Who Enjoys Sex More – Man or Woman? Find the Answer in Mythology

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Updated On: May 30, 2023
Who Enjoys Sex More

There are myths about sex and many sex myths have been busted but one question has always remained. Who enjoys sex more, man or a woman? If you have not given this question a thought, then let me tell you, mythology has. And if you have thought about it, well, then you sure are obsessed with this question.

Both Greek mythology and the Mahabharata seem to have tried to answer this question, both with definite answers of course!

Myths about sexual intercourse busted

According to Greek mythology, Tiresias was a blind prophet well known for his ability to predict the future. However, this was both a curse and a boon. According to one version, Tiresias once came across a pair of copulating snakes and hit one of them with his stick. Hera, the Queen of the gods, was not happy with this and she cursed him to become a woman for seven years. After seven years, Tiresias came across the same sight again, but this time he left them undisturbed. This act allowed him to regain his masculinity. Once Zeus and Hera were having an argument, as to who enjoyed more during sex. According to Zeus, it was women and according to Hera, it was men. Tiresias was called to arbitrate, since he had experienced sex both as man and woman. Tiresias answered, “Of ten parts, man enjoys only one!” This upset Hera so much, that she cursed him to become blind. Zeus could not do much, so he gave Tiresias the gift of foresight. Tiresias goes on to play an important role in guiding Odysseus during his journey, but that’s a different story.

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Who actually enjoys sex more…

According to the Mahabharata, after the war of Kurukshetra, before Bhishma decided to die, there was a discourse between Yudhishtir and Bhishma while the latter was on the bed of arrows. Among many questions asked by Yudhishtir, one was similar to what Zeus and Hera had. To this Bhishma is supposed to have related the story of Bhangashvana. Bhangashvana was an ancient king who was cursed to turn into a woman by Lord Indra. He was the only creature on earth to have experienced sex both as a man as well as a woman, and he also had the rare fortune to have some children call him father, while some called him mother.

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It is said that later when Lord Indra asked him if he would like to regain his masculine form, he is supposed to have declined the offer, on the grounds that he would prefer to live as a woman, mainly for the ability to enjoy sexual pleasure more.

Many later scholars have also added (lest this be seen in bad light!) that Bhangashvana enjoyed being a woman, also because as a woman she could love her children more than she could as a man!

While ancient people gave this subject thought and have debated from their own perspective and arrived at certain conclusions, I guess the subject hasn’t lost its significance even today. So who enjoys sex more, man or woman? Remember that Greek mythology punished the person who gave the answer, but the Mahabharata doesn’t quite punish the person. However, both concur that the woman enjoys more than the man.

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