What Do You Want In A Relationship Quiz

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Before you text a ‘yes’ to a new date, it is important to figure out what it is that you really want from the relationship at that point in life. Do you want something serious or casual? Is it a rebound where you must feel the warm emotions of just another person, or is it something you are looking for in the long haul? If you have been hopping from one date to another, feeling sometimes confused and at other times exasperated, perhaps you need to sort things out inside yourself before you put yourself out there with another.

You must spare some time and ask yourself, what do you want in a relationship? There are many types of relationships: long-term serious relationships, and casual/hook-up relationships. You might just want platonic friendship, or perhaps your goal is to settle down and start a family.

This fun ‘What do you want in a relationship quiz’ will help you figure out and pick your next date with forethought.

What do you want in a relationship list:

·      Do you want someone just to cuddle up with?

·      Do you want someone who will give you your own space?

·      Do you want someone to hug and enjoy romantic moments?  

·      Do you want someone to make fun and meaningful memories with?

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This quiz will help you decide how exactly you should venture into this myriad-hued world of dating and relationships. Let’s get started!

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