5 healthy benefits of kissing

Health benefits of kissing your partner.

With love comes passion and humans are all about showing their feelings to their lover. To us, it matters that every little action counts for an impactful moment. When in love, the first few physical encounters are of hand holding, hugging and cuddling. Eventually, when two people feel it is right for them, when they desire each other incredibly that they cannot contain their emotions, they kiss. It’s literally that one scene in every rom-com that people cheer the loudest at. In real life, such moments deserve cheering as well. Why? Because of the health benefits of kissing! It’s amusing nobody talks about all the scientific benefits of kissing. 

Kissing has its benefits

Kissing your partner will make you feel jitters, goosebumps and butterflies but besides that speaking on a hormonal level, it’ll convert all your stress into pleasure. What a win-win. To let go of all your unwanted life stress and feel the imprint of a person you love on yourself in the sweetest way possible.

Kissing helps lose weight 

Want to shed some weight? Kissing helps you lose at least 2 to 3 calories per minute! How crazy and cool is that? So next time you do not feel like hitting the gym, just kiss your partner a lot on that day and voila it should be pretty much the same. 

Kssing brings happiness

When you kiss, a chemical called dopamine is released. This chemical can be informally called a happiness chemical because it does exactly that – it makes you happy! Who doesn’t want to be infinitely happy, for most part of their life?

Also, say goodbyes to all the possible heart diseases! Kissing maintains your cholesterol level and keeps you healthy in terms of your heart. Plus, it causes your heart to go all jumpy in a nice way too, right? 

And, for anyone who wants toned cheeks, yes this is your romantic way out!

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