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Was it love for his sister that drove Shakuni to destroy Hastinapur?

Shakuni played a crucial role in how the Kurukshetra war played out but what were his real motives for how he acted? Love for his wronged sister?

A fight between Shakuni and Krishna

Stories display many facets of the Kurukshetra War, which forms a great part of the epic widely known as the ‘Mahabharata’. They even say that it was the mark of the end of Dwapara and the beginning of Kaliyuga. It is said that the demon Kali preyed on the weak and the innocent in the end and found ways to creep into people’s minds. However, that demon wasn’t the primary antagonist of the tale. It was rather Shakuni, said to be the incarnation of Dwapara. No matter what the stories say, we all know that in the end, it was a fight between the minds of Shakuni and Krishna.

Shakuni’s mind is an enigma and definitely worth exploring. Nobody has fleshed out his character deeply yet. Yes, he has been shown in many television and film adaptations of the epic and one knows the basic gist of why he did what he did. And the books – well, none of them really explore Shakuni’s character, instead focusing more on the victorious ones. Well, whoever said that history was written by the victors was definitely right.

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  1. As closely I have been attached to Mahabharata, I could only say that Shakuni was a complete negative character but his negativity was justified as per basic human norms…

  2. So this love was also very harmful! Strange na….an excess of anything is always disastrous! Which other mytho character can we think of?

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