Affair and Cheating

When forgiving an affair stopped me from killing myself

Life could have been a withered mess but my spiritual journey gave me the courage to find acceptance and peace
Woman off the Cliff

I was perched on the edge of a hillock. In the distance, a mirage flashed and I absently wondered if it was just my imagination. The pain came in spurts, like shards of glass relentlessly stabbing a startled heart. My mind swung from numbness to delirium and back again. The incoherence and frustration of the past few days threatened to push me off the cliff. How could my wife be having an affair? It was like being told that you have a life-threatening disease when all along you thought it only happened to someone else. The past ten years played liked a movie in my head, some parts flashing by, some in slow motion. Where had I gone wrong? Like a kitten with a ball of yarn, the more I tried to unravel my thoughts, the more tangled they got.

Ours was an ordinary love marriage. We were young and dreamy-eyed about the future. Maya had always wanted to study further and I unreservedly encouraged her to pursue her dream. It took her two years to complete her course, after which a wonderful opportunity came along and she resumed her career. Looking back, it was about then that the scales had started looking lopsided. Her new position, snooty colleagues and flashy social circle changed her. The real problem, however, started when she brought that attitude home. It crept into our lives like slow poison, unbeknownst and unfamiliar.

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The marriage hit a crisis

Through Hell, but BACK!

Is indifference or disrespect equivalent to cheating on spouse?

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