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How to spice up your sex life

Everyone wants sexual fulfilment. Why not make the journey to attaining sexual satisfaction exciting and interesting?
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The word “SEX” always sends jitters to your veins. The quest for completion is a roller-coaster ride. So, why make it a monotonous one? Try and un-complicate it to make it pleasurable with some music, unplanned halts, dance and spices. It’s not a mere three-letter word for your indulgence or to make babies, it’s a connect between two souls filled with lust, desires, sensuality, anger, love and hunger, so why not make it fascinating?

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Tips to spice up your sex life

So, if you need some chillis, here are a few tricks and tips to add spice to your sex life. Remember to use these chillis wisely to not burn your tongues.

1. Set up the background

A little hard work to make things harder to get is always fruitful. Set up a sensual song, with some aromatic candles around and dim lights. This will help set up the mood and also help to replicate the setup from the movies you have always fantasised about. This factor will help you give an edge to your play. Remember to lure your partner with your strokes and softness and to not stop even after the music stops.

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