Heartbreak has left me unable to achieve erections

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Updated On: December 15, 2020
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Hello ma’am, 

I am a 26-year-old guy. I have never had sexual relations with any girl. I have not even dated anyone. Last year I discovered that I am facing problems in erection. No morning woods, soft erections, sometimes no erections. Apart from this, I face some problems while masturbating. 

I have breathing issues, weakness in legs, some feeling like I may die if I continue masturbating. I have been masturbating since a very young age. I used to have a very high libido, I used to get turned on even with the name of sex but now even porn fails sometimes. Now my erection vanishes after ejaculating only once.  I had the capability to go two rounds easily and after few hours I could easily feel aroused again. All this is declining. 

I have noticed few things, I was in a one-sided love with a girl who broke my heart very badly. Seeing her with other guys put me in depression and I noticed the dysfunction starting at that time. Two months ago I used to get nearly proper erections but then it started to decline and stopped suddenly. I also experience a problem in sleep and nightfall when I can’t achieve erections. I am getting weak day by day. It’s not that I don’t want sex, sometimes I need it very desperately, but I can’t achieve an erection. Neither can I masturbate now nor I have any partner to make me feel better. I don’t know if it is a medical condition or psychotic problem. Kindly help me.

Dr. Sharmila Majumdar says:


You have psychogenic impotence. As one ages, the sexual function declines for all of us.

You seem to be a sensitive person who gets impacted easily, so your love interest breaking your heart probably took a toll on your mind and body. That impacted your ability to have erections. This is quite natural.

About the nocturnal emission, you can prevent them by self-stimulating 2-3 times a week. You will stop having nocturnal emissions then.

You need to eat healthy, clear your mind of clutter from the past, focus on all the positives in your life.

Also I suspect that your testosterone levels might have gone down. Of course, without medical investigation, we cannot be fully certain.

There is something known as a refractory period from every man, which is the distance between two erections. The older one gets the more the distance, as time frame increases. But, health status, mental health status also plays a role in it, so do not worry about that.

Your erectile function can be easily rectified with good medication.  So just relax, since there are good treatment available in sexual medicine today.

I advise you to consult a competent sexual medicine specialist or you could reach out to me for an online consultation via Lybrate.com and I could prescribe medicines to correct your state. Or you could log in to my website doctorsharmila.in and read up various articles authored by me on various aspects of sexual and mental health.

Just keep the faith, as there are good remedies available today in the field of sexual medicine. Like I said above, I would advise you to first relax, be positive and go for a proper consultation at the earliest to resolve your problem. All the very best to you.




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