7 cute things every newly married couple does, no matter how silly they are

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Cute things that newly married couples do

We’re sure that all of us have a friend or two who start sweating at the prospect of marriage. Even if you can’t relate to this, you must’ve seen enough of Bollywood by now to notice that there’s a distinct pattern when it comes to marriage – we’re talking about youngsters flinching at the sound of the word! Ever wondered why it freaks so many people out? Because it’s widely believed that love after marriage is a disaster. While that’s a discussion for another time, we’re here to clear some myths, folks! Life after marrying may be a new chapter in the book, but it’s nothing to be afraid of!! As for cuteness, the traditional rite of passage does nothing to curb it, but if you don’t believe us, keep reading yourself and we’ll smile while you go “Aww!” at every turn.

Here’s a minor spoiler: to be newly wed is to go through a strange phase – you don’t know how to stop being merely in a relationship and be…married instead. And if you’ve had an arranged marriage, you know how awkward it can be to turn into a wife or a husband all of a sudden! But, if you’ve ever been concerned that all that love and cuteness lasts only till marriage, think again. Today, we’re bringing you 7 cute things that every newlywed couple does.

Making plans for the future

So, you’re finally married. Phew! That’s one thing off the list! But what comes next? If you thought that marriage was an end in itself, you couldn’t be more wrong. Here we find the planning phase when couples get all excited and stay up all night to talk about the things they can finally do with their partner by their side. Be it making that trip to Bali or getting that flat, the couples are all game. For the adventurous, having kids is not a scary topic to dwell on, either!

Updates or it didn’t happen

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the digital age has begun. And unless an intricate detail of your life features on Facebook, it’s like it never happened. Ergo, the two change their relationship statuses on Facebook and are showered with wishes. But the most important bit: selfies! They say you’ve got to give the people what they want, and so the newlyweds don’t disappoint when it comes to uploading photographs – as husband and wife for the first time – for friends and family.

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Ordering for two

Marriage is a big step, and it’s foolish to expect the newlyweds to adapt to this new life so soon. But that said, the attempt to adjust is almost comical at times. Whether it’s bringing home food from the restaurant or buying those bus tickets, everything’s for two. And when one of the two messes up, it’s the other’s turn to act offended and have a good laugh!

Waiting for each other

We’re all aware of how dreadful office life can be. And while getting married does get you some mercy from the boss, it’s not long before you have to grind again. As cruel as this is for the lovebirds, this can mean extra hours and less time with each other. But the newly married couple have their priorities straight. And no matter how late it gets, neither one’s cruel enough to eat without the other!

Taking sides with the in-laws

More than being about the bond of two people in love, Indian weddings – fortunately or otherwise – are a union of the families. And each of the two is pampered by their partner’s families! So, whenever the two joke or complain or jokingly complain about each other, they have their in-laws to back them up. Needless to say, a visit to any of the houses is inevitably followed by taking sides, banter, and leg-pulling.

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Bathroom productivity

Ask any person who’s been married for quite some time, and they’ll probably tell you that they don’t lock the washroom doors anymore. For the busy and uninhibited, this habit is adopted quite early. With work schedules forcing these couples to get ready in the shortest time possible, morning routines are all about teamwork. While one brushes their teeth, the other makes no bones about going number one. And if there’s a little bit of time, a steamy shower together only saves time!

Going at it like bunnies

Let’s face it. In a country like ours, marriage is really convenient when it comes to sex. While it can get a bit awkward for arranged marriages, the love birds have too much pent-up energy from having to have irregular, sneaky sex throughout their lives. The newlyweds are thus respectful of every moment they get together and make sure to make up for the lack of sex with their newfound privacy!

While you may find these moments cute or silly, these are some inevitable parts of a newlywed couple’s life!

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