Love At First Sight: 8 Signs It’s Happening

Signs of love at first sight
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“Love at first sight? I absolutely believe in it! You have got to keep the faith. Who doesn’t like the idea that you could see someone tomorrow and she could be the love of your life? It’s very romantic.” – Leonardo DiCaprio

Now, we don’t know if this widely attributed quote was actually Leonardo’s but few would dispute his notion. The Romeo & Juliet actor isn’t exactly known for his deep relationships with women but if an alleged Casanova like him believes in the concept of love at first sight, why shouldn’t we? And to think of it, most romantic movies and poetry are based on the concept of love at first sight.

And let us add here that it is men who generally experience love at first sight, as claimed by a study. The study also found that women are more likely to say “I love you” first in a relationship. Perhaps, this can be attributed to the fact that attraction is one of the prime criteria for men to fall in love, and that’s why they seem to fall in love at first sight more often than women.

So shed your cynicism for once, understand the love at first sight meaning and phenomenon, and bask in the opportunities that life gives when you meet someone and let the proverbial sparks fly. You see so many men and women every day, and so many of them are charming and attractive. You might even feel infatuation for some.

How is this infatuation different from romantic love at first sight? What are the signs of love at first sight? What does love at first sight feel like? What are some of the attraction at first sight signs? Let’s answer all these and many other questions that this concept must raise in your mind so that you’re ready to embrace love at first sight should it ever happen to you.

Can You Really Fall In Love At First Sight?

Ok, let’s address the practical yet secretly romantic men and women out there whose first and foremost question is likely to be – do these things happen in reality and not just in movies like Titanic or with celebs like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

The answer: Yes, they do! Love at first sight means you feel an instant, extreme and ultimately long-lasting romantic attraction for a stranger when you spot or get introduced to him or her. These are the signs of love at first sight.

Agreed, it might be purely physical attraction and it may not even last that long but consider it the first step toward the process of falling and staying in love. Here are some other reasons why you should absolutely believe in things like a crush at first sight, instant chemistry and desirability. Here are signs someone likes you instantly and why we exhibit those signs:

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1. It’s all scientific

Truth be told, the phenomenon of love at first sight wasn’t just born out of a romantic poet or writer’s vivid imagination. There is actual science at work here. In a study titled Neuroimaging of Love: fMRI Meta‐Analysis Evidence toward New Perspectives in Sexual Medicine, neuroscientist Stephanie Cacioppo and her team of researchers figured that there are 12 areas of your brain that work together to release chemicals that can bring about that wonderful feeling of being in love. Whoa! The signs you have chemistry actually stem from some chemicals in your brain.

2. Chemistry and more

The clichéd “butterflies in the stomach” maxim is actually related to hormones that make you feel warm and fuzzy. Prime among these are dopamine and serotonin, as well as norepinephrine. Their functions? To make you feel giddy and energetic, almost like you are on drugs. And love is nothing less than a drug.

Love at first sight may even lead to reduced appetite and insomnia. So if you feel sleepless at night, know that it’s probably the result of a crush at first sight that may have endless possibilities. The bottom line: love at first sight is a scientifically support phenomenon and it’s your hormones that are responsible for it.

3. The brain and heart dilemma

how does love at first sight feel like
You feel butterflies in the stomach

Interestingly, it’s not just the brain that tells you whether you feel attraction or not. The heart feels it too, so love at first sight happens through a great combination of two organs working in tandem. A study by Professor Stephanie Ortigue of Syracuse University, USA, found that, when some part of the brain is activated, there can be some stimulation in the heart as well. Perhaps that’s what they mean when your heart starts beating faster when you see your crush?

4. The role of attractiveness

Wondering what makes a man fall in love at first sight? Attractiveness. While pure physical attraction may not be great at finding you your potential soulmate, it can at least get the ball rolling. Now society does say that what is beautiful lies on the inside. But we cannot know how a person is on the inside the first time we meet them. But, if they are beautiful to look at, the chances of you falling in love with them, at first sight, increase greatly.

Now, the definition of attractive may vary from person to person, and perhaps it isn’t right to talk about looks in these politically correct times. But the fact is that attractive people do draw attention and there are higher chances of them falling for equally beautiful people.

In fact, intense attraction at first sight is not something only humans experience. Many other creatures feel that fleeting feeling. However, if there is attraction and you are open to having a romantic relationship, that might just manifest itself as love at first sight. Now this attraction might be based on looks or intellect or some other factor but when you find another person who mirrors your desires, it’s easier to fall in love with them at first sight.

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5. Don’t believe in the science behind it all? Keep the faith

What makes a man fall in love at first sight may not just be limited to the science and your level of attractiveness. Heard that old saying, “Magic happens when you believe in it”? The same goes for love at first sight. If you are not convinced about the science behind it, you’d believe in the phenomenon. You believe in the signs that you have chemistry.

When the right person comes along, you will get the signs. Perhaps all those love at first sight songs you have heard while growing up, start playing in your head! Just believe it’s happening for a reason. Love at first sight does feel euphoric.

A lot of us have read the Mills and Boons books and we all know what happens there. Love at first sight is not really a far-fetched idea, it’s what a lot of us believe in, and a lot of us are open to. And the locking of eyes and all those shy smiles – that’s the feeling of love.

What Are The Signs For Love At First Sight?

For hopeless romantics, there is really no description of love at first sight except that they ‘feel’ it. However, like other things, there are telltale signs of love at first sight that will explain if you have really experienced it when you met someone special.

Most of these are physical signs but there are inexplicable emotions at play here too. So be aware of both! You can actually end up showing love at first sight body language. So, how does love at first sight feel like really? Your heart pounds, your breath hitches at the sight of them, and you cannot take your eyes off them no matter how much you may try. But that is not all there is to it.

To make sense of what you’re experiencing when you find yourself pulled toward a person you’ve just met, watch out for these signs of love at first sight. You’ll know if you have toppled head over heels for that lovely stranger you crossed paths with two days ago as you both reached for the last copy of the same novel at your favorite book store:

1. The eyes start to act

There is a reason why it’s called love at first ‘sight’. You have to ‘see’ and, more importantly, like what you see. Say, you walk into a chic Soho bar and settle in with a drink only to spot the hottie at the other table. Almost involuntarily your gaze goes there, more than once during the evening. It just means that your eyes have made a connection.

This is also one of the more telltale signs of love at first sight from a man. You could be having a quiet dinner and chatting away with your friend while at it, yet, somewhere in the corner, someone could be stealing shy glances at you as they get slowly convinced that you are the one they have been looking for all of their lives.

An inability to take your eyes off someone, no matter how hard you may try to act cool and unfazed, is one of the first signs of love at first sight. So, even if you are afraid of getting caught by the person, the fear of potential embarrassment and awkwardness is still not enough to keep your eyes off them. After all, they say that the eyes can tell a thousand stories. And your eyes, at the moment of the fateful encounter, will be showing all the signs of love at first sight.

2. Your brain works with your eyes

Science says all it takes is 100 milliseconds to know if someone is a potential partner. So, one of the signs of love at first sight from a man is when they stare intensely at you, as if they can see into your very soul. When the eyes lock, simultaneously you are sizing up their possible trustworthiness, intellect, and depth to see if they match yours.

A reciprocal glance takes it to another level altogether. And bingo, suddenly you are hit with attraction at first sight and begin to hear all those love at first sight songs.

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3. Your body language changes

The body language of love at first sight moments is interesting to note. First and foremost, there is a feeling of comfort even at the first meeting. No matter who the person is, you see him or her as a genuine being. This is also one of the first signs of love at first sight from a girl.

Women are prone to being careful and keeping people at a distance. They typically don’t get comfortable around strangers. So, if they seem to be relaxed around you – when their pose gets languid and they passionately engage with the discussion you’re having – know that you may be seeing the first signs of love at first sight from a girl.

Even if you are a man, you could feel your shoulders relax as the conversation progresses. There might even be a small involuntary sway of the body. And you may end up smiling a lot more during your chat with Mr/Miss Potential.

4. You feel real and completely yourself

intense attraction at first sight
When you fall in love at first sight your body language changes

Often in social situations, etiquette and the context may demand you behave in a certain way that’s not your natural self. Perhaps your jokes don’t land on your friends well. But this person appears to just get your sense of humor, and the rest of you. Perhaps your style quotient isn’t appreciated by others. But he/she first compliments your style. Basically, you can be real with them. What does love at first sight feel like? It feels like you have just found your soulmate.

5. The sync happens smoothly

Opposites don’t really attract. Often we go for those with whom we share similarities, at least initially. The qualities that you really admire, or perhaps the ones that remind you of your parents, might come alive in this person. And this can really make it happen. Did you find yourself completing each other’s sentences? Did you laugh at the same sequence?

Did you realize he loves Chandler from Friends as much as you do? Well, these are signs that the dopamine may be working overtime. Is love at first sight mutual always, though? Maybe not. Sometimes you may find yourself in love with someone who barely knows you exist and has even less idea about the raging attraction at first sight that you felt for them.

If you are lucky, the signs of love at first sight will make both of your stomachs tingle at the same time and usher in the start of a neverending romantic fairytale. If not, and you find yourself in love with someone who is completely clueless about your feelings and/or your existence, go strike up a conversation with them.

The worst-case scenario is that you find out they are not really as cool as you thought they are and you lose interest in them slowly. But the best-case scenario could have you walking down an aisle in a sparkling white dress, ready to say “I do” to the love of your life a few years down the line.

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6. Suddenly the world ceases to matter

The best way to test if you have fallen in love with someone you just met is to go through your interaction with him or her in a group. If you were in a group and got introduced to the person who may become the love of your life in the future, think about how you behaved.

Do you remember what he said more than what others did? Did you stop noticing your surroundings to focus only on her? Were you two stealing glances at each other? Did you secretly hope you’d get to know them better? Yes, yes, and yes? These are all sure shot signs of love at first sight.

7. You are curious about them

If a person interests you, he or she will hold your attention for a long while. This will naturally lead to curiosity. Often when you meet new people, you indulge in small talk where you ask perfunctory questions about their work, life and interests. There are many get-to-know-me questions that can prepare you to ask the right questions when the time comes. But this time it might be different. You may be genuinely curious to know more about them and it will reflect in your questions and chat with them.

8. Romantic songs and films appeal

They say those who believe in love at first sight usually love romcoms more than other genres. The other way round is true as well. Perhaps involuntarily you find yourself seeking re-runs of Notting Hill or My Best Friend’s Wedding on Netflix. It’s because external stimuli like movies or songs or books may actually add to the feeling of attraction that your brain has worked out for you.

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Why Love At First Sight Can be Dangerous

The signs are there, the reason is there but what about the flip side to this otherwise rose-tinted appeal of love? While it would be cynical to assume that love at first sight can never happen, it is naïve to presume that it is something deeper. Bear these warning signs in mind…. Just to be safe!

what makes a man fall in love at first sight
Love at first sight can be dangerous

1. Reality can be different

It is essential to remember that just because the love chemicals were working at the same level for both of you doesn’t mean that it will last forever. So be realistic even as you enjoy the first flush of a relationship. Relationship equations change, so love at first sight may not turn into a love forever kind of situation.

Even if you are seeing all the signs of love at first sight, you may find out that, once you get to know the person, you don’t actually get along as well as you thought you did. Maybe your likes, dislikes, your politics, and things you want from life are all different. You could be thinking that you have met your soulmate, and, even if you do get along like a house on fire, they may not be on the same page as you when it comes to love and romance.

For some, love at first sight is an opportunity at bagging the forever and ever kind of true love fairy tale. But the reality may not always turn out that way and what to you is the start of a fairy tale may for the person in front of you just another one-night stand. So, when setting your expectations, remember to be realistic and don’t go all in, guns blazing, even if a million romcoms try to make you believe otherwise.

2. It can be shallow

Attractiveness plays a huge role in every love at first sight situation. But looks are superficial. A strong crush may prevent you from looking beyond the first signs of love. Eventually, there might be compatibility issues that run deeper than your feelings of love.

You know that guy you are always looking at? The one who sits brooding beside the window in the classroom or maybe the one you see every day at your favorite cafe on your way to work. The one who you are sure is made for just you even though you do not know his name, likes, wants, and desires? Yep, that one you fell for the first time you set your eyes on him and you have never been the same since. You see all the signs of love at first sight. You know, in your gut, that is meant to be. The reality may just be slightly different.

The guy you have been drooling and are convinced you are in love with may not be the person you think and need him to be. Truth is, in such cases, people are prone to projecting their own needs and beliefs. The truth is when you have only seen a person from afar or met them casually, there is no way to know what they are in real life. So, chances are that it is all built upon a shallow physical attraction.

You looked at them because you found them attractive and then you built an entire personality for them in your head. And while there is no harm in introducing yourself to him and going on a date or two to know more about the person you felt attraction at first sight toward, know that this fateful encounter of yours could just be based on simple physical attraction. And they are probably not the exact reflection of the soulmate persona you have built up in your head.

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3. You may alienate friends

The body language of love at first sight says it all. You may be constantly enveloped in thoughts of your crush and may act coy and shy. So much so that it may actually lead you to drift apart from your other friends. Intense attraction at first sight may sometimes make you make bad decisions. Given that friends tend to be protective, they may try to keep you from obsessing over this person that you just met and are currently head over heels for.

This may lead to some friction between you and your friends since you could be left feeling that they just don’t get what you feel. One of the first signs of love at first sight from a girl is the feeling that your meeting is fated, like it was meant to be. And, when someone feels like that, there may just be no stopping them no matter how irrational their actions get.

signs of love at first sight from a girl
The gorgeous man might not turn out to be that great

So, if you are starting to crush intensely on a friend of a friend of a friend you met just the other day and start seeing all the signs of love at first sight, don’t just jump aboard without a single care about the world. Breathe. Take your time. Talk to your friends and listen to what they think without getting defensive. Who knows? They may just be supportive of it all. If not, tread lightly and, if you fall, your friends will still be waiting on the sidelines to catch you and hand you all the wine and chocolates you may need.

4. Logic might take a backseat

You might not heed the warning signals. Without elaborating, let’s just give one movie example – Double Jeopardy! Mad attraction or instant love doesn’t allow for logical thinking if the gorgeous man you felt was perfect was actually not that great.

5. It might hurt more

If your experience turns into something beautiful, then it’s a great story. However, if you later realize you fell for the wrong person, the recovery from the heartbreak can be much tougher as you invest a lot more emotions here than what you would in a well-thought-out, slow-paced relationship.

The dangers aside, everyone has fallen in love at first sight at least once in their life. For some it may have happened in high school during prom night, for others, it may have occurred during a work meeting as a professional but on the relationship chart, this is a story that everyone must have and nurture. If nothing else, take it as the foundation stone of building something strong and meaningful. As Leonardo DiCaprio said, “Keep the faith”, and all will be good!


1. Can you fall in love with someone you just met?

You can fall in love with someone you just met. Love at first sight means you feel an instant, extreme and ultimately long-lasting romantic attraction for a stranger when you spot or get introduced to him or her.

2. Can you really fall in love at first sight?

In a study titled Neuroimaging of Love: fMRI Meta‐Analysis Evidence toward New Perspectives in Sexual Medicine, neuroscientist Stephanie Cacioppo and her team of researchers figured that there are 12 areas of your brain that work together to release chemicals that can bring about that wonderful feeling of being in love.

3. How do you know if it’s love or attraction?

Love at first sight might take off with an instant physical attraction and you start showing the signs of chemistry or the love at first sight body language. But when you get into a relationship and it translates into something long-term then it becomes love.

4. How do you know if you found your soulmate?

When you feel you are totally in sync and the world around you suddenly ceases to exist, you might have found your soulmate.

5. What are the odds of love at first sight?

Studies claim that the odds of falling in love at first sight are pretty high. For example, you meet a person at a random bar or even in your uni class, and bam! your heart starts beating like you just finished running a marathon. It is true that some of those feelings can be attributed to pure attraction to the physical attractiveness of the person. But while that is enough for a crush, it can be called true love at first sight when it goes beyond pure physical attraction and instead starts making you feel like you may have just found your soulmate.

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