6 surprising mistakes you’re making that make your partner feel less passionate

Sourish Samanta
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Passion is what makes it more special, right?

Passion in any relationship is the fire that keeps the house so warm. One spark of it is enough to run a whole town full of people desperate for love. But when you are in a relationship for some time, you start falling into the daily trails of life. These trails can be so linear that it can make your partner feel less passionate. Don’t fall into the tropes of life but try to rekindle the passion between you and your partner. Your partner may put up with you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will go out of their way to correct your course. Even the smallest of concerns can make your partner feel less passionate about your relationship. These things can also put your partner in a very compromising position which usually leads to the demise of a healthy relationship.

The small things that matter

You might call this petty, but these petty things often build into something so monstrous that you won’t be able to control them. Stop doing these things before it all spirals out of your hand.

You stopped doing date nights

We are busy with our work and it is justifiable to be very tired at times. Your date nights used to be the one saving grace that even your partner found relaxing. But now, you have just stopped trying. No one’s asking you to push yourself even when you are tired, but a little bit of a conscious effort can really help you in the long run. So stop procrastinating and take your bae out for dinner or even a movie. Don’t do it for the sake of it; do it because you promised to be better at making the other person happy, even if that means giving up your lazy sessions of series binging on the couch.

You work even while being at home

Work should always be prioritised, but maybe it can still be left outside of your sanctum. It is advisable that you don’t work at home unless the situation is dire. It is annoying for your partner when they find you mindlessly working instead of making time for some conversation. For people who work from home, make sure that you set up work hours where you and your partner have an understanding of not disturbing each other during that time. Make sure you don’t over work to the point where you might end up snapping at your partner. If you do that, stop it before it gets too late.

You are way too glued to your mobile devices

It is quite rude to be on your phone when there’s an actual human right there beside you. So, put down your devices and talk to your partner about issues that you would normally talk over any social media platform. Make healthy conversation and be very frequent about it. Maybe talking is what made you two fall in love with one another. So, stop underestimating the power of real-life conversations.

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You are less affectionate than before

There are things that you used to do during the initial part of the relationship. Those things gradually diminished with the time. Maybe your partner still craves that stolen kiss or that moment when you held their hands tightly while walking down the road. These small details matter a lot; they just make things more intricate and intriguing at the same time.

You’ve stopped sharing

Your partner deserves an amount of transparency, one that doesn’t compromise the personal space of you two. The lack of enthusiasm in conversing with your partner might turn out to be problematic. They do deserve to know what goes on with your life, and it is quite a normal expectation that most partners do have. Make more conversation, go out, drink wine and be a bit reckless like you used to be.

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You are always talking about money

Financial situations are often handled by both of you, but you seem to stress a lot about it. Even if that stress is coming from your genuine concern, it still can be very annoying and condescending.

Building a fort

In long-term relationships, you are just trying to build a fort from scratch. That requires dedication, conscious effort and a lot of passion. And as for passion, it can’t just be handed out like candy bars from a roadside cafe. It needs to come from a genuine place. It needs to be powerful enough to light up the wood even when it is damp. Make these small efforts, do it consciously and keep your passion ablaze.

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