5 Ways To Make Up If You Forget Your Partner’s Important Date

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Updated On: July 25, 2023
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Forgot that special day? Here’s how to make up for it. We’re not kidding when we say that ‘dates’ are tricky little things that can make or break your relationship. And no, we don’t mean the dates that you go on when you’re single. Today, we’re talking numbers. There are few things more embarrassing than forgetting your partner’s important date. A lot of people have been in this predicament. Husband forgot your wedding anniversary? Well! You are not the only one. While women are super duper good with dates men tend to be more forgetful. So the poor husband is usually to blame. But if you look deeper you could also see that he forgets his own birthday. So there you go. Be a little soft to this otherwise caring man.

There is no denying the fact that there are dates you shouldn’t forget in a relationship and there are important dates in a relationship, mainly birthdays and anniversaries, where people should feel special and you need to put in that extra effort to make that person feel special. In case of anniversaries, if you are not married then there could be meeting anniversary or proposing anniversary that you need to keep a tab on. These are special days in a relationship and if you forget that your partner is not wrong in getting angry. What you could do is apologise and make amends.

  5 Ways To Make Up If You Forget Your Partner’s Important Date

While some of us have a terrible memory, others may be swamped with work. But before you compare your situation to Hrithik Roshan’s in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, let us tell you that it’s no reason to not make it to your partner’s concert or forget their birthday – no, not even if you’re a workaholic stockbroker based in London. But, everything said and done, we’re all human and we have our flaws. And while there’s almost no easy way to fix such a blunder, there are a few things you can do to make up for it! Here are 5 ways to get yourself out of the woods!

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1. Skip the excuses

There are dates you should not forget in a relationship. Halfway through your day at work, you realise that it’s your partner’s birthday. Instead of wishing them at 12 A.M. and doing all those things you’d planned to do, you snored through the hours. You didn’t even take the day off. Here’s the best piece of advice: skip the excuses! Your partner isn’t stupid enough to buy that you had ‘too much work’. Even if you did, justifying yourself by claiming that work comes before your partner is adding insult to injury, my friend. You’ve got two ways to go. For now, remember that not owning up will only make things worse. Stick with us and we’ll tell you about the second way in a bit.

2. Don’t be afraid to apologise

It might be very tempting to skirt your way around the apology and try to find a less painful way. Guess what? Your ego’s a bad influence when it comes to matters like these. Reports suggest that couples who make no bones about apologising to each other are much likely to have healthy relationships. And that makes sense! Do us a favour, though – do not go with a curt “I’m sorry”. The way to go is to sit down and make that speech – however dramatic it may seem. Trust us when we say it works. And if you have no clue about how apologetic speeches work, look up Kanan Gill’s version of it in Keep It Real.

There are important dates in a relationship like birthdays, anniversaries, proposal dates and forgetting these days are indeed sacrilege. Come up with a sincere apology. It could really save the day.

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3. Do that thing you have been planning

While you’d make things easier for yourself by apologising, make sure you give them some space. Hey! If you’ve managed to upset them, it’s not their fault that they need some time of their own to decide your fate. Take this time to go through ‘the list’ of your relationship. No, silly, it isn’t a literal list – it’s the number of things that couples consider doing but never get done. It could be taking a day off to finally go for that couple massage or bringing home the much-desired home theatre. Whatever it takes, do that thing that you have been planning so long and never managed. It could really save the day.

4. Make them laugh

This might be a difficult one. But if you can make your partner laugh, that’s half your job done. People find it difficult to hold grudges if they’re made to laugh. But don’t be annoying. We’re looking at you, Mr(s) Tickler. If you have no idea what gets them giggling their lungs out and gasping for breath, you should. Getting your partner to laugh is a life-saving skill that you’ll be using over and over again. Now might be a good time to get your humour cap on. Go on, then. Think funny, think weird, and do whatever it takes to get your lover to chuck the sad face. Forgetting the special date in a relationship is just not done so you better make them laugh and make up for what you have done.

5. Turn it into a surprise

If you’ve been waiting for the ‘second way’ that we promised a while back, here it is. This might be a bit tricky to pull off, but with this, the cold ‘silent treatment’ will only last until the big reveal. You guessed right. If you realise that it’s your partner’s big day a little late, act cool and indifferent, but make sure you show up. If it’s their birthday, maybe take the day off to decorate the house and surprise them after work. Don’t turn it into a habit, though. Your partner deserves better. There are dates you should not forget in a relationship but if you did, please do turn it in to a big surprise.

Long story short, if you forget your partner’s important date, either own up, apologise, and do your time, or do everything you can to make sure you spend the day like you were meant to.

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