I want to seduce my ex girlfriend, who is now married

July 20, 2023 | Expert Author
Updated On: July 20, 2023
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Dear Ma’am,

I had a girlfriend 15 years ago. We both loved each other and we had a little physical relationship (like kissing, touching different parts of the body, etc). But things did not work out and we did not get married. We both married different people. Even after marriage, we used to meet for a year with the same level of physical touches. Then she felt guilty and categorically said she doesn’t want to continue. I pleaded that we can continue the same relationship, but since she did not agree, we totally stopped.

We went about in our lives, with our jobs and have 2 kids each. Recently I got in touch with her and have started to talk on WhatsApp. And she responds to me very well and actively. But she told we can be in touch through chat on WhatsApp. My feelings towards her have not gone and I want to get closer to her or even seduce her!

Can you please suggest what I should do?

Prachi Vaish says:


You’re clearly overstepping your boundaries here.

If she wasn’t comfortable getting intimate with you while you were in a relationship, what makes you think she’ll want to do that now? By continuing to harbour such intentions towards her and trying to draw her in, you are destroying the sanctity of your marriage as well as hers.

If she is responding to conversation well, it is NOT an invitation to get physical! I suggest you learn to respect her boundaries and give up on the idea of “seducing” her.


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