What If You’re Just The ‘Backup’ Plan?

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Updated On: March 9, 2023

There’s Plan A, the one we spend so much time perfecting and then there’s Plan B, a second-best option we keep on standby but really hope we don’t have to resort to.

This happens, sadly, even in personal relationships. Perfectly smart folks get fooled into thinking they are someone’s Plan A when in fact they’re just a backup if things don’t work out. Question is, are you being fooled too?

Well, here’s that 6-point checklist for you right now so you can find out whether you’re truly someone’s first choice or just their sloppy seconds:

1. All take and no give

You may be blind in love, but keep your eyes peeled for signs that the object of your affection is constantly making demands but offering precious little in return. It could be their time they’re selfish with while never respecting yours, or favours they ask of you but never return; be wary of users.

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2. Band-aid compliments

You’ve known the difference between genuine and fake compliments for years yet you go deaf when this person leads you on with small, stray praise-phrases only when they feel your attention is fading. They never say anything straight to your face for fear you might think you’re too precious to them. Instead, they ensure that you feel appreciated just enough so you don’t walk away.

Band-aid compliments
Band-aid compliments

3. Wishful thinking

There will be those days when they act all reflective and make comments about how they should ideally be with someone like you. They start to list reasons why you’re so good for them and how they would be so much happier if they simply settled down with you. While you may smile indulgently and look faintly embarrassed, they never get to the point where they actually commit to this. They just leave it hanging in the air, like your hopes.

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4. Eye on you

So, they claim they like their space and they don’t really want to be tied down, but they sure know how to keep you on a leash. It may just be a digital one with where they monitor your social media activity or they may schedule regular chats where they want the deets on what you’re up to when they’re not around. They never dish the dirt on their own deeds and evade your questions about the same.

5. Warming the bench

And you do notice that they have a full social life indeed, one that doesn’t include you! This even extends to them casually dating random people while never actually formally asking you out. Funnily, the day you decide to go on a date, they freak out and pretend to care about your safety. Whether this means questioning you about your date’s motives or demanding a background check, they act like a person would have to be evil or insane to date you. They just want to ensure you are single and available for them.

If you’re nodding while reading even 2 of these 6 points, chances are you’re stuck in a compromising situation and are most definitely someone’s back up a relationship. That is, you will always be a second choice. This person has no intention of letting you go, to be free to live your own life and meet someone who will put you first.

You may have a thousand justifications for why this is the way it is but honestly, why do this to yourself? You deserve better.

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