5 zodiac signs who will always be there for you

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If there is a battle to be fought, you know your support system will be your army. Unquestionable is their loyalty and they will never throw you under a bus. Not everyone is selfless enough to be reliable. But if you have them, hold them close for they are the ones who will bail you out when you need them, bake for you when you are at the worst of moods and hold out their hand to rescue you when you get kidnapped. Just make sure you treat them well.

Based on zodiac signs, these are the signs who you can rely on. These are the most reliable zodiac signs.

The Most Reliable Zodiac Signs

If there is an emergency and you need to get someone home trust this person to be there for you. You had a breakup and you need to talk to someone they will be there. These are the most caring zodiac signs who don’t give up on you.

1. Cancer – Compassionate and empathetic

Termed as the most compassionate of the signs. People born under this sign are empathetic and caring. In bad times, you can count on them to have your back. And because they are so empathetic, they won’t judge but be there when you need them. They will care for you the way no one can. We all need a Cancerian in our life to show us the real meaning of reliability. So if it’s a conversation you want about life at 2 in the morning, you can lean on them for support. You can bank on them and they can care till the sun runs out. There is no end to their care. They are one of the most reliable zodiac signs.

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2. Virgo – Unconditional love

Once they love you, they will be the most reliable people you can have around you. They can be often seen as being too judgmental or wanting everything to be perfect. But even with their over criticising and judgmental attitude, they will be by your side and be reliable – that much is guaranteed. A Virgo zodiac sign will always be there for you.

They might throw a tantrum if you wake them up from sleep for an emergency and probably ask you to piss off if you irritate them, but they won’t leave your side even with all the judgement they hold. They will be snarky about things, but when needed they will get you the 4 am ice cream when you are pregnant.

3. Libra – Exceptionally caring

They take relationships seriously and will go out of their way to help those they love. Librans are exceptionally caring. The best thing about a Libran is that they do not get stuck in their perspectives. They see things from everyone’s point of view which makes them a good caregiver. They are the most caring zodiac signs you can count on.

They are probably caring about the feelings of the person they broke up with than with their own emotions. They are biologically and magically built to be compassionate, which makes them reliable to the core.

4. Gemini – the Problem solver

If you call them, they will probably get stuck in traffic and will be late; but they will eventually come to your aid. They are unconventional and have eccentric ways to get things done. If you are too stuck on the rules and methods and a problem is not getting solved, you can bank on a Gemini to put their weird thinking to use and come up with brilliant solutions.

They are probably going to arrive late, but you can rely on them to arrive. And when they do, they will get the thing done.

5. Pisces – Totally selfless

They believe in second chances. So if you have a Pisces fellow you messed up with but need help later from, you can still count on them. Pisces is intuitive which makes them sure of the things needed to be done to solve a problem. They are the kind who will put your needs above theirs when required – a trait not many people have. A trait that makes them very reliable.

So if you know anyone closely from these zodiac signs know they will be always there for you because they are the most reliable zodiac signs.

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