20 Real Signs Of True Love In A Relationship

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Updated On: February 12, 2024
signs of true love in a relationship

Do you relate to this? In my own journey through romantic relationships and “is love real at all” dilemmas, I’ve come to recognize the unmistakable signs of true love. While the meaning of true love may be different for different people, the essence of it remains the same. 

That’s why, I decided to tap into my own experiences and learnings over the years to come up with this list of 20 signs of true love in a relationship that cuts through the noise, revealing the essence of a deep and authentic connection. Today, we’ll delve into the description of true love so you can spot the signs you found your soulmate. Ready?

What Really Is True Love?

What is true love in a relationship? How do you spot genuine love? One Reddit user shares some true love signs, “True love starts with a flash, but only lasts with long-term commitment and caring. The feelings you have at the beginning of the relationship will never last, at least not exactly the same. Work, kids, stress, and life in general will bend and shape your relationship. Eventually, you have to go through those times of lack of love and lust and build genuine love, which is made up of determination, commitment, and caring. If you ask older couples how they stayed together, they will tell you, ‘We worked at it!’”

My observation of true love signs crystallized in moments of adversity, where genuine care and selflessness emerged as the defining factors. It’s the willingness to weather storms together, celebrate victories as a team, and cherish the simple joys that life offers. Unconditional love, for me, is an evolving partnership grounded in respect, understanding, and a shared commitment to building a meaningful life together. And the 20 signs of true love, that we’ll talk about soon, validate that.

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How Do You Experience True Love?

How do you know it’s true love? And how do you differentiate between real love in a relationship and a fleeting sense of attraction or infatuation? The most telling difference is that true love is experienced through actions more than words. It’s the unconditional support during challenges, the shared laughter in moments of joy, and the comfort of knowing someone has your back. Genuine connection, mutual trust, and selfless gestures define the experience of true love. Also, real love in a relationship is not about perfection but about embracing imperfections and growing together.

In essence, true love is felt in the everyday small moments that build a strong and lasting connection between two people. If you’re looking for the signs you found your soulmate, remember that your experience of true love should have the following ingredients:

  • Unwavering support: You’ll experience this in the form of your partner’s steadfast presence — in moments of triumph, providing encouragement and celebration, as well as a comforting anchor during challenges, offering solace and reassurance. You won’t see passive observance but an active engagement in the way they weather storms with you, fostering a sense of security, trust, and resilience. This, to my mind, is the most fitting description of true love
  • Mutual respect: It goes beyond a mere acknowledgment of differences; mutual respect entails a genuine valuing of individual perspectives, choices, and opinions. It’s the freedom to express oneself without fear of judgment, so that each partner feels heard, validated, and accepted. You honor each other’s autonomy and the richness that diversity brings to your shared journey
  • Shared joy and laughter: Shared joy and laughter create an atmosphere of intense happiness within a relationship, epitomizing the genuine delight that stems from being in each other’s company. It goes beyond mere amusement; it embodies a shared understanding and appreciation of each other’s sense of humor and the ability to find intense happiness in the simplest of moments
  • Embracing imperfections: Embracing imperfections within a relationship is a transformative journey marked by an acceptance that goes beyond surface-level affection. It involves a profound acknowledgment of each other’s flaws and a conscious choice to navigate the complexities of personal growth together
  • Selfless gestures: What is true love in a relationship if not this? Selfless gestures are the tangible expressions of a profound commitment to prioritize the well-being and happiness of one’s partner above personal interests. These acts go beyond the ordinary, reflecting a genuine desire to contribute to the other person’s life

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20 Real Signs Of True Love In A Relationship

Nowadays, recognizing true love can be challenging. More often than not, people keep wondering, what does true love mean? This dilemma and overthinking can make you miss the most obvious signs of true love from a guy or girl. That’s why it’s vital to be able to recognize the concrete signs that can help dissolve your uncertainty — yes, they exist. Here, we will explore 20 signs of true love in a healthy relationship:

1. What is true love in a relationship? You are a lot more confident

In a relationship grounded in true love, there is a mutual sense of assurance as well as growing self-confidence, allowing both partners to navigate life’s challenges with resilience. But how do you know it’s true love? You have faith in each other no matter what. In the same way, you even start trusting yourself a lot more.

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2. You experience intense happiness

What is love in a relationship if not a source of unbridled joy and contentment! True love manifests in genuine joy, where both partners find happiness in each other’s company – not just when you start dating – and contribute to each other’s well-being. When you find true love, happiness is quick to follow and you find it easy to make that special person smile. As Lana Del Ray famously said, “When someone else’s happiness is your happiness, that is love.”

3. In true relationships, you talk about the future

A sign of true love is the ease with which both partners discuss and plan for the future together, sharing common goals and aspirations. Think about it: How do you know it’s true love if you don’t see a future with each other or if you get bored after the infatuation stage?

4. You don’t have major secrets

In a healthy relationship fueled by true love, there is a lack of major secrets, fostering an environment of openness and honesty between partners. You can be your true self with your special someone. This is one of the best examples of true love and one of the clearest signs you found your soulmate. 

5. What is love in a relationship? When you’re willing to make sacrifices

Pure and selfless love involves a willingness to make sacrifices for the well-being and happiness of the relationship, showcasing a selfless commitment from both partners. When you find true love, it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice. You’re just doing what is necessary to make the relationship work.

So, if you’ve been wondering, “Is it true love?”, pay attention to how effortlessly you and your partner make adjustments for each other’s sake. That is one of the simplest yet accurate parameters to assess whether what you share is real love or something fleeting.

6. The relationship flows naturally

A key sign that you’ve finally found true love is the effortless and natural flow of the relationship, where interactions and connections unfold seamlessly without forced or strained efforts. This is one of the subtle signs it’s true love and it is experienced naturally.

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7. You fulfill your promises

True love is reflected in the commitment to fulfill promises, creating a foundation of trust and reliability within the relationship. Trust me, if you observe this behavior in the one you’re dating, it’s one of the clearest signs he truly loves you, or a beautiful indicator that she is the right person for you.

8. It’s always about ‘us’ when there’s real love in a relationship

What is love in a relationship? It’s a sense of belonging that marks your transition from “you” and “I” to “we”. In a relationship characterized by true love, the predominant mindset revolves around “us,” emphasizing shared experiences, goals, conflict resolutions, and decisions between you and your partner. If you have this with a particular person, it’s a good sign that it’s true love.

9. You respect each other

Is it true love? If you’re wondering this, remember that a vital sign of true love is the presence of mutual respect where both partners share opinions, and value each other’s opinions, boundaries, and individuality. Because what is real love without respect?

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10. You become a better version of yourself 

True love fosters an environment where both partners inspire and support each other, leading to continuous personal growth and the development of a better version of themselves. You carry yourselves with poise and self-confidence wherever you go, and you bring out the better person in each other. Your glowing persona is one of the physical signs of true love.

11. There is no resentment in the description of true love

A study shows that satisfied couples reveal more constructive communication patterns while more problematic couples predominantly adopt destructive styles of communication — mostly related to high levels of offense and unresolved issues.

That is why in a relationship marked by true love, there’s no such thing as resentment, as both partners prioritize communication and resolution over harboring negative emotions. This is the meaning of true love and is a sign of emotional maturity.

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12. There is no room for drama 

True love thrives in an environment devoid of unnecessary drama, emphasizing a calm and stable connection between both partners. There will be arguments but it will be impossible to stay mad at the other for very long. So if you’ve been wondering, “Is it true love?”, see if you and your partner don’t sweat the small stuff. This is one of the biggest signs it’s true love and not everyone manages to achieve this goal. Leaning into the melodrama is probably one of the most common couple fails.

13. They are not the only source of your happiness 

In a loving relationship, both partners recognize that while they contribute to each other’s happiness as equal partners, they are not the sole source of it. Individual fulfillment and contentment are maintained independently, with each partner taking responsibility for their own needs.

Research has found that “The more codependent the participants were, the more negative their own and partner’s behavior was perceived in stressful situations and the more problematic their intimate relationship was found to be.”

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14. You love being with them

True love is evident when conversation with your partner is not just a routine, but a source of joy and fulfillment, marking each interaction with an intense feeling of love and gratitude. You love to spend time together, and your sexual attraction remains strong over the years even if it ebbs and flows from time to time. It’s like love at first sight over and over again. This is one of the best examples of true love.

15. Financial issues are not a hindrance 

In a relationship grounded in unconditional love, financial issues do not become major obstacles. Instead, both partners navigate challenges together, with a sense of unity and resilience. You find solutions together and don’t assume that things will magically work out.

Ari, a biomedical student, shares their experience with their boyfriend, “If, amidst financial stress, he navigates the storm with you and prioritizes shared solutions over problems, it’s one of the clearest signs he truly loves you. That’s what I learned from my partner. True love transcends monetary concerns and is a steadfast anchor in the face of adversity.”

what is true love
True love means sharing the good days and the bad days

16. What is love in a relationship? You share the good and the bad days

True love takes time and hard work. To truly love passionately is to share both the good and the rainy days, creating a bond that withstands the highs and lows of life together. Also, you’re allowed to make mistakes and learn together. The meaning of true love is in the thick and thin — a few bumps in the road won’t change that.

17. You don’t let jealousy get out of hand

In a relationship characterized by true love, jealousy doesn’t hold much sway as there is a strong sense of trust and security between partners, allowing for individual freedom and confidence. All the signs of true love don’t mean much if jealousy runs the show in your relationship.

18. You will not hurt your partner intentionally

When a person feels genuine love, it is evident in their commitment to their partner’s well-being. It is so profound that intentionally causing them harm becomes inconceivable, emphasizing a foundation of care and respect. After all, ​​what is love in a relationship if not a strong desire to protect your partner from any and all kinds of pain?

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19. Signs of true love from a guy or girl: Their love heals you

In a relationship marked by affection, your partner’s love becomes a source of solace and healing, providing comfort and support during challenging times. You feel loved and you feel safe even when you’re at your lowest point. What is real love if not healing?

20. You FEEL the true love

You never have to wonder: “Is love real?” Or “Does true love exist?” This deep conviction is one of the physical signs of true love, and it’s magical when reciprocated. A study has found that when partners perceive one another to be committed to the relationship, relationship satisfaction is high for both partners.

Here’s how you feel when you’re in love for real: You have a clear, intuitive feeling that permeates your being, affirming the authenticity of the connection and the profound emotions shared within the relationship. They are your soulmate but also your best friend. It feels like your first love all over again.

Key Pointers

  • People, heartbroken or curious, have often wondered: Does true love exist? And what does true love mean? This article attempts to answer these questions
  • True love in a relationship is marked by a natural flow, where interactions seamlessly unfold without drama or resentment
  • Here are some signs of true love from a guy or a girl: transparent communication, mutual trust, and a shared focus on the future, as evidenced by the absence of major secrets and financial hindrances
  • The depth of true love is felt in the partners’ commitment to personal growth, sacrifice, and the intuitive connection that heals and transcends mere happiness

In the journey of love, these 20 signs of true love serve as clear markers for a genuine connection. From transparent communication to mutual growth, true love thrives in simplicity and understanding. Let these indicators be your guide toward a lasting and true relationship.

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