Well, they certainly appreciate honesty in their relationship. Secrets, lies and manipulation are definite deal-breakers for them. Let’s say, you’ve had a fling while dating a Libra man. He is much more likely to forgive you if you come clean with him. But if you are dishonest and he finds out about it anyway, consider it the end of your relationship with a Libra man in love.

This personality trait also has the answer to what kind of woman do Libra men like. They most certainly appreciate women who are honest, transparent and upfront with them. Lies, deceit, and secrets should not have a place in any healthy relationship, anyway, but it is ever more vital to steer clear of these when you’re dating a Libra man. Be it in the early stages of dating a Libra man or once you’re in a serious, committed relationship with him, know that he will pull back at the first sign of dishonesty, cheating or romantic manipulation.

15. He has a creative streak

Apart from being extremely romantic, Libra men are also highly creative. They appreciate art, music, sculpting, painting – anything that gets their creative juices flowing. Your partner may have a well-paying job and flourishing career, but don’t be surprised if you find him moonlighting as a painter, writer, lyricist or musician.

These creative outlets are what bring him harmony and balance – the two key traits of this zodiac sign. So don’t be appalled when he wants to take you to a museum for a date instead of just a movie followed by dinner. This is just one of those things that comes with the territory when you’re dating a Libra guy.

Irrespective of what he does for a living, dating a Libra man is akin to dating an artist because that’s who he is at heart. This also means that a Libra man needs a lot of personal space in the relationship to pursue his passion for creativity. You have to be willing to give him that space in order to let your partner and your relationship thrive.

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16. He may be extravagant

As we mentioned, a Libra man has a penchant for finer things in life. They appreciate luxury and exquisiteness. Because of this undying love for expensive things, your partner may sometimes go overboard in their spending sprees. A Libra man in love may squander money on extravagant luxuries to pamper you, even when you view such indulgences as unnecessary.

This can turn into a problem if they don’t learn to check their impulses in time. Besides, if you have a frugal outlook, the diverging views on how to handle money can become an issue in the relationship. This can definitely prove to be among the major cons of dating a Libra man. We’d advise you to look out for this tendency right from the early stages of dating a Libra man, as it is one of the more prominent Libra male traits, and try your best to navigate it.

17. He yearns for love and attention

When you’re dating a Libra man, all the love, affection, generosity and romance cannot be a one-way street. He yearns to receive the same kind of love and affection that he’s showering you with. He might not say it all the time, but he does need a good deal of attention from you.

Your partner will thrive on compliments, appreciation, and an unabashed display of love, topped with a generous dose of kind words. If you’re someone who doesn’t wear their heart on their sleeve, it can leave him feeling discontent and unvalued in the relationship.

To answer your question, what kind of woman do Libra men like, they like women who are just as in tune with their emotions as they are and are not afraid to voice them. In all likelihood, words of affirmation is his love language and he seeks it in his intimate relationships. The right amount of love, attention and appreciation is what brings out the best in Libra man in relationships.

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18. He will put you first

One of the biggest strengths of a Libra man is his ability to put you first, even to the detriment of his interests. Among the key characteristics of a Libra man in love is his selflessness. Being with him, you’ll experience what unconditional love feels like. You don’t even have to try to make a Libra man obsessed with you for him to prioritize you and the relationship he shares with you.

Once a Libra man is serious about you, your relationship will take precedence over much else in his life. If there is a strong connection between you two, you may see the signs of it right from the early stages of dating a Libra man. Since he’s all in, this also means he’d expect you to jump in with both feet too. Perhaps, it’s a good idea to assess whether you’re ready for something that intense before or soon after your first date with Libra man.

Like a partner from any other zodiac sign, dating a Libra man can be a mixed bag of sorts. But their many unique traits and qualities make the ride worth your while. This relationship will truly set the bar high for what to expect from a partner.

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