5 ways to tell your best friend that you are falling in love with him

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Intimacy of a different kind

Best friends know each other like the back of their hand. You can depend on them to be your best cheerleader and your worst critic. This also makes the relationship inevitably an intimate one.
The intimacy that best friends share is of a unique kind. The history that you have both created together means that your communication is on a different level. You both can appreciate silences together, start thinking alike and respect each other’s values.

Falling in love

This kind of intimacy is required when you’re in a romantic relationship as well. While friends might not always get romantically involved, romantic partners benefit from being friends with each other. This also means that sometimes, your best friends are easiest to fall in love with.

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Note of caution

To confess your love, however, can be especially difficult here. You are afraid to lose them for if they don’t feel the same way, it can make the whole relationship awkward.

Love isn’t a safe game

One of the ways in which you can tell your best friend that you love him is by simply confessing it. You have to remember that love isn’t a safe game to play. You have to bet all that you have got and hope for the best. More often than we would care to admit, we will lose the bet but the prize of being with someone you love is worth the odds. You can’t be safe and love, that’s the best and the worst part of it.

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Plan a grand proposal

If you have an inkling of their feelings towards you, you can plan a detailed proposal. You already know them pretty well which means you won’t have to worry about offending them or doing something they might find underwhelming when you tell them about your feelings. He might have even told you how he wishes he would be wooed so you have a guide that’s been provided to you by the very person. Use that guide.

Go for the experiment

I mean the non-kinky experimentation here. Try and flirt with him. Compliment him on how good a date he will be. See how he reacts. You should get a pretty good idea of how he feels about the idea of looking at you romantically from his reaction. If you keep dropping hints this way, he might just get it one day and you will be able to come to the point once he starts reciprocating to the hints.

Chill out

Look, he’s not seen you in this light before. Even if he has he’s not sure how he’s feeling or what would happen. In this case, if you come on too strong- flirt too much, are too obvious, want things to get serious quickly, you’re going to ruin it. This is a big jump for any friendship to go through. If he’s your best friend, however, the stakes are too high, and you don’t want to lose that friendship, so slam the brakes and take things really slow.

Get help

Your best friend sure has more friends. These people are an untapped resource that you can use when trying to confess to him. If you are too scared to say it, just float the idea to one of his friends, a friend you know won’t be able to resist telling him about it. Or get feedback about what he feels for you. You will have to be crafty here unless you both share a group of friends. There’s always a chance of one of these people telling your best friend about your feelings. So make sure you weigh your words and dig around for information. Yes, it might not be ethical to spy on your best friend this way, but you’re doing it to protect your friendship, so you get a free pass.

Whether or not your best friend reciprocates your feelings you owe it to the friendship to at least try and find out if there’s a possibility there. You might end up risking an important part of your life, but if it works out the rewards would be like nothing else.

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Ishita Roy
Ishita Roy March 1, 2018 - 2:07 am

As beautiful it is to be together with your best friend, but after getting together, if you are not compatible with him/her, that’s where the real problem starts.

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