7 things you will relate to if you are a working couple

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Updated On: October 27, 2021
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It is the 21st century; both the man and the woman of the house are working professionals trying to maintain a life of togetherness and romance in between stressful overtime and deadlines. Here are a few things relatable to the working couple.

How does one still keep the romance alive?

The young couples of today are living two lives: the professional wizard and the charming partner. It is not an easy feat to pull off when all you want to do is stay home with your loved one and get paid for a successful romantic life. But the rat race won’t have that, so the young lovebirds are running behind incentives, targets, and deadlines in a death speed. How does one keep the relationship from drying up? Here are seven things that the working couple will say, “I know, right!” to:

Making time

It is the hardest challenge faced by a working couple. In the rush of meetings and deals made and unmade, it is immensely difficult to manage time well enough to still save some for each other. Let alone for romance, sometimes it is difficult to have some time off for yourself. It is one thing that any working couple would like to change – that the 24 hours in a day have a bonus of two hours to help nurture the relationship.

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Office parties double up as dates

So much time being taken up by the profession, the working couple looks forward to office parties where they can bring their partner as the date. It is rather difficult to find a space in their lives exclusively for each other. There is money to book an exquisite corner in a seven-star restaurant but there is no time to attend it. That is when the HR department comes to the rescue and helps you have the space to unravel and spend some quality time with your loved one, once they have learned to dodge the party banter and find a secluded corner.

Skype calls

Woman makes video call with cell phone
Skype Call

Stuck in a meeting where the client is running late or held up in traffic, the dedicated lover and workaholic will use that strip of time to Facetime. It is not how much space you already have in your life for a relationship, but if you are willing to make some in spite of the testing circumstances. It is sweet to get a text in the middle of a bad day or an encouraging video message to uplift your mood before that tense meeting that is about to start.

Excuse machine

They have helped you get an unscheduled day off more often than not. Be it an appointment with the doctor or an unnamed emergency, but your partner is your ticket to getting some time off from work. It is a hassle to find some breathing space in the breakneck speed of the professional world and you rarely get sympathy for an excuse related to yourself as well as one related to your partner.

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Business trip distance relationship

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Long distance relationship

This is the new LDR in the hood. The numerous business trips have you shuttling back and forth between your home and stranger cities. It is a challenge to keep up with your own life, let alone the one you share with your partner. There is always a session that needs to happen in between to have an update on each other’s life. Often times it feels like you do not have the time or energy to keep up with so many things at the same time, but your partner always makes you feel it’s worth all the trouble.

Office surprises

Be it a silly Post-It in your lunch bag or a care pack sent to your cabin, those little thoughtful surprises brighten up the mundane lull of your work. Not only does it uplift your mood but makes you a delectable object of envy; everybody wants to feel comfort and love in the space of such harsh competition of the professional world.

The third one

There is always someone at the office that your partner is pulling your leg about or jealous about. But more important than that, your fellow working partner is the best buddy that you can gossip about office politics with than anybody else. Your partner has a similar space of work where there is a power play, ego hierarchy, and petty politics. Who do you open your heart to about these little things? Your partner is the best listener!

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