13 Things To Know When Dating A Gemini Man

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Updated On: December 17, 2021
dating a gemini man

When dating a Gemini man or falling in love with this amicable and super-fun personality, one thing we can guarantee is that you will never get bored. Gemini men are often sociable, attractive and most probably the charmer in the corner of the room whose jokes everyone will be laughing at. 

I mean if you’ve ever crushed on the sizzling Chris Evans or gone completely gaga over Tom Holland’s innocent smile, you’ll know exactly what we are talking about. These famous men are already known for their charm and enthusiasm and are very popular with the ladies for the same reason. Spoiler alert: They’re Geminis! 

This glorious zodiac sign has a lot to offer in relationships from their quick wit and charm to their communicative and deeply intelligent side. If you are indeed dating a Gemini man, he may not be Chris Evans, but rest assured that you’ve scored a total package. 

Dating A Gemini Man – 13 Things You Should Know 

That brings us to the question, how to date a Gemini man? Outgoing and everyone’s favorite, taking your Gemini boyfriend to a party is a sure way to make all the other ladies jealous. Dating a Gemini man means dating someone who enjoys being the cynosure of all eyes and he will gladly lap up any attention he gets. Don’t be too offended if he’s indulging in some healthy flirting with other ladies because Gemini men are reliable that way too. 

So in most cases, you won’t really have anything to worry about. Interestingly, they also do have a deeper and more dynamic side that you’ll get to explore over the course of being with your Gemini boyfriend. Behind the curtains of a sorted, confident and dazzling individual, lies a man with his own complexities and with his own set of Gemini man weaknesses in love.  

So, when dealing with this personality type, there are some important things to know about dating a Gemini man that can help you understand him better and navigate your relationship easier. What does Gemini man like in a woman? Does he make a good boyfriend? Is he reliable? How to treat a Gemini man well? We have it all covered. Keep these 13 things in mind and you and your Gemini man will be good to go. 

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1. How to date a Gemini man? Cancel your ‘at-home’ dates 

If you want to treat a Gemini man well on a date, know that he is not one to stay indoors, get cozy and watch Netflix with you. There are many cute things to do with your boyfriend at home, but when dating a Gemini man, know that he is more of an outdoorsy person. This is why the combination of a Gemini man and Taurus woman isn’t recommended. A Taurus woman can spend the evening reading a book in the comfort of her room and ordering take-out but a Gemini man needs much more than that.

They have an unpredictable and adventurous side and you might often have to tap into the same to plan your dates with them. Trying out new activities, eating new foods, exploring new places – these are all things that give them a rush and they will prefer these to staying at home, any day. 

2. There is no drama when dating a Gemini man 

One of the best things about dating a Gemini is that they will love you dearly, but spare you any drama. Gemini men express love by being earnest, heartfelt and honest instead of having uncontrollable emotional outbursts. Since they rely on intellect and good judgment much more than emotions, they have a rational side which makes them truly admirable. They know how to separate their feelings from what’s logical while valuing both equally. 

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3. You will receive a lot of texts 

Women, your wish has been granted. Here is a man who actually likes texting! Being communicative is one of the key characteristics of a Gemini. Yes, you will never have to worry about them not sharing enough or being bad at communicating their feelings. In fact, you might just have to worry about the opposite. 

Since they value communication so highly, dating a Gemini man experience includes him talking to you, a LOT. Double texting, freaking out when you don’t reply or constantly asking you about your day are some things you can expect from your Gemini boyfriend. 

what does gemini man like in a woman
Be prepared for lots of texts when dating a Gemini man

4. He lets the wind take him 

This can be both a good and a bad thing. A Gemini man can be impulsive and enjoys a good degree of spontaneity. In fact, if you’re wondering what does a Gemini man like in a woman, it is a zeal and excitement that he wants to see in her that he can share. This is why one can assume that an Aquarius woman dating a Gemini man could make an excellent match! Since both are ruled by the air sign, the two are always high on energy and are incredibly keen on social activity and adventure.

However, this has a downside to it too. Since a Gemini man can easily get carried away, this can make them a little unreliable as well. Don’t be surprised if they forget their dating etiquette. Forgetting dates, canceling plans at the last minute, are all things that they are capable of because they seem to get enamored by the next best thing and quickly move on to it. 

5. He knows how to make you feel special 

You’re here scratching your head and thinking about how to treat a Gemini man but this brilliant zodiac sign is so good with people, he already knows how to treat YOU well. How to know when a Gemini man is in love? Well, you won’t have to wonder or second guess this one because a Gemini man is very, very expressive when he is falling for someone. Unique romantic gestures are their forte and a Gemini man will express love like he means it.

If they send you flowers at work, kiss you passionately in front of everyone at a party, he is very likely crazy about you. The best thing about dating a Gemini man is that he is transparent and you never have to worry about peeling back his layers to understand him better. When he loves you truly and says it out loud, you can be assured he won’t leave you hanging or breadcrumbing but will instead give you his entire world. 

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6. How to date a Gemini man? Respect his space 

One of the things to know about dating a Gemini man is that he values himself and his personal growth above all else. That could mean him taking off for three weeks on a vacation, or wanting to spend time with friends or even just going on a hike all by himself. Just don’t be surprised if he tells you he needs space in a relationship.

While he loves you and cherishes you, a Gemini man has a zeal for life that he prizes above everything else. Everyone needs time to recharge themselves and take some time off. Know that if he is not always spending time with you, it is not because he dislikes you but because he is only working on being a better person for himself. 

7. They value intellect 

Gemini men are usually perceptive and are appreciative of people who have an intense and intellectual side to them since they themselves can be so analytical. Look at Jordan Peterson. With his opinions and views, one knows this Gemini man has an expansive mind bubbling with ideas. This is even one of the Gemini man weaknesses in love – he will fall hard for anyone who can dazzle him in an intellectual conversation.

So, when a Gemini man says I love you, he also seems to be saying “I love your mind”. A Gemini man would only fall in love with someone who can match up to them and make them smarter. Bonus points to you for that one! 

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8. Gemini man weaknesses in love – They might stay for a good time, not a long time

A romantic getaway at a lake house? Check. Stargazing? Check. Having a thrilling time? Check. Commitment? Well, that might be questionable. One of the cons of dating a Gemini man is that it can take him a while to express wholehearted commitment to you. Yes, they can be commitment-phobes.

While their love is strong and promises real, a Gemini man usually takes time to take a relationship to that level. However, they are great at flings and casual relationships because they like to have fun and make everything a worthwhile experience. 

Unless we are talking about a Gemini man dating a Sagittarius woman, as that could be a potential relationship. The cosmos has just planned something else for them. There’s almost a magnetic attraction between these two signs even though they seem opposite at first. The two are always intrigued by one another and can never get bored of each other.

dating a gemini man experience
You will have endless fun but don’t get attached too quickly

9. They are inquisitive and curious 

Trust us, Geminis have such a positive outlook in life that it can exhaust you but also make you want to learn something from them. Dating a Gemini man experience includes having late-night conversations about bizarre things and opening up about your vulnerabilities. 

Their inquisitive nature makes them want to get to the bottom of everything so prepare to be greeted with a lot of questions about yourself or other controversial relationship questions. When dating a Gemini man, know that he will do everything to uncover your deepest and darkest truths. 

10. You will make new friends when dating a Gemini man 

Spending time with friends is something that Gemini men tend to do a lot. So, when you’re dating a Gemini man, get ready to be surrounded by a lot of his friends too. Planning game nights, going to bars together or them showing up at your house announced, be prepared for all of it. 

Geminis are usually very tight with their friends and might even choose to hang out with their friends over their family. They value loyalty and understand deeply and are always happy to celebrate the same. 

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11. They can make fleeting promises

A Gemini man’s weakness in love is that they can get so overwhelmed by the intensity of a situation that they may find themselves in a daze and not fully conscious of his feelings. Because he lives his life trying to seize every moment, he may act on a passing feeling without actually making any concrete future plans. 

When a Gemini man says “I love you”, he will mean it but he might not be ready to prove it. This can be disheartening but over time, he might gain perspective and know-how to be a better boyfriend to you. Just give him that space and time to know better. 

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12. How to treat a Gemini man? Be flexible with him

In the initial days of dating, know that even when a Gemini man kisses you, it does not mean he is not kissing anybody else. A Gemini man loves the thrill of love and it is possible that he wants to try polyamory before settling down for good. Take the instance of a Gemini man and Gemini woman dating. The reason the two get along so well is that they allow each other a tremendous amount of independence. This honesty and space in the initial days of the relationship can really turn their relationship into a long-term thing.  

How to treat a Gemini man? Don’t try to cuff him too quickly. When dating a Gemini man, remember that he is not one to start simping over you after the third date. With his charm and winsome personality, he probably has a few other admirers that he is courting. So, establish some open relationship rules and take time before you start treating a Gemini man like a proper boyfriend or else you might get hurt. 

13. Gemini man weaknesses in love – They might get bored easily 

One of the cons of dating a Gemini man is that their moods can change at the drop of a hat. One day, they’re unleashing their inner painter and you’re dating an artist, and the next, they couldn’t care less and the paintboxes are back in the garage. This is one of the Gemini man weaknesses in love that tends to ruin a lot of their relationships.

When you are dating a Gemini man, you might have to spend a lot of time keeping them grounded and hooked onto one thing. Their jumpy attitude makes them frivolous, and as a girlfriend, it might be your job to show him how not to do that. 

So, there you have it! There is a lot that a Gemini man can teach you about life and positivity but on some things, you might have to give them a lesson or two as well. Overall, he can take you for an unexpected ride, full of surprises and fun, that you will remember forever. 

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