What type of guy do I attract? Quiz

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What type of guy do I attract

Swipe left, swipe right… ever wonder if there’s a pattern to your dating app adventures? Do you find yourself consistently matched with the same “type” (and maybe not always in the best way)? It’s time to ditch the endless scrolling and get the answer to that question buzzing inside your head, “What type of guy do I attract?” This isn’t your grandma’s “what guys do I attract test” – this quiz is designed for the modern dating pro, whether you’re a Bumble bee, a Tinder tigress, or a Hinge hopeful. Created by a seasoned relationship counsellor, this 8 question quiz will help you uncover the hidden patterns in your dating life.

Are you a magnet for the adventurous thrill-seeker, the witty intellectual, or the mysteriously brooding type? Maybe you attract a mix of all three! This quiz will reveal your best feature when it comes to attracting partners, and the kind of guy you might be overlooking (hello, hidden gem!). So, ditch the guesswork and get ready to unlock the secrets of your dating life! Take the quiz, share your results with your besties, and maybe even discover “that person” you never knew you were looking for

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1. What are you usually doing in your free time?

  • Engaging in creative hobbies or volunteering.
  • Socializing with friends at parties or events.
  • Enjoying quiet activities like reading or hiking alone.
  • Working on personal development or pursuing fitness goals.

2. What’s your preferred communication style when meeting new people?

  • I’m outgoing and love initiating conversations.
  • I enjoy listening and observing before sharing.
  • I prefer deep one-on-one conversations over small talk.
  • I’m direct and upfront about my interests and intentions.

3. What’s your idea of a perfect date?

  • Visiting an art gallery or attending a cultural event.
  • Going to a trendy restaurant or trying new activities.
  • Having a meaningful conversation over coffee or a walk.
  • Doing something adventurous like rock climbing or skydiving.

4. What qualities do you value most in a partner?

  • Creativity, compassion, and empathy.
  • Confidence, ambition, and spontaneity.
  • Intelligence, emotional depth, and authenticity.
  • Independence, sociability, and a sense of humors.

5. How do you handle conflicts in a relationship?

  •  I prefer open communication and finding compromises.
  •  I may avoid confrontation or try to keep the peace.
  •  I value honesty and directness, even if it leads to disagreements.
  •  I’m assertive, sometimes to the point of raising confrontations.

6. What’s your approach to personal growth and self-improvement?

  •    a) I’m always seeking new experiences and learning opportunities.
  •    b) I embrace challenges and see them as opportunities for growth.
  •    c) I value introspection and self-reflection to better understand myself.
  •    d) I set goals and work diligently to achieve them.

7. What role does humors play in your life?

  •    a) It’s essential! I love laughter and appreciate wit and humors.
  •    b) I enjoy humors but don’t priorities’ it above other qualities.
  •    c) I appreciate dry or sarcastic humors and enjoy witty banter.
  •    d) I have a great sense of humors and love making others laugh.

8. How do you feel about commitment and long-term relationships?

  •    a) I’m open to the idea of a committed relationship but value independence.
  •    b) I’m keeping my options open and not limiting myself
  •    c) I’m seeking a deep and meaningful connection with someone special.
  •    d) I’m looking for long term commitment to someone who shares my values

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