7 People Share Stories Of Marriages That Survived Rough Patches

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Updated On: July 17, 2023
stories of marriages that survived

Marriage is a huge commitment. Sticking it out with one person for life is a big deal and no easy task. Marriage can be one life’s most poignant and glorious experiences, but it’s also a relationship that has to endure some of the biggest storms. Despite all the difficulties, though, there are many inspirational stories of marriages that survived and came out even stronger after the storm.

It is said that marriages are made in heaven but the fact remains that they have to be lived out on earth. All married couples go through certain stages – little fights, big fights, romance fizzling out to the point that it culminates in a lack of intimacy. While some sit out the storm easily, others face different kinds of problems that put their marriages to the test.

Is marriage the hardest thing to deal with? It very well could be because marriage is about two totally different people from different backgrounds coming together to share the same roof after attaining adulthood. It’s about understanding each other and facing the trials and tribulations of life together.

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If we’re looking at celebrities for inspiration, Hollywood’s beloved superstar Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson’s relationship is an inspiring marriage story. When they met in 1984, Hanks was married at the time, but their chemistry was undeniable. 37 years later, their marriage has survived the trials of Hollywood and weathered the rough patches that come with any long-term relationship that’s constantly in the spotlight. Theirs is a blended family with Hanks having two children from his first marriage, and they make it work. If you’re confused how to survive marriage, this is a couple you could look to for inspiration.

But maybe celebrities don’t inspire confidence. Maybe you want a ‘how to survive marriage’ guide from regular people who got through a marital rough patch, but then came out with flying colors. We hear you! Here are some inspirational stories of marriages that survived, for married couples to know and trust that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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Inspiring Stories Of Marriages That Survived

It is said that when the honeymoon period gets over, the real marriage begins. You never know when a marriage can throw you a curveball, but how you deal with it and how strong you emerge from the situation says a lot about how successful your marriage really is. We give you 7 stories of marriages that survived when they were seemingly on the rocks.

1. “When we lost our baby”

“We lost our baby. He was two-and-a-half years old. It felt like a blow to our hearts and my wife took it really hard. She took to drinking and there was not a day when she went sober. The death hit me severely but I had to be strong for my wife. We bickered a lot. I was angry most of the time at my wife because she was not even trying to cope with the loss.

My mother was the only one patient with her. She fed her and helped her. There was a time two years after the incident that I wanted to go for a divorce but I couldn’t do it. It was after my wife tried to slash her wrists that I realized how much I loved her and that I was being selfish. The near-suicide made me care for her, made me stronger.

how to survive a marital rough patch
We had a rough patch in marriage when we lost our baby

We went to therapy for a year before she learnt to cope with the loss and stopped drinking heavily. It has been 5 years now. She is sober. We have a healthy baby boy and we have never been more in love.”

2. “When he had an affair”

“He had an affair with a student of his for six months. I never found out about it. He eventually came to me and confessed. We had a period where we couldn’t even look at each other. But things got better. Infidelity can make or break marriages; for us, it made ours better.

We made the effort to stick it out and he showed me he could be trusted again. He has kept his word since that day and I am glad I didn’t pack up and leave for the one mistake he made. I realized it is easier to hold on to a grudge and tougher to forgive. But if the bond of your marriage is really strong, it can survive all adversities. ”

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3. “When he lost his job”

“There was a time when the company my husband worked for crashed. Unemployment made him crazy. My in-laws and my parents were not supportive at all which made him even crazier. The little money that I made, he spent it on useless things and never lifted a finger to help around the house or with our kid. Being unemployed did not help his self-esteem and he grew more selfish day after day. Marriage and money problems were upon us.

We spent months living under the same roof and talking only when needed. He was depressed but refused to seek help, taking jabs at me whenever I tried to talk to him about getting help. It was only after he got a new job that he started getting better. The first month of the job, he rarely came home and I thought this was it for us. The month he got the first salary, he came home and handed me the money.

He even agreed to go to a therapist and was back to his old self after a few months. When I think about those days now, I still get goosebumps. My husband is a strong man but unemployment can drag a whole family down. Now if one asks me how to survive a marriage rough patch, I tell them that patience is the most important. Have faith that things will be better eventually.”

how to get through a marriage rough patch
My husband lost all self esteem

4. “When my wife was diagnosed with cancer”

“My wife was diagnosed with cancer a few years back. There was a massive financial strain but we managed to get through. I am glad the cancer was diagnosed in its early stages and I am grateful that she was strong enough for both of us. I love her like crazy.

I guess going through her cancer treatment was the toughest period of our marriage, both emotionally and financially. It was like a battle we fought every day and came out triumphant. I feel a marriage that survives cancer can survive anything. After this massively threatening experience, we have now learnt how to survive marriage. ”

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5. “When we had to endure a long-distance marriage”

“My wife had to go for a teaching job in Oman for three years. I had to stay back for the kids. We didn’t know that distance was going to be so hard. We met only during vacations and it was not easy. I never knew that long-distance relationship problems could be so tough.

On the one hand, I missed her physical presence and emotional support and on the other hand, I had to look after the children single-handedly. It was at times so emotionally draining. Three years is a long time. But when she came back, the reunion was the sweetest thing I have ever known. I had never felt more in love. This is truly one of the greatest stories of marriages that survived because I thought I had almost lost my lovely wife.”

on failing marriages

6. “Adjusting with children from her first marriage”

“My wife had children form her first marriage and after we got married, things weren’t that great. The teenage children did not like me one bit. The mother-in-law looked at me like I was a monster. Gave me hell. Dealing with a difficult mother in law was only the tip of the iceberg.

Given how everyone hated me, my wife had to take her family’s side sometimes which drove me crazy.

I never knew dealing with stepchildren could be so difficult and they could have so much hatred in their heart for their stepdad. Sometimes I used to think that I was all wrong in my decision to get into this marriage. It was only after the elder child went off to college that the younger boy started warming up to me. It is all good now.”

7. “When she went through a trauma”

“I was raped. The struggle was ugly. There was a time when my husband would be upset about everything and he would vent it on me. He failed to see that I was the victim. People around like neighbors, relatives and even friends did not make it easier for us. They drove us insane asking prodding questions and everything inevitably would lead to what my role really was in the rape. I plunged into depression and sometimes I felt that our marriage was on the rocks.

But I don’t know from where we got the strength to stick it out and he understood what I went through was traumatic and became more compassionate. He is a nice man and I am glad we made it through a hard time.”

We hope these stories of marriages that survived against all odds encouraged and inspired you. Marriage is a tough commitment. It can never be smooth sailing, but how you deal with the hard times will tell you how successful your marriage is. These inspirational stories for married couples showed us that if one has willpower and strength, we can triumph over a marital rough patch.


1. Is it normal to go through rough patches in relationships?

Absolutely. No marriage or relationship can be perfect at all times. Problems are bound to occur in your individual life and in your relationship as well.

2. Do all marriages go through rough patches?

Yes. Marriages are a heavy commitment and require a lot of time, understanding and patience. There will be days where you will be grappling with how to survive marriage because it will seem so difficult. However, in the end it will be worth it.

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  1. My worst time is still going on, we were in a relationship but she left me to marry someone else. They got married after 6 months of engagement, and after 2-3 months they are separated now. Now she is back begging to get back into my life and i unable to accept her back until i move on from the past.

  2. My neighbour lost everything in a tragic fire, including their son. We all saw their marriage crumble. So many trials marriage has to get through. It’s sad.

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