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Why newly wed couples in Bengal cannot spend the first night together

Why is it that newly wed couples in Bengal are kept apart on the first night of their marriage?
Bengali Bride

The inauspicious night

The wedding season is here. A time of merrymaking and mirth. Numerous ceremonies and festivities at the bride’s house before the wedding. The fun of the ceremony itself and then the fleeting, plaintive notes of bidaai. And the bride’s welcome into her new life… baraan

But did you know that in Bengal we have another custom? This is the custom of Kaalratri or the Black Night or Inauspicious Night. This is the night on which the newlyweds have to stay separated from each other and in stricter times not even meet one another. Why? Why is the very night a bride steps into her new house so inauspicious for the couple?

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  1. Oh good heavens! What an interesting piece! The story behind a single ritual has so many layers involved in it! It makes me feel awed when I think of the enormity of our Cultural wealth and its mythical heritage.

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