Lady! Are You Secretly Asking Google These Things?

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Updated On: February 17, 2024
Things Women Google In Secret

To all the fellow women out there, how often do you Google yourself? We have all done it. Googled our name to see if we share our name with someone semi-famous. We just don’t search our name. We have calculative theories to check out too. Like “how to let my ex know what he has lost?”,  search things like the sexual term “edging” and sometimes we type angry-looking rash on the left cheek and Google instantly has the answer. Right?

We, women, are mostly alike when it comes to doing something secretive. No? Well, here are the things women Google in secret.

10 Things Women Google In Secret

It could sound funny at times but there are some typical things women Google in their lifetime. And when you read through this you will just laugh at how we exactly know a woman’s psyche. But that’s our job, isn’t it?

1. Lose weight without dieting/exercising

I had typed this thing on Google when I wanted to lose weight. Though it may sound crazy, various web pages have come up with some solutions.

Some of them advise putting Vicks Vapo Rub on your belly and fatty areas and tightly tying a plastic overnight. It helps you reduce weight very fast. I don’t know if it’s effective but I did read the entire article.

Haven’t told a soul about it though.

Lose weight without dieting
Lose weight without dieting

2. Signs that you are pregnant

Even though you haven’t had sex in six months, something unusual with your periods and there we are, Googling symptoms of pregnancy. We have all done it.

3. What tattoo to get

Let’s face it whether we have the guts to endure the painful pricks or not, we all fantasize about having a tattoo and that’s like an ultimate desire. We love Raveena Tandon’s  Scorpion tat. Tattoos are something creative and also explores our anomalous side. According to a study, finger tattoos are popular with women.

Tattoo on body
Tattoo on body

4. Signs your partner is cheating

Call it intuition or paranoia, when something seems wrong (or your partner does not spend as much time with you), we turn to Google. Googling signs of infidelity and trying to match it to our partner’s behaviour seems like a legit way to catch him red-handed. We do not speak of how great a Google detective we are to people though.

5. How to get your crush to notice you

In school days, when Google started being the most helpful tool around, we took no shame to turn to it to get the attention of our crush. Things to do to make them notice you, what hairstyles to do, what flavoured candy he likes, you know that sort of thing. Now that we are grown up, we can just stalk their Insta page to get the info we need.

Make her crush notice her
Make her crush notice her

6. Zodiac compatibility of your date

Especially when we have a <Fatal Attraction sort of a thing for the date. We might look at their Zodiac sign in Google to see what kind of a person they are. But we like to keep it cool and not tell many about it. Rather anyone about it.

7. Beach body for Goa

Every woman going to Goa (after years of planning, because Goa trip never works out the first time) will have sarongs, spaghettis, tank tops and beachwear packed. How to get a beach body for Goa is a popular search because only size 2 are allowed to wear one piece.

Get a Goa beach body
Get a Goa beach body

8. How to have a nice-smelling vagina

I would point it out to the people who have gone down on a woman and has come up with the idea that women have a fishy-smelling lady part. As naïve innocents, almost all women have Googled to have a “nice smelling vagina”. It was only when we got older that we realized that the whole bit was to compel us to buy products with pink tax. Thank you, men.

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9. Will fringes suit my face?

The never-answered question that got many women stuck with a look they did not like. Fringes are for long shaped faces? I beg to differ, Google.

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10. Sex positions for maximum pleasure to women

Not just women, everyone has done it at some point in their life. From using your tongue to just using your hand, we have all Googled sex-related stuff. If you deny it, you lie! And yes the best sex positions are searched pretty often. Now don’t blush.

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