15 Simple Ways To Make Her Fall In Love With You

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how to make her fall in love with you
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There is no dearth of information on how to make her fall in love with you. But maybe that’s precisely the problem…The humongous pool of suggestions can get overwhelming for the best person. For instance, some websites recommend specific phrases to attract a woman while others are promoting subconscious seduction (what even is that?). 

At Bonobology, we know how personal and deep an experience love is. There can be no one-size-fits-all strategy that will make her fall head over heels in love with you. What can be done, however, is to make conscious attempts toward becoming a better person and partner. 

There’s nothing complex about what women want because they’re basically looking for a good person. You’ll be sorted if you shift your focus from “how do you make a girl fall deeply in love with you?” to “how do you become a well-functioning partner in a relationship?” Let’s dive into the subject and gain a better understanding of women and love!

What Makes A Girl Fall For A Guy?

If we had to answer this question in one word, we wouldn’t. Because no rules or formulas are applicable to love. There’s nothing you can ‘do’ specifically that’ll make her fall for you. However, you can ‘be’ the kind of person she’ll be attracted to. Here’s a thumb rule you must remember: Healthy individuals make healthy relationships.

It’s your responsibility to become a well-adjusted man who can build a strong and lasting emotional connection. Once you’ve sorted things out in the personal arena, love will have more room to flourish. Hence, we’re going to take a little journey of self-improvement and growth. Step by step, you’re going to become a high-value man that a woman will admire. 

Being respectful and compassionate rank the highest in the checklist of qualities you need to have if you’re wondering how to make her fall in love with you. (Yes, it’s actually that straightforward and simple.) These qualities are closely followed by being supportive and trustworthy. These are the four pillars of a strong and happy romantic bond; commit them to memory because you’ll be learning a lot about them. 

Without further ado, let’s proceed to the 15 stellar ways that will make a girl think about you when her head hits the pillow at night. We’ll call it Mission Sweetheart, okay?

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15 Simple Ways To Make Her Fall In Love With You

If we had a penny for each time someone wanted a shortcut to courting a woman, we’d be the ones buying Twitter right now. Rare is a person who’s willing to work on themselves first. Kudos to you for taking the time out to truly understand what a woman looks for in a relationship. We’re certain that your effort will yield positive results.

The list below has been designed to cater to all formats of a relationship – long-distance, online dating, situationships, casual dating, etc. So, no matter where you come from, these pointers are bound to resonate with you. (And you can always personalize them during implementation.) Let’s answer the question of the hour: How do you make a girl fall deeply in love with you?

1. Give and take respect 

No woman hears a sexist remark and thinks, “That’s it…I’ve found the one!” It’s your duty to rise above the ranks of mansplainers. Respecting a woman (and women in general) is the first step toward love. You have to be cognizant of her journey, her choices, and the person she is. Even in the hour of disagreement, you must respect the differences, for this is a non-negotiable quality.

Similarly, you have to command respect. Don’t demean yourself by cracking self-deprecatory jokes, set firm boundaries, and don’t entertain affronts by others. Sometimes, how you treat yourself is how others will treat you too. When you’re trying to build an emotional connection with a woman, walk on the two-way street of respect.

2. How to make her fall in love with you every day? Become your best version 

Try your best in all areas of your life. Start putting your best foot forward at work, pursue a hobby you’re really passionate about, meet your friends and family regularly, exercise on a weekly basis, and eat healthy food. When you’re feeling good about yourself, it’ll reflect in your demeanor. Yes, we’re referring to the golden quality women love – confidence!

Confident men are attractive for so many reasons. They’re self-aware, good communicators, modest, mature, and self-sufficient. And no motivational book can make you confident in 21 days. You have to build a life you’re proud of. So, start working on translating your dreams into reality. You can make a girl think about you by becoming a self-made person who is putting their abilities to good use.

3. Have empathy and be kind 

Not enough people cultivate the faculties of empathy and kindness. Both are vital to a relationship, especially in times of conflict. Empathy will enable you to see her perspective even if you disagree with it. It will make you less judgemental and prevent unintentional gestures of disrespect. This way, empathy toward people in general will help you become someone who understands her emotional needs better and is mindful of her boundaries. 

Kindness, on the other hand, will keep out resentment and grudges. But here’s an important piece of relationship advice: Don’t be kind with the intention of getting something in return. Transactions should have no place in the relationship when you’re figuring out how to make her fall in love with you. Basically, you want to follow Cinderella’s selfless approach toward kindness.

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4. Keep a positive mindset  

How to make her fall in love with you? Don’t be a perpetual party-pooper. Nobody likes being around a pessimist 24/7. More so, when love is the intended destination. We want our partners to be optimistic. We want them to believe in the good out there. When you keep harping on and on about the inevitability of failure, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. So, stop raining on people’s parades! 

Here are a few things to say to make a girl fall in love with you: “It’s going to work out in your favor”, “Don’t worry, I’m sure good things are on the way”, “I have complete faith in your abilities, your hard work will pay off”, and “I’m certain this is going to pan out just how you want it to.” Be the kind of person who always sees the glass as half-full. This will be highly beneficial to you in the pursuit of love too. 

5. Look presentable

Trim your nails, clean your ears, groom your facial hair, and stop using any deodorant or cologne that claims to attract women like moths to a flame. Dress sharply and make it a point to iron your clothes. Something as basic as appearance can make or break things in the love department. Because our presentation has many layers of meaning attached to it. Sloppiness suggests a lack of discipline, unreliability, poor hygiene, and a general disregard for the people you meet.

It’s imperative to look neat and composed whenever you can. If you’re making a dating app profile, upload pictures in which you look decent. A good appearance is the beginning of an internet romance; it’s how you make a woman fall madly in love with you online. So, call your hair stylist and set an appointment. You need a haircut, right? 

infographic on how to make her fall in love with you
Here’s how to make her fall in love with you!

6. Make a girl think about you by being her friend first

How to make her fall in love with you gradually? Friendship paves the way for a strong and happy relationship. It’s always a good idea to start things slowly by becoming her friend. Get to know her as a person before you know her as a girlfriend. What are her likes and dislikes? What are the values she holds to be true? And what is her approach toward life and dating?

A reader from Kansas wrote, “I fell in love with my best friend after three years of having known him. We met at work and quickly bonded over our shared dislike of the coffee machine. He was romantically interested in me right from the start, but I never figured it out. He says he was waiting for our relationship to reach a degree of comfort before he asked me out to dinner. I think it’s the wisest choice he’s made.” 

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7. How to make her fall in love with you – communicate regularly 

Consistency is an oft-forgotten quality. When you’re trying to make a girl think about you, be regular in your communication with her. If you’ve matched on a dating app, make sure you don’t disappear for days at a stretch. If something has come up in the middle of the chat, and you have to leave, communicate that too. You won’t make a woman fall madly in love with you online by ghosting her because of some twisted idea of playing hard-to-get.

The same is applicable to all you people who’re trying to spark an offline romance. Be good listeners and ask meaningful questions. (And pay attention after asking said questions.) Articulate your ideas well and don’t make rookie communication mistakes. Heed the words of English author and painter William Hazlitt who wrote, “The art of conversation is the art of hearing as well as of being heard.” 

8. Don’t breach boundaries 

This is the most important bit of advice you need to know. Do NOT push her boundaries in an attempt to get to know her better. If something you say or do is making her uncomfortable, take a step back immediately. There are two mistakes men tend to make. The first is violating emotional boundaries. Asking too many questions on a sensitive subject, trying to know more about her past, acting out because of jealousy, etc. 

The second is crossing physical boundaries and being too touchy-feely. This could stem from the desire to build comfort or from a sense of entitlement. Physical contact should always be consensual. If you’re someone who struggles to read what the situation calls for, follow a simple rule: let her initiate contact. You can reciprocate in even measure thereafter. This is how to make her fall in love with you – by being mindful of her boundaries and consent.

9. Be attentive toward her 

Apologies for flinging a cliche your way but the best compliment one can pay is their undivided attention. When she is talking to you one-on-one, concentrate on the content of her speech. Don’t lose yourself in her dreamy eyes or zone out midway. Similarly, don’t engage in phubbing (phone snubbing) or get distracted by trivial things. It’s important to make a person feel heard and valued. 

If you two are interacting in an online setting, don’t scroll on Instagram while she’s texting you. Close the other tabs and focus on her alone. (And this is a great habit for most conversations, not just romantic ones.) You can make a girl fall in love with you through chatting by making her the priority for the duration of your communication. 

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10. Accept her for who she is 

Trying to change someone is a futile exercise. The person will certainly not change any aspect of their personality and you will end up losing them. It’s best to accept them in their entirety and if you can’t do so, extricate yourself from the situation. Of course, this does not mean embracing their red flags and starting a toxic dynamic. For instance, accept someone’s funky hair color but don’t accept their gaslighting tendencies.

We love people for who they are. If we strive to shape them into a customized version we’ll enjoy, nothing good will come out of it. The beauty of a relationship lies in the uniqueness of what both partners bring to the table. Resist the urge to control and micro-manage your romantic interest. Grasp this and you’ll know how to make a girl fall in love with you.

11. How to make her fall in love with you every day? Support her endeavors  

You have to grasp the fundamentals of support before you dream of a future with your sweetheart. Support in a relationship cannot be conditional, because your partner will occasionally do things that don’t align with your belief system. They will want to take risks and explore things you don’t necessarily understand. But that’s all the more reason to have their back, right?

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, make it a point to support your girl in whatever she chooses to do. Place faith in her capabilities and tell her you’re on her team. Alternatively, if yours is an online romance, express your support through affirmations on text. (“You’ve got this” or “It’s already yours for the taking”)  For all we know, you’ll make a girl fall in love with you through chatting! 

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12. Follow through on promises  

You will never figure out how to make her fall in love with you without understanding this maxim. We cannot stress this enough – walk the talk. Don’t make false promises and leave a trail of disappointments for her. Back up your words with action. If you’ve told her she can count on you during a particularly bad phase of her life, or on a tough day, follow through and be there for her. There must be congruence between what you say and what you do.

Big talk will only make her think of your words as fickle. You’ll lose credibility in her eyes; with time, she may even grow to lose trust in you. An easy way to keep up with what you say is to make reasonable promises. Don’t promise her that you’ll both go on a holiday, or that you’ll spend the whole weekend with her, if you can’t make it happen. Set realistic expectations in the relationship for her (and yourself). 

13. Know her social circle

Still wondering how to make her fall in love with you every day? Here’s a handy tip: You should get to know her social circle in the capacity of a friend. Acquaint yourself with her inner group; this will give you some insight into the kind of person she is as well. We rely on the feedback of our close ones to evaluate our potential partners. Her friends can make things swing in your favor!

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t impose your company on them. Also, don’t try to meet her parents or friends without her consent – that’s just plain weird. Trying to speed up the process of ‘locking things in’ is sheer idiocy. Maintain a respectful distance and be involved to a healthy extent. It’s the intention that matters, not the number of people you meet in her life. 

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14. Be appreciative of her (Make her fall in love with you again!)

Renowned French novelist Marcel Proust wrote, “Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” Keep an attitude of gratitude and express it in different ways. The most obvious one is dropping a compliment. Just make sure they aren’t superficial lines directed toward her dress or shoes. A good compliment generally notes a nice quality she possesses. 

Another way to be grateful is to never take her for granted. Value her time and the things she does for you. For instance, if you’ve both agreed to meet for dinner at 8, show up on time. It’s the little things that always count. People like being treated as priorities, not backup plans. This is also a good tip if you’re trying to win an ex over, and make her fall in love with you again.

15. How do you make a girl fall deeply in love with you? Make gestures of affection

Do not, we repeat, do not stand under her window with a boombox to blast a love song. Grand (and misplaced) gestures will scare her off and with good reason. Adopt a balanced approach, with affection. The safest way is through verbal expressions. “You mean a lot to me”, “I value your presence in my life”, or “Your contribution to my journey is invaluable” are a few of the things to say to make a girl fall in love with you.

The second way is doing little acts of service. Dropping her home from work, making her some coffee when she’s exhausted, buying her a little gift, etc. However, don’t let these become a case of benevolent sexism; be careful of the thin line between chivalry and discrimination. 

Et voila! You now know how to make her fall in love with you. We officially declare Mission Sweetheart to be a success. But here’s a word of caution: As you put these methods into practice, be very, very patient. Nobody’s going to come running into your arms overnight. You have to let the relationship follow its natural course. May you see nothing but success in love; Bonobology is rooting for you.

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