20 Real Signs Of True Love In A Relationship

January 7, 2023 |
Updated On | January 7, 2023
signs of true love in a relationship

signs of true love in a relationship

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True love: what is it? When two people come together in a relationship, their bond is inevitably rooted in the feeling of love for one another. However, it is equally true that not all love stories stand the test of time. Does that mean that their love wasn’t true? If so, wouldn’t we save ourselves a world of pain if only we could know for sure that what we feel for another person is true love? Ah, if only someone could give us a handbook on the 5, 10, or 20 signs of true love!

In all its incarnations, love is unquestionably a pleasant emotion. It enhances people’s sense of attractiveness and boosts their confidence and courage. However, love that lasts forever – the kind that can be labeled true love – is about a lot more than just how you feel physically or how you see the other person in a relationship. To help you understand what it really entails, we uncover the signs of real love in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

20 Real Signs Of True Love In A Relationship

What do you mean by real love in a relationship? There is no universal definition of pure romantic love, even though we have all sought to define what it looks like. True love or unconditional love is a feeling that is not constrained by the rules of human behavior. In any boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, when you first feel drawn to someone, it is impossible to identify the signs of true love. 

Steady love shows its indications over time. It occurs after the “honeymoon” period. Your love matures once you overcome difficulties together. To help you understand if you have reached that phase, here are 20 signs of true love: 

1. You are confident

Having faith in your relationship is among the earliest signs of pure and steady love to look out for. Many people mistakenly believe they are in love while in reality, they may merely be infatuated or attracted to the other person. When your bond is based on infatuation, there is enough room for insecurities to creep into the relationship.

On the other hand, when you experience true love in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, you are confident that your relationship is strong and healthy enough to withstand some hiccups. You know that you and your partner are in it for the long haul.

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2. You experience happiness 

One of the early signs of forever love is the experience of pure happiness or bliss in the company of a person. No matter how bad your day was, if the smile or the mere presence of your partner can make your worries disappear, my friend, you are in a true love relationship. Chloe, a 25-year-old IT professional, shares what her brush with the symptoms of true love was like.

“I have been in many relationships, and to me, each one of those relationships felt like the real deal. What can I do, I’m a hopeless romantic! But, when Matt walked into my life, that’s when I understood what unconditional love means. Just his presence can calm me down. It took us a while to get to this place but that’s the beauty of true love, it makes you grow with the other person. Today, I can honestly say that I’m the happiest I have ever been.” 

3. You talk about the future 

This is for all those who constantly fret and fear about commitment from their partners. One of the 20 signs of true love is when you both talk about your future together. And it is not limited to imagining yourself walking down the aisle. It’s more about the little things.

For instance, when your man happens to mention how he wants you both to take a world tour on his 40th birthday, it is one of the signs of true love from your boyfriend. Why? Because he has imagined you in his life for the long haul. 

4. You don’t have major secrets

The forever love kind of couple doesn’t have any big secrets. Developing emotional intimacy in a relationship is one of the indicators of true love. You want to share your life experiences with your significant other, both the good and the terrible, therefore you don’t want to keep anything from them.

Obviously, two people in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship are also individuals so it is only natural to not share everything. However, one of the early signs of true love is not having major secrets in a relationship. 

5. You are willing to make sacrifices 

Without sacrifice, love is not love. Unconditional love means putting the other person before yourself. One of the key signs of true love from a woman or a man is a willingness to put aside her/his interests, likes, and dislikes for the sake of her/his partner. 

It might look like canceling on the boys’ night to stay in with you or deciding to stay at home to support you in your career. However, if this sacrificial streak is one-sided, it can be an indicator of a toxic relationship and not true love. When two people are bound by real love, the willingness to make compromises and sacrifices for one another is mutual and organic. 

6. The relationship flows naturally 

You can never force someone to love you. If there is pure love between two people, the question of one forcing the other does not arise. You will fit together like two pieces of a puzzle and your relationship will blossom seamlessly. True love just seems right, and it makes complete sense. It doesn’t leave you guessing. 

Samaira, a newly married pediatrician, says, “Most people want perfect love. But love is not perfect. There are ups and downs. One of the signs to look out for, however, is if navigating those ups and downs is easier with your partner. I have come to realize that one of the signs he is in love with you is when you never have to look for signs. His actions speak louder than any sign in the world. Things flow naturally. That’s when you will know your love is forever!” 

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7. You fulfill your promises 

A promise made to a loved one carries a lot of weight and is a sign of trust. You betray someone’s confidence when you make a commitment to them and then break it. Trust, after all, is an important component of a relationship. That’s why, staying true to your promises and ceasing to play games are among the 20 signs of true love. 

Does your partner follow through on every promise they make? Does he go out of his way to make sure he shows up on time because, after that one nasty fight, he assured you he’d never leave you waiting again? Or has she gone above and beyond to quit smoking because it was a promise she made to you on your birthday? If so, count yourself lucky because you’re experiencing true love behavior in a relationship first-hand.  

8. It’s always about ‘us’ 

One of the most telling indicators of true love is that your perspective shifts and you view the world from the lens of your coupledom. Your partner becomes such an integral part of your life that you can’t imagine your life without them. Every decision, no matter how big or small, is made from the point of view of “us” rather than “you” and “I”.

Other signs of true love from a boyfriend-girlfriend are: 

  • They make an effort to give more than they receive
  • They smile when they see you happy
  • You can count on them to always have your back

9. There is mutual respect 

You will show and receive respect when you experience real love because there is complete acceptance of your partner’s personality and actions, and vice versa. Many people believe that they’re experiencing symptoms of true love but mutual respect is lacking.

Boyfriend-girlfriend relationships without respect cannot be rooted in real love. In the case of true or perfect love, you understand that respect is an important aspect and miss no opportunity to show it to your partner. 

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10. You become a better version of yourself 

Relationships come in two flavors: those that bring out the worst in you or those that bring out the finest. If you feel motivated to improve not only for your lover but also for yourself, it is one of the 20 signs of true love. 

The person recognizes the good in you and helps bring it to the surface. Their presence motivates you to let go of your toxic behavior and be the best version of yourself you can be. If you are experiencing this kind of growth with your partner, then you are in real love. 

11. There is no resentment 

When two individuals come together, there are bound to be some clashes and differences of opinion. You and your partner will fight as well. When these differences and fights are resolved the right way and left behind, it reflects true love behavior. As a result, the relationship remains free of resentment

You forgive instead of holding grudges because your love for your partner is more powerful than your issues. Such behavior is a by-product of mutual respect in a relationship. 

12. There is no room for drama 

If there is more drama than tranquility in your relationship and arguments result in abusive language, manipulation, and other harmful behaviors, it’s not true love keeping you together. In a genuine relationship, both partners focus on talking about problems and finding solutions rather than looking for ways to hurt each other or have an upper hand. 

One of the signs to look out for in a true love relationship is the partners’ willingness to communicate. They don’t stonewall you or play mind games to skew the relationship power dynamics in their favor. 

A musician by profession, 34-year-old Matthew has been in many relationships. However, he found his true love in his current girlfriend. “When you are young, you are driven by ego and arrogance. Fights are about winning rather than solving issues. When I met Jan, I was fresh out of a toxic relationship. However, her maturity in communication helped me take a leap of faith. It wasn’t me against her. It was us, together, as a unit, solving our issues and becoming better for them. That’s one of the signs of true love from a woman and I am blessed to have it.” 

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13. They are not the only source of your happiness 

I will never be content if my companion is not here – this mentality is more prevalent than we think. People believe that another person is the source of their happiness. That is not the case in true love behavior.

True love teaches you to love and accept yourself as you are. It inspires you to understand that even though your partner makes you happy, your happiness is independent of them.

14. You love talking to them 

Despite spending every day together, your partner is the first person you want to share every little detail of your day and life with. This desire to want to share even the most mundane things with someone is one of the 20 signs of true love.  

This stems from a profound understanding of each other. In a healthy relationship dynamic, you know that your partner will understand you and offer you the right advice or simply lend you the ear you need to rant. If you have broken up with your partner, but still feel the urge to talk to them because you know they will understand your point of view, it is a sign of true love after the breakup.

15. Financial issues are not a hindrance 

Money matters can become a major source of contention among couples and undermine respect and trust. Financial infidelity, mismatched financial goals, and spending habits can become major issues in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. However, when you’re with your true love, you will find a way to not let money become more valuable than your relationship. 

True love behavior is when you won’t do anything to betray your partner’s trust, and you’ll learn how to manage the money you’ve worked so hard to obtain. Being able to openly discuss financial ups and downs with your partner is one of the promising signs to look out for. If you and your partner share a relationship like that, you’ve found your true love. 

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True love reflects in your actions and engulfs you with a sense of happiness

16. You share the good and the bad days 

Perfect love is not only there for you on your good days, but also picks you up on days when you are falling down the metaphorical staircase. Life is not always simple and joyful. You will occasionally face difficulties that will put all of your beliefs to the test.

One hand will never let go in these tough times: the person you truly love and who also genuinely loves you. You’ll overcome these obstacles as a team, and you’ll feel like you can take on the entire world. That is a sign of unconditional love. 

17. You don’t experience jealousy 

True love provides you with security, whereas an unhealthy relationship leaves you riddled with jealousy. You’ll never have a reason to be doubtful or insecure in a real love connection. Cole, an investment banker, says, “I have realized that one of the signs of true love from a woman is when she makes you feel secure. 

“My girlfriend is a bartender. Naturally, men hit on her but I never feel jealous because I know her love for me and we are in a mature relationship where we understand that these aren’t issues to be concerned with.”

18. You will not hurt your partner intentionally 

When you can’t even imagine hurting the person you love, it is one of the 20 signs of true love. Even when the temptation is great, you won’t be able to bring yourself to hurt them because doing so will make you feel even worse.

More than love, there is respect and friendship where the thought of being the reason for their agony can give you nightmares. Do you feel that for your partner? If yes, you are in a true love boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. 

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19. Their love heals you 

We’ve all experienced brokenness. It can make you believe you no longer have a reason to live or that you don’t deserve happiness because of a difficult childhood, dysfunctional or abusive relationships, or even work disappointments. You might have believed you are a failure.

However, once you experience true love, you’ll understand how lovely life is and that it is possible to heal from your traumas. You’d learn to value yourself and realize that life is worthwhile with your companion by your side. Yes, it is wrong to expect your partner to be your therapist. But one of the signs of real love is when someone’s companionship gives you hope. 

20. You feel the true love 

No matter how many signs of true love from a woman or signs of true love from a boyfriend we list out, none compare to that feeling in your heart that being with them just feels right. Have you experienced it? 

You glance toward your companion as you wake up in the morning and become aware of how much has altered since you first met them. You enjoy the date nights at home, you take pleasure in their company and you are at peace with yourself. That is the biggest in our list of 20 signs of true love. 

Key Pointers

  • Just because you are with someone, doesn’t mean you truly love them
  • In true love, people respect and care for each other on a deeper level
  • Trivial and petty issues don’t affect you when you are with your true love
  • You feel a sense of calm and security in true love
  • If you are with your true love, you won’t have to question it

People say love is a drug. But true love is an experience. To have a love like that in your life is truly a blessing. If you see these 20 signs of true love in your partner, you have found the one and we suggest you hold on to them. 

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